Tuesday, 27 November 2007

"Oh, well, what a letdown!" ...hehehehee.

Tuesday, 27 November 2007 7
The week is off to a good start, somehow. Perhaps because today and yesterday were so awful? I did not enjoy them. I have been in a bad mood. Everything anyone says is making me really cross! I'm conscious of snapping at people, but if I snap at you, it's because of your own idiocy! Stop being so idiotic!

Anyways. No Name Club meeting tonight. If you aren't in it, and are eligible to be, why aren't you, man? Hey? Why not? Why aren't you in it? And so forth... it's really unfair. Th number of members has nearly halved. Jesu Christo, we're doing loads of effing stuff for ye as well!
But I won't go on a rant or anything! And it should be fun, providing everyone stops being an idiot.

I'm here to talk to you kids about facehunter, as I was just on it, and as usual, things caught old Grace's fancy. It really is terrific, it makes you want to be really really strikingly trendy, and for people to notice you on the street. It ALSO makes you want to steal all of their clothes, and suddenly become trendy, as some people we know like to do! Duckies. It finally makes you really want to be the guy taking the pictures, what skill! To spot such people! You'd swear the streets he walks are packed with uber-gorgeous interesting people, but that's a geographical improbability, is it not? It wouldn't be fair!
But it would explain a lot, such as "Where are all the lovely cardigan-wearing, colourful eye-shadowed, pointy-shoed boys?" and "Where are all of the GOOD clothes shops?".
ANSWER : In the big cities of course! Where everyone is really individual (going by the idea which facehunter gives you), thus making it really hard to be individual. So hard, that you would go out of your way to do, but by then it would be ridiculously obscure to the point of idiocy, and you would hate everything you wore, did and said, and realise there was a reason that no one else thought of it before. Or else you would wear jeans and t-shirts, and suddenly become a visionary.
A shocking place. Wouldn't you rather stay here?

Love the dress!

This girl is so pretty, which is the main thing. I also love her outfit, particularly the little cardigan. Not because it is a cardigan, but because it's just a lovely cute thing. She's like a pixie!

She is gorgeous. The dress is so plain and cute, BUT LOOK AT HER! Her hair, in particular. And hat. Loves.

This dress is sweet, isn't it? It reminds me of the one I bought in TK Maxx a couple of weeks ago. I'll show it to you.

Look at this woman! Her hair is lovely, but I like how she is working that ever-popular masculine thing, with the white inside and the waistcoat and the bow-tie! Similar to something I tried to do at a party I went to a while ago, but which failed because my dad lost his black dicky-bow!

Okay, so we were in Sligo a while ago, and I saw this dress for 50 euro, and my Dad bought it for me...! I thought this was WAY too dear, and said not to, but apparently it's not that dear, and besides "you need a dress for your cousin's party", which we never even went to! Anyways, I loved it.

I'll show you soon. I tried to take a picture, but it didn't work too well.

Like you, sort of!

Saturday, 24 November 2007

"I just want your extra time and your ... kiss!" ...Blooh blah.

Saturday, 24 November 2007 3
Last night was fun. But yesterday I was pissed off, and I don't know why!

We went to Dublin on Thursday, which was really fun. We went to the zoo, and the four courts, and then shopping! The zoo was great. There were big massive lions and tigers and leopards and they just strutted around and they came right up to us (behind glass obviously) and there were tiny, tiny, tiny baby monkeys which were sooo cute! There was also this baby chimpanzee who was such a show-off! We were watching his mother collect a load of hay and go outside and then he emerged from his bed, and began climbing on all the various ropes, then for no reason, SWUNG HIMSELF VIOLENTLY AT THE GLASS! He smacked right into it and gave Aoife such a fright that she screamed and leaped backwards! He kept on doing this for ages, just swinging around and smacking into "us", then did a pee, whilst swinging! It was hilarious. The penguins were gorgeous. The black swans were really cool. The red pandas were DOTEY!
Another interesting creature to be discovered lurking around Dublin Zoo, we discovered, is the Art Student. Pretentious, quiet and introverted in nature, these animals like to alone while they "work" (this involves sitting in front of the animal enclosures for a long time, simply observing and maybe drawing onto a large sketchpad), but congregate at mealtimes, for coffee and seemingly nothing else. They carry portfolios, or in one case, a schoolbag covered in strange etchings, which we can assume are tribal.

The Four Courts was ... an experience. The place itself is amazing. The building. it's brilliant. And I got a glimpse of the Law Library or whatever, and it was SO COOL. But we got a talk from a (sorry) very boring barrister about the law, which was grand. But hard to listen to. Then we went to a case in the CIRCUIT Court about Tax Revenue! because the murder trial had just adjourned!
It was quite funny though. We caught the END of a case in which some man was making cider and selling it, but claiming it was vinegar so he wouldn't have to pay taxes. We saw no cross-examination, no jury, nothing except two incredibly incompetent barristers explaining to a cross but very patient (under the circumstances) judge who was treating them like Montessori children while they babbled about Liquor Laws which were actually amended in 2003!
Shopping was fun. Bought nothing but one skirt and some grey tights. Got lots of lovely food-to-go in M&S (not just food!), and had a nice time. The bus was fun too.

Pictures, possibly, to follow.

By the way, no one took any decent Halloween photos whatsoever. Emphasis on decent.

Emm, what else can I say? Sorry this blog has gone down the hole. I haven't had proper time anymore, to take pictures and the like. And, yes, nothing really to say.

I'M SO BORING. My God. I am sorry.

We have musical soon. Our dancing involves lifting and rolling and throwing and all of this mad stuff, but (shh, don't tell them), but lots of the boys in the group are quite small. So, it should be interesting.
By the way, we had the auditions for the Can-Can Dancers on ... whatever day. I didn't get it. I am doomed to be left, doomed to be rejected. Can't dance, can't sing, can't act. Whoops. Can I get another pick at the straws? All of mine seem to be short!

Ah, no, only messing. Sort of. I was supposed to be doing painting today, but I didn't feel so good. There's some competition. These second years (bless 'em) are trying to raise 10,000 euro for Bothar. TEN THOUSAND! And I don't want them to be sad, so I'll do their competition, as many times as I can (be arsed...). And they're doing a talent show as well. I will GO to that! I have no performance talent, as we discovered, but Saoirse does! (see links). She and our friend, Hannah, have made skillz, which cover a range of things, so definitely go and see them!

Right. Is that enough? Watched Edward Scissorhands today. Lovely movie. Isn't Winona Ryder's hair so cute in it?

Okay, laters ... on.

Monday, 12 November 2007

"Beautiful girl, love the dress. Where she is now I can only guess" ... I'm not a perfect person.

Monday, 12 November 2007 1
In fact, I am a terrible one.
A really bad person.
I'm nosy. I gossip. I hate lots of people. I feel sorry for myself. I give about about stuff like if I get a not-great grade or something like that, that other people would be perfectly happy with, and make them feel bad, unintentionally. I sometimes comment on people's appearances without thinking, even though it doesn't matter, and I myself am not pretty in any way. I flat out lie about stuff that is of no importance, that doesn't hurt anyone (or not in any real way), but I believe it myself, which in my head makes it okay. And I'd never go back on it. Ever. But then ususally I'd never lie. Ever! I fight with my dad, but he can be so... grr. I'm selfish. I also swear. I can also be cruel. I often need constant reassurance of things if I myself don't believe them, or if I do, but want it to be said anyways. It's weird. And right now I'd probably say "I bet you all hate me", because sometimes I genuinely think you do. But other times, I think I might just be saying it so you tell me you don't. Now, there's something not right with that.
I get jealous.
Now, aren't they all sins? I am a bad person, so.

I forgot to do that thing about the beginning.
It's been x days since my last confession blog.

I'm also untalented, as today proved, but that just makes me, you know, whatever, rather than a bad person. However, not getting a part doesn't necessarily mean one has no talent. It just so happens that I don't, and that in my particular case, that was why.

I've got to eat. Tomorrow, or maybe later, I'll tell you about my dress. It's very nice.


Friday, 2 November 2007

"Why can't a heterosexual guy tell a herterosexual guy that he thinks his booty's fly?" ... Home again.

Friday, 2 November 2007 2
Well, I had one crazy, wonderful week. The accommodation was fabulous (hehehe) and the nightlife and social scene was brilliantly busy and fun. We went to a house party, a disco, another house party and then to our friend's house for the night!
It was great! It was our friend Stef's birthday so she had a house party and we ate Chinese food and danced in the utility room and took photos and stuff for the duration of the night. And we ran around the house looking for a quiet place to talk, because for some reason suddenly me and my friend, Jane, had loads to say!
I sustained a bruise, however, from the door handle in the utility. On my bum-bum, and all!

Saoirse and our friend, Jane, and me.

My friend Niamh and I, at some point.

It was fun. We danced to Electric Aardvark's (our friends' band) first album, which was crazy and brilliant, and which they recorded like, two years ago. Favourite song : Spheres of Action. Sample lyric : "Alcohol has ruined my life. I'm thirty one years old (She looks like seventy)". Also: Avalanche! It was much fun. There was also lots of Talking Heads which was brilliant.
Pictures available on bebo.

The next night was the disco. It was in C2, and really brilliant. If you weren't there, you should've been. Lots of people dressed up, and looked very good. There were priests and angels and devils, mostly. Also fairies. I was a school girl, but I toned it down. I had knee high socks and a check dress and my school shirt. The dress is really short, though, and when I was on duty I had to sit down on a high chair for an hour (but my friends came over to me and we danced for half of that time, so it was okay) guarding one of the fire exits. But what happens to very tiny dresses when you sit down? Embarrassment. But nobody mentioned it, so maybe I was just paranoid. Only, I got a couple of looks from creepy boys. Flip's sake.
Saoirse dressed up as a giant bunny. She made the costume, and it was brilliant.
No pictures up yet. I'm sure there will be. On bebo.

The next night was Hallowe'en! I love Hallowe'en, so I was very satisfied with my night. We dressed up again and I made my costume better. Like, I put blood all over the short and my neck and stuff, and cut up the shirt in bits. I put my hair in pigtails, because I had two bobbles, and I wore high heeled shoes. Saoirse did my make-up all dead, because she's good at make-up and I'm not. It was cool.
We went to a friend's party, and we ate some food, and watched the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the modern version). It was quite grotesque, but not that scary, and I had fun. I wasn't upset. Besides, I covered my face for the sick bits and just watched their reactions. It was amusing. as soon as we arrived, we left! And went to our friend Jane's house for a sleepover. We brought spare costumes, like a dress and wings and stuff, for the people who didn't wear anything. We bought her dog a devil suit! It was cute. We ate MORE food and talked lots about all a manner of things, from religion to Maxxie from Skins.
(Oh my God, I just had some major deja vu).
We had a miniature indoor rave, with a small disco ball, mattresses and more Talking Heads, went around a church, over the bridge in Newport, down some scary steps, "frightened" each other, and all those things. It was so much fun.
In the middle of the night we ate brownies and feelings. Well, we didn't eat the feelings. we shared them! Or whatever.
Thursday day we did our Oireachtas show, and we lost. It was saddening. But the buzz in town this week is really great, with all the Irish speaking people everywhere. We've been speaking it, too, it's fun!
Thursday night, we watched Amelie and had some really lovely cocoa. It was great.
And today we baked cookies!

My parents also had a wrecking and great week. they showed us all the photos today. It sounds brilliant. My brother was doing all kinds of crazy stuff, as well, and I don't know about Luke, but he asked to stay another night, so I'd say he's having a mad week, too.
We got presents! They got me two pairs of skinny cords, which I really like even though I'm not a cords person, but they're really nice. They're button-up.
But I went to put them on, and they came up fine, but when I went to button them, not even the first button would close. I cried, I have to admit. It was so frustrating and depressing. That is the second time I have received a present from abroad that it hasn't fitted and been incredibly upsetting. They wouldn't even close over my huge, awful fat arse. I don't know what to do. My parents were like "Oh, but they were only cheap, and Italian women are totally different, and the sizes are different there, too, we got it wrong, because it doesn't mean 28 inches, it means just the sizes that they have there, and you ARE thin, Grace, don't be silly, you're really thin, okay, but Italian people are different and it was the size..."

Anyways, that was the only hitch of my week. And the show losing. Everything we do fails. George, the Oireachtas, Sean, etc.
I also got a really cool scarf. Like, a trendy-ish one. You'll see me wear it, I'm sure.
And I bought angel wings in True Value for five euro, but they are really nice ones,

Pictures to follow, I presume, of Hallowe'en and that. And Oireachtas stuff, maybe. Sorry I bored you with all the details of my week, but I wasn't bored during it, and if you were involved in any f that, I'm sure you had a nice time, too. Anyways, comment. What did you guys dress up as? If you did. And were you at any of the events mentioned? Get involved, jeez.
Okay, Big Fat Quiz of the Year is on about now. I suggest you watch it.


Monday, 29 October 2007

"You're only nineteen for God's sake, you don't need a boyfriend!" ... Just a quick one.

Monday, 29 October 2007 1
I know how it feels to be your age and feel the world is caving in.

Ahh, Long Blondes. Where were they when I was like "I need a band which I love"? Okay, so I never said that, but still.

So, my parents left for Italy at two o'clock this morning. I miss them already, hahaha. No, I really do. It's like, I don't miss them when I'm the one who is away, but it's just weird being at home and them not being here. Even though I'm not going to be in the house this week. I know that at sixteen lots of people my age would be left at home alone, and it's not like I'd have a house party or anything (far too boring), but how would I cope? I don't know. If they do it next year, they might actually leave me alone. And then what?

So, this week should be fun. Ce soir, nous avons la boum. Then tomorrow the disco, WHICH IF I FORGOT TO TELL YOU has been put forward to TOMORROW NIGHT, ie, TUESDAY! Do not miss it. It shall be very nice. You will see me in my check dress which is too tight. My friends told me to get it in a size 8 when I got it, which was last year, but it was tight then, and it's tight now. My bottom half is NOT a size 8. I can assure you.
But still, I'm going to wear it. I just won't eat that day. Hahah. Just joking. I'm unable to not eat. Yesterday we stopped in McDonald's on the way to the quiz (we came second, by the way, and that was less one member, so it's pretty good! I was so pissed off at half time, though. I was like "FUCK'S SAKE! WE HAVE IT LOST! WE MIGHT AS WELL GO HOME!").
I had so much food. I could tell everyone was like "You pig. You're still hungry?" when I went back for a second portion of chips. But seriously, McDonald's food may be great, but it doesn't fill you up at all.

Oh God, my room is so messy. But I have until like, half five to clean it. Then I should probably get dressed, or something.

I've been watching the Skins DVD! Argh. So good. Why can't I get my hair to be like Cassie's? I love her. Also, I just keep wondering how on earth they found a boy that beautiful. Like, where did they find him? Maxxie, I mean. I love him.
Well, it's very good. except the second DVD keeps freezing, so I couldn't watch Sid's episode at all. Mairead, if you're reading this, IT WASN'T ME! I swear. It just keeps doing that. I can try again later anyways.

No words need be spoken.

Except this : Why are all the beautiful people only fictional? Or as good as? WHY?!

Maybe I should have a shower.
Maybe I need one after that^. AHAHAHAH.

My God, I'm hilarious.

Right now, I should be getting ready. Like, for the week. but am I? No. I'm writing a blog. And being on MSN.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

"It's a very dangerous thing to do, exactly what you want" ...Ugh.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007 0
I feel awful.
As a person, and in terms of sickness.

But let me take you back. This weekend was was incredibly busy and incredibly fun. Friday we all went to our friend's house for lots of madness. The next day me and my other friend went to the pool for some swimming and sauna and sweating to death in the steamroom, then my OTHER friend had a sleepover as it was her birthday. That was loads of fun! Unfortunately, I was not well. Combination of my hayfever thing (well, it's obviously not PROPER hayfever, but whatever it is) acting up really bad, eating way too much and getting no sleep got me em, and the next morning I felt quite sick. But we walked (for days!) to our other friend's house and then I left to go and win the No Name Club regional Table Quiz thingie in Headford. Now we're through to the finals, which we will hopefully win, too.

That all makes me sound busy, doesn't it? Maybe I am. I feel it.
Tomorrow I have lots of things to do for the magazine. write a QUICK short story, do the thing about teenspeak (new challenge) and watch all of Skins and review it.
By Thursday.

Well, if you know anything about me, you'll know I only work well whilst burning the proverbial midnight oil, so who knows? I might get it all done/

SHIT. I also have to finish that birthday card for my neighbour. I can do that tonight. There;'s nothing important tomorrow that requires lots of rest the night before, is there? No. Except driving, Oireachtas practice and lecture from the guy from Mountjoy.

I can't wait for the Oireachtas. It will be cool. I'm such a minor character, but I'm in every scene! Haha. But it means missing lots of class.
Soon, I will begin freaking out.

Okay, moving on, to the other reason I feel awful. I'm a stupid. And I have a big mouth. Which is such a pity. Terribly sorry. I really am.

Hallowe'en approaches. Go to threadbanger for some cool ideas, and if you like making and customising clothes and all of that (like I do).

Friday, TYs, we have the MUSICAL. Omigosh! I wonder what musical we are doing? I'm sure it will be ... Well, I'm sure it will involve singing and dancing. And thats the only thing anyone can be sure about! I wish I could sing. Oh, man. It holds you back so much when you're not a good singer, even if you try. It means that I won't get a part in the musical, even though I've wanted to be in it ever since the first one I ever saw in our school, which must've been Fiddler on the Roof, since I can't remember anything before that, but our teacher is surprised I can even remember that.
But I can! And well enough, too, for something that was so long ago! Just vague details, like the colours of the set, and some of the costume, and I remember liking the songs.
we were talking to Mr. McEachmharchaigh (IS THAT RIGHT?!) about it today, and he did Our Day Out! That was one of my FAVOURITE ones. I was so glad we did bits of it in Stagewise, because it's so damn good. I mean, they brought on live animals, for frig's sake.
But now.
Who knows what the musical will be like? We'll just have to try really hard, and at least we've got loads of good singers, and loads of enthusiastic people, even though unfortunately not all of the enthusiastic ones can sing, and possibly not all of the singers are so enthusiastic.
Except about singing, of course. Which is all that matters, really. And acting. (But is it really as important, to the MAN and such people?! No.)

Okay, shut up, Grace.

I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!

Time for a picture or two.

Here's David Tennant. Doesn't he look good?
He's such a cutie.

And here are the Mighty Boosh, as TEST CARD F!

Now, my dears.
Love, and leave, etc.

And sorry, yeah...


PS : I got SIX new items of very nice clothing (I think) in Oxfam the other day for 30 euro, so I'll have to show the to you soon. If I'm not too busy. The break approaches. The busiest time of all!

Thursday, 18 October 2007

and another thing!

Thursday, 18 October 2007 0
Finally. Mairead's Rants, for everyone to enjoy. Keep it in mind, people, she and I are writing in the SAME section of the magazine!


Check it out. And read the rest of this for goodness' sake.


"What do you know? You know nothing. Yet I still take you home." GARR.

My name's Grace and I am angry.
I'm lucky I just got angry there, because it means I was spurred into writing one of these. Brilliant.
So, people. Flip's sake. They're all such IDIOTS. Some of them. They don't think or use their minds at all. They don't care about anything or anyone. But they pretend to. Oh ho ho ho! They pretend to, alright.
Like that IDIOT First Year who left her phone on top of her locker. Someone could steal that!
or people who totally, just ... yeah.

But anyways, got that off my chest. Now I can talk to you about ... HALLOWE'EN!
Oh, Hallowe'en is my favourite time of year, because it's got everything (except gifts). There's lots of dressing up, time off school, lovely colours and sometimes lovely weather (you know those lovely cold, dry mornings?), LOTS of food, parties, fires! And it's something everyone can enjoy.
Except the Spanish.
Apparently they don't celebrate Hallowe'en.
But anyways, there's the disco, and a few parties. Should be nice. The thing IS EVERYONE should be dressing up for the disco. (No Name Club is hosting it, Hallowe'en Night, C2 Night Club. Admission is 10 euro for non-members and 8 euro for members. No drink. No drugs. COME!)But the host and hostesses can't! Simply because most of them don't want to, even though everyone going to it seems to be. So, I'll just stick on some fairy wings or something, and say it's not a costume, and think of something better for the actual dressing up.
We discovered today the easiest way to think of a sexy costume (if that's what you want, which most people do) is just think of something, then add the word 'sexy' in front. Example : Sexy cat, Sexy Bob the Builder, Sexy waitress, Sexy Rockstar, Sexy scientist, Sexy Eskimo, etc, etc...

You get the gist.

What else? Oh, yes! Work experience! Need to organise some, I'm so procrastinate-y.

Also, the magazine. I did I review of Nick Hornby's new book, 'SLAM' (READ IT, READ IT, READ IT!) but I'll need to change a few things on it, and I'm doing a TV thing as well (Skins, probably) and a short story if I can think of a good enough idea which will be short.

help me.



Monday, 8 October 2007

"I get all the girls, I get ALL the girls." WHOO, BLOG!

Monday, 8 October 2007 5
Well, hii. It's been a while. And I haven't been lazy, I'll have you know. I've been busy. Really busy. Or at the times when I wasn't busy, I was too content to write, or else too pissed off. Well, the last one I did was the 22nd, so that's not toooo bad. Well, what can I say?

The most significant thing, I would say, has been the film. We did a film workshop with these two guys from the Galway Film Centre - called David* and Paddy** - where the group had to make a proper short film in a week. We were divided into groups to come up with the ideas and in the end the film was a combination of our group's (mostly Saoirse, and a bit of me, to be honest) with another groups (which was lots of mean Girls stuff) to make a very interesting plot. (It was about French girls in a school new bitching about everyone, and so on. There were sluts and rockers and nerds and bold teachers).
And then we had to storyboard it and do the script. I ended up writing out the whole script, and Saoirse directed the entire film. Cut a long story short, it went really well! Everyone in the group did something and had a part, and the costumes were fun, and the scenes all looked cool and we had tonnes of craic! All of that was exclusive to our week of the film course, the people in the week before didn't seem to have any of that. Not that it won't be a good film, just a very different film. Like, there's no speaking in theirs. There's nothing but in ours!
Everyone enjoyed it, I think. We ll had loads of fun dressing up anyways. And doing the sets. I had a small part as a teacher, but tonnes of work. The pictures are all on bebo. You should look at them.

this was after filming one of the days. as you can see, we're terribly stressed. I'm on the phone! I also look catmalojin***, but whatever.

Something you can expect to see in the film. If I show it you, that is. Or anyone else does.

Hmm, any more news? Finished woodwork, blah, blah blah... Went to Newport for Friday night, that was fun... Painting folders in art, got really messy...
OH YEAH! My birthday. It's on Sunday. Whooo, I am so excited. Cinema on friday, etc. Should be fun enough. As long as we don't go see Saw IV. Okay, I know that's not out yet, but I will NEVER be seeing it! And I don't particularly want to see Black Sheep either, but you know, I'm easy. Enough. Sometimes.
Cool. So, anyways.

I'm quite annoyed. At myself, but mostly other people. But don't worry, not you, person reading this (hah). Definitely, not you.

Grrr. Oh, God, that is so other blog. I used to just rant on that all the time and say "grr". Ohhh, good times. The olden days. The lockers by the second year area! Being obsessed with bands. Hanging out with the Third Years.

We went to Dublin! Did I say that? It was great fun, even though it seemed we had absolutely NO TIME, at all. We spent hours in Urban Outfitters and this wonderful shop called Se Si (He She, in Irish, but I've no fadas) and it was absolutely fabulous. Heaven. Two storeys, reggae shop, furry pink jackets, vintage and second-hand, stupidy cheap some of the stuff, really nice staff.
We also went to the regulars, and Circus, where they were too nice to us and showed us videos and told us about Bjork's dancers and really dear, mental, lovely clothes and fashion designers we had never heard of, but whom the boy near us knew really well, 'cos wasn't he soooo cool. They also showed Saoirse the dollies we wanted to go and see that day. THE ACTUAL ONES! Or one, anyways.
I bought a cool Addidas jacket (honestly, I love it, it's all sort of Addidas-youth, colourful, 80s-ey), and I need some great runners to match now. Soon, I'll be all sports-wear! Only joking. I also bought a 10CC CD for my mother, turquoise jeans for dead cheap in the Urban Outfitters sale (and I should have bought the purple or lemon yellow, too) aaand... a little green t-shirt.
It was fun. Very nice crepes. Horrible wasabi. Good times.

Now, I'm going to go watch some telly with my family. Talk to you later, and wish me a happy birthday on Sunday, haahaa! And Neasa (>>>)! It's hers tomorrow (don't think I forgot!).

Now, be good.
Don't say things that aren't true.
Don't make people feel awkward.
Don't let people make you feel awkward.
Twirl in the rain, as we've loads.
Mind yourself when you cross the road. Even if you run.



*everyone loved.
**was a bit tougher, but he was nice to the two of us!
***great word, use it this week.

Saturday, 22 September 2007

OH! P.S.!

Saturday, 22 September 2007 1
Facehunter went to the London fashion week! And I barely ever go on that site, which is unfair on myself, because it's genius. Random people on the street have the best clothes. Anyways, they're all really great, but a few things struck me about these ones :

(images aren't working today, just click)
her top! her tights (just like ones i have)!

such an adorable boy - saoirse, is this our redhead from i-D?

obviously, where can i get me some of these pants?!

shoes and tights!

these shoes

and she just looks cool.

That's all.


"White lies, you've worn out all your dancing shoes this time..." Title?


I don't know why I have the Life on the Murder Scene CD on iTunes, because it's not like I ever listen to any of the songs off it. Just, you know, they're live... And why would I listen to the live (and inferior, sorry MCR) version of the song when I have the album one?
But I don't want to delete it just yet, because I have no idea where it is. And when I find it, at least I know I'll always have it and will be able to delete it. But I won't just yet. It's probably in with all the other CDs, because I just rememebred it's CD size.
Well, obviously I'd keep 'Desert Song' and 'Bury Me in Black'. They're good.

Saw Superbad last night. Vulgur, rude, bold, hilarious. And cute, in a strange sort of way. I loved the Evan (was that his name?) guy. And all of them. My favourite bit was every scene with the cops.
I love movies.

Okay, what can I say? I'm nice and warm, except my hands and bare feet. I stole Luke's massive black jumper he bought in Penneys because he reckoned it didn't look nice on him. All of his clothes are too big, I don't see what the problem was. Anyways, it makes me look really obese, but I loves it. Wore it last night. That was clever, because it was impossible for food to go down my top! Any time I go to the cinema, that's a big problem. Oh well.
But yeah, have to make him buy clothes that aren't so massive.

I don't want to do anything today. I want to lie down and read. Which I've been doing all morning, and will keep doing until I stop. Unless someone tells me to go into town. Unlikely.

I read 1408 by Stephen King. It's only wee, it's in a bigger collection of short stories called Everything's Eventual (which is a cool name). It was really cool. Not scary. Would make a cool film, but apparently they've changed loads for the actual film. And apparently it's gone out of Castlebar cinema! Poo. Because I would've gone, despite my earlier "Ooh, it looks too scary/But John Cusack is in it!" Smeagol*/Gollum situation. But I've decided now. Perhaps at too late a stage.
I also found and finished Different Seasons. I dunno if I mentioned I only read the first third (let's say) of Apt Pupil, because I didn't like where it was going? Well, I wanted to find out was happened, so I read the final third, skipping the middle (which, I know, is like such an awful thing to do, but I really didn't want to hear about all the details of the kitty/wino murderings which I found out about in the end anyways). Where was I? I go on for far too long in brackets, then get confused. Oh yes, and I didn't care much for it. Then I read the Breathing Method, which I really liked. And with all the talk about it, you'd swear it was ALL about the actual event and the breathing method and all that, but it seemed to be literally a small part of it.
Anways, I'm definitely going to read more of the short stories in Everything's Eventual (which are actual short stories, not like the long ones in the other one). There's fourteen of them, which seems like a lot.

I was also reading the Hitchiker's Guide the the Galaxy, but ... I lost it. Where is it?! It must be in school somewhere. or in my room.
I hate that. My room is too small for things to go missing! It's the size of a bed, practically! But when it's messy, they can, easily. I also get very frustrated when it's messy, which nowadays is all the time. Because if I am getting dressed and don't know what to wear, within seconds every single item of possible clothing is all over my bed and floor. And then I don't want to put them back!
It's a downward spiral, and I am afraid it will lead to my destruction.

But I bought clothes! Silver shoes and pink shoes (which were only a euro!) and grey jeans which are too big and "fat man" pants. I know, I'm dreadful. They're so backward and not fashionable, in their sick trendy way. They're really not flattering as well, but in a strange way they are.

And we had our auditions for the musical, which I've already had like ten dreams about. I'm so annoyed at my lack of talent. It's one of those things which I know is going to be annoying me and getting in my way forever. I actually gave out to my parents for not being goods singers, and that it was their fault. Jokingly, of course.
Oh well, I'm glad that there are so many wonderful singers in our year. We shall have a glorious musical. Even if we don't know what it will BE for TWO WEEKS!

I have put in any pictures. What will entertain your poor little minds instead of all this boring ranting, which you have to read if you want to know what it is?

Okay, I'll draw you one.

Get it?

Okay, I've officially lost my mind. It's all of your fault.

Also, why am I always blaming everyone else for stuff?


*Had to look up the spelling of that one, I'm ashamed to say. What?! It's weird!

Thursday, 13 September 2007

"We come in peace; shoot to kill..." ...Row, row, row your boat!

Thursday, 13 September 2007 0
Do you remember Animaniacs? That show was AWESOME!

So, how are you? Where was it that we last left off? (Let's pick up, pick up). I don't recall. But who cares? TY is going great! Mmm. Computers! Media studies! Art (but not enough)! Woodwork! Wonderful.

Junior Cert results came out. Yeah. I did okay. You know. I shouldn't have thought about it at all between then and now, and I woulda been happier, but what can you do? I am doomed to over-analyse things until they are shit.

What else? Hmmm. No. I don't know. I can't focus!

Damn. I wanted to write a blog. But I don't seem to be able to think of anything to say. Mental, that is.

There's stuff I need to do. I write it all down, then don't look at it when I go home which makes it void.

I want Kate Nash's album now. I read a review on it , though, and it was like "ehhh", but you know what? I'll buy it anyway. Or I'm working on Mum at least. Because she has money and I don't, so I get her to like bands and artists so she'll buy the CD. Worked with Paolo Nutini, Amy Winehouse, Regina Spektor, etc. But only stuff like that.

Ooh! Mock the Week!


Monday, 3 September 2007

"I don't want you to adore me, don't want you to ignore me, when it pleases you..." ... eeee *runs around* !

Monday, 3 September 2007 2
School is tomorrow! I've got all these weird feelings about it. Excitement, partially, but more like "What am I supposed to do?! I can't go to school!". I feel like I won't be able to.
Imagine if it were fifth year. My God. I'm glad that it's not like that.

We went to Dublin yesterday. It was fun! The Topshop sales are incredibly brilliant, the best ever. I bought a massive t-shirt with a picture of a puffin on it for 7 euro. It's my way of joining the massive rave-y t-shirts trend that's been going for months now. I like it.
I also bought green tights that are too green (shit!) and school shoes. Fun. And tried on stuff. My mother bought me some cream shirts in Sligo - in Penneys! I couldn't find any in Penneys here. Odd.

And I read Nick Hornby's 31 Songs which I liked, because I love him and earlier didn't fancy it because it's non-fiction, but what the hell. You should all read it. You can see why High Fidelity was just so brilliant, and it really makes music the most important thing around while you read it. Preferably listening to the songs mentioned, if you can find them.
Rufus Wainwright's 'One Man Guy' is in it - one of my favourite songs of his, which made me happy. And 'Frontier Psychiatrist'! And, erm, twenty-nine brilliant others? Hahaah.
Read it because Nick Hornby saying anything about anything is better than lots and lots of other books you could waste time on.

Well, I can see a pattern emerging here. I'm not using my brain to write this. I'm so hungry. I'll probably have some cheese, but what I really want is a Marks & Spencer's cookie, eh?

Okay. The times they are a-changin', and we've got to go to school tomorrow! And wear big-people uniforms. I still don't have anything ready for Killary, which is Wednesday and Thursday, and should be good. We're going to miss the showing of Glen Hansard's film, Once which they are putting on for the Arts Festival, and whatever else they do for it those days.
I never mentioned we got chased by massive purple bird creatures in town the other day! It was terrifying. But a nice day, even if we got thrown out of a hotel. We were being very nice and not rowdy or anything, but I don't know if we were supposed to be on the roof garden...
At least we weren't kicked out of the school, while we gave our friend a tour of it!

Okay, that's it for the mo.

More later.



Wednesday, 29 August 2007

"Don't you want to be free?" ... "Long time, no write" - overstatement of the month.

Wednesday, 29 August 2007 2
Hello. Well. Okay, it has of course been over a month (I am guessing) since I last did a blog. I'm terribly sorry. But you know, these things pile up. First it was the Gaeltacht, then I was back, and then I was off to stay with Neasa up North, and then I was too lazy to do anything! After that was Spain, and I came back from there at one o'clock this morning, so what can you do?

But I'm here now. Writing this in between watching Spaced and the IT Crowd on the computer, which is great fun, of course, but today I felt I REALLY should make a blog. Get it over with.
(While my mother tells her sister over the phone about overhearing a conversation about colonic irrigation in a barber's - ugh!)

Anyway, let me catch you up. The Gaeltacht was brilliant, which was no surprise. My Irish was a lot better than it was last year, when people speaking to me frightened me as much as brandished knives and snarling would. When I got back I couldn't put a stop to it, it was impossible. It still sneaks into my dreams. Brilliant. I didn't miss my left behind clothes too much, I brought the ones I was really glad to have, and bought a few things on my day out to Galway. can't remember what they were, except a stripey Penney's jumper which I've been getting loads of use out of.

Spain was really nice too. Really, really hot (I even have wee bit of a tan!), but it was comfortable! I got used to it, and did as Saoirse said bringing all of my skirts and shorts. It was fun wearing the really small ones my cousin gave me (even though I always dismissed them as far too short), and no tights. It was a novelty.
The markets were very cool, but I didn't get to any of those extremely cool filled-with-great-clothes-and-stuff markets, just your run-of-the-mill good ones. We didn't get to the amazing multi-storey shopping centre everyone was raving about (with Zara and H&M and all of those with very low price, etc.) because no one who knew where it was spoke any English.
But I got some great clothes around about anyways. I bought three t-shirts, two skirts, a "hippie dress", some hipbo (hippie-hobo) trousers, a pair of Hawaiian-looking short-shorts and a bag for TY. Greatness.
We played Scrabble and Pictionary a lot, which was lots of fun! They NEVER want to play games at home (I love board games), but suddenly we come on holiday and they do? Figures.
I bought a MASSIVE Spainish Vogue, which was two Vogues in one for 3.50 and gave it to Saoirse because she has lots of Vogues and knows Spainish. We had lots of fun reading it today (along with sneaking around our school and a hotel. I never thought anyone would ever say to me "Leave before I call security", but there you go). Wonderful.

So, that's a quick briefing.

School starts very soon. I'm looking forward to it, but it will be such a drastic change to things now. Not just change within the school like uniforms, new fancy canteen food, being allowed out at lunch, doing fun things instead of class, no homework, going up to the boys' school and so forth, but just the very fact that it will no longer be summer. I will have to be in a certain place every day for the rest of the year, except for some days. If you get what I mean. Which doesn't sound that mental, but it is different to the summer, where it's do what you like. Sort of. My summer was very structured and busy though, about which I was so glad. And I didn't have a job!

Hmm, something pop-cultural... Well, like I said I'm watching Black Books. Or perhaps I forgot to easy Black Books. Oh, it is BRILLIANT. Dylan Moran is blurry amazingaBill Bailey as well. I used to hate the girl, but she's funny on this. Of course, they write the lines for her, but you know how it is.
I love telly. AND BOOKS! I will be able to read a lot now. No more exhausting school and study and pretending to study or being exhausted from school and study and pretending to study. That list I spoke about, as lists do, is simply getting longer. Along with CDs I need to buy.
I bought Regina Spektor's album the other day, which I love, but I'm now overplaying it at all, because it would be too easy to get sick of her voice. I really like it though.

I want a Supertramp album. Mum said she used to love them, so we probably have some of their records. 'Breakfast in America' is far superior to ... is it Gym Class Heroes? Yeah, I think so. Their song slightly sampled it, they stole the tune and some of the lyrics. They probably got permission. But, what was I saying? Oh yeah, I like it, it's weird.

Ooh, doing blogs is fun! We should all do it more often!

I'll do another tomorrow, and I'm going to get my Daddy to bring me to Castlebar so I can school-shop and such.

Love you

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

"Ask me, I won't say no, how could I?" .... NERVOUS BREAKDOWN!

Wednesday, 18 July 2007 4
Okay, cast your memories (or just look) back to a couple of weeks ago when I was trying to pack for Stagewise and I said it was very easy compared to what packing for the Gaeltacht would be.
I am nearly in tears. I have about four piles of clothes on my bed, still, and I have already gone through them with "maybe" and "no" and "definitely" piles around ten times. To begin with, it was nearly all my clothes, but I've been ridiculous in taking stuff out, YET THERE'S STILL WAY TOO MANY! I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I would bring them all, if I could. But I can't fit them in the fxcking suitcase! Like, at this point, I'm not too bothered if people think "Feck, she's brought a lot o' clothes!" because my suitcase is of medium size compared to some I saw last year. So I figure, as long as I can contain it all in there, it's not overpacking. But I frigging can't!
So, what am I supposed to do? I know that when my mother comes home she will go all Trunchbull on it, and I'll be upset because I want to bring it all. I mean, I will wear everything. Or could possibly. I don't know what I want to wear before I wear it! It was different last time, I just packed six outfits and one for the disco, which was actually underpacking because we had three discos.
Okay, I'm going to go through it again, extremely realistically. I mean, I could do without the grey check pants or the red jeans, but why should I? They're nice and I do wear them. And, again, what would happen if I wake up say "I want to wear my red jeans", but I never brought them?

(And did you know that blogs come up in Google searches?! I did, but it never hit me until recently...)

Where was I? Oh yes, mental breakdown. Back in a sec.

It is now three piles! This is extreme progress. I took out some long sleeved tops, and my Tinkerbell t-shirt that my cousin gave me. I've always liked that. it's black with a silver outline of Tinkerbell, it's not silly. But I took it out. And I took out the preppy red and white polo shirt I bought in Oxfam. So, I'm really good, aren't I? And I think I may take out those two pairs of pants, simply because I'm in a comfy-jeans mood RIGHT NOW. See, packing is so damn objective.

I just realised I don't know how I'll fit my shoes in.

Okay, my mum did help there. It's now all in my suitcase, ohhh yeah! well, that's the clothes down. Now I'm going around the house with a big cardboard box collecting make-up and hairspray and that style of thing.

I'll do another post tonight. Because I need to!


Monday, 16 July 2007

"Maybe you'll just get right down to wearing out the matress." ... Nearly gone.

Monday, 16 July 2007 4
Hello! That's right, I am nearly gone. It's like the scene in Back to the Future when he starts to disappear during Johnny B. Goode. I'm fading away! Sort of. I'm not dying, just going to the Gaeltacht, on Thursday, for three weeks. And you can write to me, here : Colaiste Chamuis, Camus, Co. na Gaillimhe. That wasn't daring of me, because it's just the address of our Gaeltacht. Anways, I am looking forward to it, I must say. Only, I'm not very organised. We went to Castlebar today so I could get the last few things, but I totally forgot important stuff and ended up buying knee-high stocking-y things instead of proper tights which was REALLY annoying!
I think I was a little distracted by the sales. They're pretty good, especially in a|wear. But I almost wanted to cry when I saw that the beautiful top I had paid nearly thirty euro for going to my cousin's confirmation, and will totally wear many times again, is now reduced to 5. FIVE EURO! That's the most fucking unfair thing I've ever heard. Number one, because they are gorgeous tops, and it makes me feel weird that there were, like, 8 leftover and number two, because I PAID LOADS FOR IT!
I'm getting really annoyed just thinking about it. So annoyed I didn't even buy the brown version, which was also five euro. That and I wasn't sure if I'd wear it.

In Penneys they also had the shoes I bought on the same day for thirteen euro down to five. That wasn't so bad, BUT IT STILL LOOKS LIKE THEY'RE OUT TO GET ME!
Least I got loads of wear out of those shoes. They're sparkly.

I wanted to buy those pink stilettos they have in Penneys at the moment, and it was probably my last chance to get the last size 7 (even though I'm a 6, the 7 fit me perfectly for a change). As you may or may not know, I am total sucker for stilettos. And these ones were just so ... I don't know. Plain. Fake-ish. Sort of tacky, but really sweet. I really liked them anyways. They had them in a sort of indigo/violet version, which was weird, but I wanted the pink. Anyways, cut a long story short, my mother hates stilettos. HATES. It's one of the few things I adore that she really, really hates. And seeing as I had no money, and was dependent on her charity and saying "Yes, that is nice, here's money to buy it" (like with the long white skirt I bought earlier) I didn't get them. She didn't like them at all. And I don't think maybe people would if they saw them on the shelf, but I knew if I was let have them I could work them! But she said "You already have pink stilettos", referring to these :

They're similar. they look dirtyish there, though. I don't know if anyone thought they would be great when I bought them, but I've worn them a lot, and Mum does like them, so HAH! But I explained to her they weren't the same, those were baby pink, these were LIPSTICK pink! Anyways, I didn't get them. I'm really pissed off about that.

I finished the Willy Russel book. It was brilliant, genius, strange! The best bit was around the middle (?), I think. That was when I was laughing out loud. Luckily there weren't any points I really wanted to cry, but I came close a few times. The ending caught me off guard. Read it, anyways. See what you think.

I can't believe that this time a year ago we would be sitting on the yellow leisure park grass, absolutely roasting. Haha. Happy juice.

Ermm, I don't know what else to say. I'll probably do another teary-eyed post before I go. But tomorrow I'm going to get organised, and I'll go into town Wednesday, so see you there.

love youu


Saturday, 14 July 2007

"'Cos the girl that she ignores is the girl that I adore..." ...Whooo!

Saturday, 14 July 2007 3
Well. Hello, there! I'm feeling okay. I'm sure I could think harder to produce a better answer, but I feel a bit disjointed right now.

We had our tea party yesterday which was lots of fun and went very well. Everyone brought food and there was more cake-in-face incidents, and I ate a lot of stuff, especially biscuits and jam tartlets and that nice chocolate cornflake messy stuff. Everyone, including myself, took lots of photos, but I'd say theirs are nicer, so I'll steal one and put it up here. Hehehe.
Oh, well, I suppose I should mention my outfit. I did go on and on about Alice dresses after all, and it came out well. I dyed it, all by myself! It came out great in the dye. I took a quick picture.

I had a really REALLY busy day on Thursday, as you can imagine. We went to Castlebar to buy stuff, and then Stef had to rush off the work, and I had loads of baking to do, and my dress to make! But my mum helped a lot with the dress. It came out lovely-ly, if I do say so myself. Which I do.

You can't really see it in this next picture, but I wore that little Victorian lady cameo brooch thing with it. And Saoirse's lacy bolero-style thing.

As I said, the pictures I take at these things are always rather... weird. Well, they're often just the sides of people's heads or people caught-off-guard, because I don't bother getting them to pose most of the time. And if the settings are weird they can go blurry in a bad way, or way or blurry in a cool but annoying way if the flash is off. Well, obviously I didn't take that one.
Anyways, where was I? Oh yes, yesterday. It was fun. But it's the same feeling you get when things happen and then are over. It's like, that's another thing for me to check off, and I forget what I'm doing while I'm not doing stuff or planning stuff for another time. Now I'm in between stuff. But, I retain it was brilliant fun and I might talk more about it later.

I can hear Desert Song radiating from my room. It sounds good. Speaking of songs, the lyrics in the title of this are from a song by the Frank & Walters which was stuck in my head today. It's a very good one.
Now it's the Cardigans. Oh, how great are they? Very, but I've already spoken about them, I think.

More importantly, I'm sure, I SAW HARRY POTTER THURSDAY NIGHT! Very few people got tickets, but we did! I'm not saying I didn't enjoy myself, and I don't want to give anything away but they left LOADS out. Honestly, if you are a fan of the books (as I am), you will feel annoyed. Luna Lovegood was absolutely brilliant though. Apparently the girl who plays her, Evanna Lynch, is totally OBSESSED with Harry Potter, which made me think that it must have been a wee bit annoying at parts. I mean, reading the screenplay, say, of a film which seemed if they got the book, shredded it, split the shreds into two piles and then took one and said "Okay, we'll use this half of stuff in the film" (maybe less) and not shouting at the scriptwriters. But I'm sure being in the film more than made up for that annoyance. She's still incredibly lucky, like, and she did REALLY well.
Helena Bonham Carter was really good, too, and I'm sure Tonks would have been good if she'd had any real lines. Ditto the guy who was playing Shacklebolt. Anyways, see it for yourself.

I'm reading a good book now by Willy Russel (yeah, the guy who wrote Blood Brothers and Our Day Out) called The Wrong Boy. I didn't like the main character to being with, but it's got this great story-unfolds thing going on, and he reveals things which make you think he's still weird, but you feel sorry for him. And you also forget about the whole obsessed-with-Morrissey thing. And it's fine to be obsessed with Morrissey, but at first I was like "Ehh" because he seemed like one of those "I am vegetarian because Morrissey is and I'm depressed because Morrissey is" and you go "WHAT ARE YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE?". If that makes any sense at all. But it's not so much like that. It's good.
I like all the Smiths references, as well. It's cool.

Haha. I just read the funniest quote ever. Speaking of Morrissey, and all that, Robert Smith from the Cure simply said once : "If Morrissey says 'don't eat meat', then I'll eat meat, because I hate Morrissey." I like that because it's nice and blunt.

Anyways, where was I? Oh yes, books. Books are wonderful. But I borrowed three from the library, one which I feel like I have already read, one which I read, and one which I have been reading on and off. But, unsurprisingly, they are late back. They were supposed to go back on the 8th. What will I do? I want to finish them. I don't really know how the library works, I only got my card a while ago. Do I renew them? How does that work? I asked Dad last night if they charge you a fine for being late back with books before they send you a letter and he just said "Pucks". But I think he was joking.

Now, Jack wants a go on the computer so I'll go. I have much more to say. I don't know if I will ever been done.


Tuesday, 10 July 2007

"I woke up in love this morning, went to sleep with you on my mind!"... CLOTHES!

Tuesday, 10 July 2007 7
Okay, so, hello!

Today was great. We got so much planning done for the Tea Party on Friday. If you're going to be there, you can look forward to a really great day. Honestly, it's going to be fabulous. Provided you comply with the few rules! Hehehe...
Anyways, I bought a few items of decoration and so forth for that, and have been thinking of things to be baking for it in the upcoming days as well.
So much to do and so little time in which to do it! The one thing I can say about this summer is that I have not been without something to do at any point. Even if I have complained of boredom, it has been false! Because you can't be bored with all this stuff. I was right when I said "I refuse to let this summer turn out the exact same as the last summer". Which was fine in itself, the hanging around and the socialising and doing nothing of any reality most of the time - that was important for last year. It had to happen. But I didn't want that this summer, I wanted something more.
Which I've been getting.
I certainly have been getting it. I mean, there was Stagewise and then this, and then I'm jetting off to the Gaeltacht next week. Then you will actually notice my absence. Well, if you notice my presence, that is! Because three weeks is a long time for someone to be gone. But I am looking forward to it, even if my travelling company don't seem to be as enthused! Cough.
But am I bothered? No. I'm very happy with things right now. In general, I mean. As in, today I'm feeling a little sick and I burned the roof of my mouth and my back is itchy, BUT IN GENERAL things are grand.

Anyways, that's life right now. But the title of my post (Not the David Cassidy quote, that was just for fake-nostalgia and because I love David Cassidy) surely twigged something in your brains?
Yes! I have been trawling and found a few great vintage sites and LOADS of clothes. The thing is with this kind of thing, is that I rarely buy the stuff I see and like, but it gives me ideas, it does. (Still mind-working on that Amish dress by the way. Give me the materials and I'm away).
Anyways, I have spotted some really really lovely things. Hold on, I bookmarked them.
Check out Vintage Amore for some sweet, REALLY good value stuff. I particularly liked some of the dresses, and am thinking of buying the $5 Rapunzel one!
Another AMAZING site I found is this one, run by four incredibly stylish siblings called Upside Dive, on which I really liked a lot of stuff, including these three jackets :

This blue one speaks for itself, it's brilliant. I love the colour (obviously) and the shape, and all the pockets and stuff. If I see a similar one somewhere, I'm grabbing it.

This is also really nice, and different. It's got cool colours on it and would go with a lot of stuff. And even though this is more of a blazer, I think I'll leave plaid jackets to the professionals. (*winks at Saoirse).

I really want this. It looks so warm and wonderful, and I want one. But I think it looks really good on the boy there, and maybe wouldn't suit me, a girl. Trenchcoat types of things have not made me look nice in the past. This is great because he's all thin and boyish. Boys are lucky in this respect.

I also LOVE this. I want to get my hands on one. This one is perfect. These cardigan/waistcoats never stop reminding me of Ferris Bueller who sported a great one in the film (one of my favourite films ever, need I add?).

Awesome. Jennifer Gray had a great outfit in that too. More about my obsession with John Hughes films and the wonderful clothes in them in a later blog, no doubt.

The third site I wanted to tell you about was called Porkchop Girl, and it's also really brilliant. I found lots of things there I really loved, but these stood out to me in particular :

This is beautiful, isn't it? What the feck would I wear it with, though, if I had it? That's the big question. It's quite different to what I would normally wear. Which is, obviously, a large part of its appeal. Plus, it's so lovely!

I liked this skirt because it's so simple and nice and preppy. It would go with loads, and I would totally wear it. What I really liked and what stood out about it was the fact that it was so similar to skirts I had seen in my mother's old dressmaking patterns, and the ease it would take to make! So, I definitely will run up one and see how that looks.

ISN'T THIS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS? I really want to buy it, but at $42 it's too rich for my blood. I'll just look at it a lot, dreamily. The only thing I would change is, I might try and do something right at the bust where I feel something should be. You know. Otherwise it seems a little straight down. Whatever, it's still beautiful.

And that concludes What Grace Saw and Liked today. Why don't you leave me a comment and say what you think about the clothes? Or suggest more websites we might all have a look at. Everyone here likes that sort of stuff.

Speaking of comments, we found out today lots of people we know may read your blog regularly BUT NEVER COMMENT! This is quite lazy, as it is so darned easy to leave a comment. Also, it's unfair on us because sometimes we think no one loves us.
So, bear that in mind, if you've just read this. It's common courtesy to comment!

That's about it. If you're coming to the Tea party on Friday, you should have received a message from us on bebo telling you about it, or something similar, like us telling you physically. (If you didn't, you're not invited!) If you did, you should already be thinking of what you will bake.
I'm grinning away.


Saturday, 7 July 2007

"Who are these people, man? Are we not all the same?" ... I'M BACK!

Saturday, 7 July 2007 1

Hello my beautiful people, I am most certainly back from the wonderful place that was Stagewise.
Was it good?
It was everything I wanted to be, and so much more. It was not-even-a-week of pure brilliance. The classes were so amazing, and if I am not wholly skilled in the art of mime right now... well, I am! There were five sections to the course : Music, Dance, Mime, Acting and Comedy, and all of the teachers were really awesome. Our core class was mime (that means we had it twice a day, and it was our main thing and was what we performed in the final presentation). Our tutor was absolutely brilliant, honestly. He was called Rowan Tolley, which made Penny say on the first day "What is a rowan trolley?". Everyone in our group was really great, and I think at the end we were all extremely glad we had mime, even though he's not everyone's favourite person and on the first day everyone warned us that he was a real bastard. But we all loved him, because he was a really good teacher and hilarious.
Comedy was also fabulous and the teacher was, like, awesome. I loved him, and we had loads of fun in his class, and in the serious characterization workshop he did at dinner on Wednesday.
Music was also really REALLY fun. The music teacher and our core tutor had this big pretend rivalry going on, where Rowan would often remind us "This is NOT Robert Hyman's class, where you prance around singing songs", and Robert Hyman did uncanny Rowan impressions to music.
Acting was good, but most people found it boring. Perhaps because as people interested in drama, we all have seen scripts and done scenes, and it wasn't all different and unusual. Except it was good, and 'Our Day Out' was the play everyone studied.One particularly fun bit was when we acted out a Big Brother-style scenario with puppets as the characters coming into the "Diary Bus'. (example : "Day 1 on the Progress Class' Day Out. Mrs. Kay has entered the Diary Bus. Hello Mrs. Kay." "Hi Big Brother..."). That was cool. We were Colin.
Dance was cool, but tiresome! We had this Bottle dance, which was using bottles as rhythm or whatever, and that was fun, but I have all bruises on my thighs, because there was a lot of that in our groups' dances. The teacher was really nice; he gave us a lift to Heuston on the last day.
Friends were made, food was eaten, teachers were stalked admired, lots of laughs were had, and tears were even cried!
Everyone had brilliant clothes, too. Especially the Spanish contingent. Because Spanish people come, too.

There were three discos, karaoke and a quiz at the nights. And one night we all went into one room to have a big sing. It was utterly brilliant.
Ooh, for more about Stagewise, like important stuff about fees and that (AND HOW TO REGISTER) go to their wee website. We might even be in next year's gallery! Eee! Or ask me; I'm dying to talk about it to whoever'll listen for hours and hours.

Moving on, I have nothing else to say! Well, the Tea Party is coming up, and I'm having panic attacks about planning. I don't feel ready to do anything major after all of that. I'm still adjusting to being back in Westport. The Gaeltacht is so soon as well! What are they trying to do, kill me?
I'm feeling awfully sick, my sinuses are like, really pissed off all of a sudden. I'm pure drained.

I'll write more stuff as and when I think of it.

buh bye,

Saturday, 30 June 2007

"I've been through the desert on a horse with no name..." Hat and Bouncing Day/My imminent departure

Saturday, 30 June 2007 3
Hello! I am feeling good.

Hat and Bouncing day on Thursday was SO MUCH FUN! Honestly, even though it was raining. In fact I think that probably made it more fun. The food was lovely, too. Everyone won fabulous hats, and our friend won deservedly because it was a really cool hat made of a lampshade. We took lots of photos.

Shane and me looking awesome (!).

But, yeah, it was great. People liked my Top Hats. I was glad. They were nicer than I remembered, I hadn't had them in so long. Our mix CDs didn't work properly, though, and were destroyed by the rain.

Tomorrow I am going to Stagewise to learn to become a fantabulous actor. Well, that's the hope. I'm looking forward it it, but I have to pack. And as you may or may not know, it is much easier to pack for a month than a week. I'll tell you why. When you are packing for a few weeks, or a month or even a few months, you can be quite liberal with packing, and throw lots of things in, without looking like a nutjob.
But a week is only seven days. That could be seven outfits. Or, for me it will only really be six. And how the hell do you pick six outfits, not for anything fancy? I don't know. I mean, how am I supposed to know what I will feel like wearing? I might wake up on Tuesday and think "I want to wear my blue jeans and my Tom and Jerry t-shirt. BUT I DON'T HAVE EITHER OF THOSE WITH ME! I only have all of this crap".
I can really see myself doing that. I've got so many clothes now, much more than I did last year. Last year Mum and I agreed I didn't have enough clothes, but when I was trying to organise my wardrobe a few weeks ago, I knew that I have tonnes, and none of it is stuff that I'm only holding on to, because I couldn't bear to throw it away.

Taken while cleaning room. It seemed like more.

But I'll deal with it. I'm bringing my Gaeltacht suitcase, which is a little silly because it's too big. But it's either that or a rugby type of bag. I'll pick the funky blue thing, thanks.

I feel like listening to desert music. You know the type of music that's on in films when they go into the desert? That really kind of sleepy, weird music that really makes you think of just orange and yellow deserts and nothing else?
Okay, maybe I am insane.
But whatever.
I'm trying to think of examples... okay, you know in Romeo + Juliet when Romeo is stuck in Mantua? That music is amazing. I want it. I mean that films has an awesome soundtrack (Radiohead, Garbage, the Cardigans!), but I don't know if they have the score on the soundtrack CDs you can buy.
Oh, just looked it up. Volume 2 apparently does have the score. According to this, anyways.
This is class. I'm totally going to buy it. Both of them. If I had money. I bet they have them in HMV. For cheap, too. I sometimes go into a HMV when I'm on Galway or Dublin and it's like "Now, what is the point of Zhivago?". Because Zhivago is quite expensive in comparison. It always seems to be sales time when I'm in there, as well.

Agh! Back to packing. I think I'll just have to get out all of my clothes, then filter through them logically and make some lists. Lists are good.
I'll bring a few contact lenses. Why not? Only, last night I wanted to wear them, but I couldn't get them in, and I dropped two, so I gave up and cried loudly, with frustration.
They are an utter nightmare, I tell you.

We were at the beach yesterday! It was very fun. I hadn't been to the beach properly in ages. We took photos. I don't have them, but maybe Saoirse will put some up, if she wants to. And tell you some more about this scheme of hers.

So, now I probably should go. I definitely don't feel like I'm about to leave for a week. Probably because no one is crying or clinging onto my jumper saying "Don't go, Grace! Please! I need you!". Oh well, that may be because you won't even notice I'm gone. It'll just be like, whatever. A week. We sometimes don't see Grace for a week anyways, and no one kills themselves.
Well, more when I get back.


Wednesday, 27 June 2007

"I hear in my mind all this music, and it breaks my heart.."...Hello dahlilahs!

Wednesday, 27 June 2007 3
Well, today was fun.
Unfortunately, I did in no way get around to decorating my hat, but I've had some ideas, so I shall tonight. I probably won't win the "Most Outrageous Hat" prize, but I'll try and make it look nice. I'm thinking pearls ,feathers and flowers to match my dress.

I must go down to the shop and purchase some cat food.

I'm back, and have just heard the worst cover of Roxanne by the Police, EVER. My God. Worse than Fall Out Boy's one, which was actually kind of good.

So, tonight I make Top Hats! I bought two bags of marshmallows, four big bars of chocolate and a thing of sprinkles, but I don't want to make too many. Maybe twenty? They won't be terribly nutritious or anything, because I am going to make them look "outrageous", ie, covered in varying sprinkles. Which of course means, I won't be eating nay, because I hate sprinkles.
Nevertheless, terribly looking forward to tomorrow!

As I said, today was pretty nice. Only that my day got held up looking at his next job, and didn't pick me up until I was halfway home. But I was glad I started walking, because after everyone (that I was talking to) left I didn't particularly want to be left waiting.
I bought moisturiser, lip-balm, face wipes, etc. for Stagewise, but I still need some things like John Frieda blonde shampoo (many blonde people have told me to use it) and some more Piriton tablets. I think I must accept the fact that I do have a form of hayfever, but at least my eyes don't water. Only get very irritated.
Also, it lasts much longer than just the month of June! Another reason I believed I had something special and uncommon. But whatever. Hayfever tablets make it less bad, therefore it must be hayfever.

I also joined the library, where we spent most of the day. I got three books : Beauty, Love Lessons and Nicola and the Viscount; two of which were on my list, one I just thought looked good. It doesn't change the fact that I prefer to buy books, and will try and buy some of the hot picks on my list (the ones I really REALLY want).
They had three Douglas Coupland books, but I got out none of them. I don't fancy reading J-Pod, Eleanor Rigby didn't suit my mood, and Hey Nostradamus! looked really good! But I had my heart set on Girlfriend in a Coma. I am happy there are many to choose from. I know in my heart I am terrified of being severely let down, that his other books will not be as good as Generation X was to me. This is why I did not borrow them, methinks.

I don't have a lot to say today. I had a "snack box". It was good. I love fast food.

Okay, I'm going to take pictures of the Top Hats when they are done, and you can see the hat tomorrow, after the day's events.

Oh, and I was really pissed off yesterday! Just at the the very end of the day. But today has evened it out. It's funny how things that are possibly pretend or in your head can relax you. They may not be true, but they comfort you. Like always needing to have something/one in vision when you are somewhere, in order to not feel antsy. It's not like it/they will go away or die, but you still need to know where it is.
Well, that's not what I was talking about per se, but it's an example.

So, now you know I am happy, I will go.

Liff liffen,

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

"They provoke you to tell the fucking punchline before you have told the joke"...Quick after-post.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007 2
Just a few things. I don't know if I'll post tomorrow, I have to decorate my hat, and buy Stagewise supplies! I had a long phone conversation with Penny where were finally planned things and pleased our parents. What is it with parents?

Shane made a blog. It's very good already. Here. See what I am talking about? Blog Renaissance. perhaps we will even keep it up this time. Remember the old days?

Also - my acting career has been quashed quickly as it started. Okay, it could be said it never really started. Hey, wait a minute! It did start. I was in a movie! Albeit, the movie was a total flop (I blame myself for that now. I didn't before, but I realised the blame should be down to the one with the most lines. Well, they don't count as lines, I guess. Rambling within brackets again...), THAT'S NOT THE POINT!
I wonder if our parcel ever made it to My Chemical Romance, did they watch our film? I had a spare copy of George... with me., and we put it in the parcel Saoirse tried to give to the band!
is that a bit mad?

And I refuse to be sucked into Grey's Anatomy, even though its quite good! At least it's really easy to walk in and out of. Like, you can be like "She slept with who...? And now they're...? Okay.", then sit down and watch. Without going "whaaa'?"

Mum is telling me to get off.

That was all really. Kind of pointless.
love you

Monday, 25 June 2007

"The mind has so many pictures, why can't I sleep with my eyes open?"...Whew!

Monday, 25 June 2007 6
Well, well, well! I have certainly been busy, and I am terribly sorry for not blogging in ... oh, it must be days! How have you all MANAGED? Seriously, I feel like I owe you a good one. I'm actually, like, anxious to get it all in. I did a little plan so I didn't forget anything. Haha, how stupid* is that?

Well, where have I been hiding? All over the shop! Or so it seems. On Thursday I was in Dublin; Friday, nothing really, but I went to the cinema instead of doing a blog; Saturday I was in Castlebar and Sunday and today I have been in Ballyconneely (sp?)/Clifden, for my grandfather's birthday.

Dublin was brilliant, it really was. We went up in a small group, which is always much handier and nicer, and we went everywhere! I didn't actually buy too much even though we were in loads of shops, but I was happy with my purchases!

Green H&M leggings; hippie footless tights; Nick Hornby book; chef pants; yellow jelly shoes; pink hat; badges; flourescent yellow eyeshadow.

As you can see, I bought these chef pants in a charity shop for around 5 euro. I mean, I couldn't have left them! They're freaking chef pants! I don't really know what to do with them, though. they're too baggy and chef-like to try and wear normally, without looking like I was just out of the kitchen or a mad lunatic. I thought about sewing (well, getting Mum to, as she is brilliant at that) them so that they were a bit more normal, or even drainpipes. They'd look really good like that, methinks. But there is just so much fabric! Where to start? That's a project for another day, definitely. Because right now it's all a little busy.

I really like the tights as well, even though it turned out they were footless. My God, you cannot escape footless tights these days. It's the biggest let down ever to get a pair of tights and realise they are actually more like leggings. they look weird when I stretch them down to look like tights, as well, but it's okay.
What else did I buy? I'm going to put up a quick picture of the few things I bought, but right now I am recalling from memory. Oh, of course, the shoes!
These shoes are luminous yellow, and jelly! I really, really love them. I wore them to the cinema on Friday night, and to Castlebar the next day. With my luminous yellow earrings and suspenders. It was cool, I loves luminous yellow!
I also saw this really nice Amish dress, in H&M. Well, the dress itself wasn't actually that nice. I liked the fact it was black and has a white collar, but the material was all wrong, and it didn't have a great shape. I'm going to try and make it, but it's not working because you can't get fabric anywhere except Dublin anymore. No-one needs it, except for curtains. It's depressing. I took a picture in the dressing-room.

We had a great time though, and my friend got his lip pierced. You might have seen the pictures on my bebo. And if you haven't, they're there if you want to.

I'm going to go sort out photos for this, then continue on! But I've got to hurry, as Prison Break will be over soon, and that is my time slot! perhaps I could save this as a draft, finish it and post it tomorrow?

My fabulous cousin, Neasa, has finally made her smashing return to the world of blogging, and you should all go to hers right now! Kids, whoever said cyber bullying doesn't work was lying!

Now, onto something even more retail-tastic, I did some shopping in Castlebar, and I've never been more excited about a pair of trousers in ages! These are white, with reddish pink vertical stripes and I fell in love with them the second I saw them in the second hand shop (judge all you want, I've never seen clothes like this in your regular shops) hanger, for five euro. See for yourself.

(Ignore all the crap in my room. I haven't really talked about my room before, but it's about this big [ ] and full of stuff.)

Okay, as you can see, they were flares at first. can you believe it? I loathe flares. How I loathe them. So, I got my magical mum (see above, chef pants), to make them drainpipes, and voila! I wore them yesterday (and today, I must admit. All I brought for a change of clothes was my H&M skirt, which turned out to be the stupidest idea ever, on the windiest day ever). I would wear them every day.
This is the skirt by the way, with a Beatles badge replacing a missing button, and my new green leggings.

The only thing is, they (my new pants, I mean) have one of those flies. The flies my body hates. Anatomically, I am not built for flies, because this one opens (REALLY OBVIOUSLY, may I add?) every five seconds. I'm trying to fix it, but it's a nightmare! You can imagine the embarrassment. Kind of takes away from the outfit.
I will die if I am ranting about my love for these pants and you all hate them. Well, not die, because I know I love them. And also, you couldn't but.

I also bought a few other things. A sleeveless, Dorothy Perkins top (in EnableIreland, duh) with frills all down the middle, which opens and cloeses. Okay, mainly I bought it for its pirate-espe qualities, and it looks shit on its own, but I like how it looks with a jacket.

I also bought two of these white dresses in Penneys, which were 1 euro each, and I am going to mess with and use for the Tea Party. ONE EURO! I simply couldn't leave them. I wish I had bough more!

And this cute floral dress :

So, I think I did well on my two shopping days.

Moving AWAY from shopping... I am worried that I'm focusing a little too much on clothes, right, and I started off as more than that. So, don't think that I have (turned into a blog only about clothes), because I haven't. Not that I don't love those, but I always feel more like a bit of a rant or ramble, and this is definitely the place to do it, if ever there was.
I was at Fantastic Four 2 (or whatever) on Friday. I liked it, even if the projectionist appeared to be on drugs. For at least ONE HALF of the film the picture was sooo squashed. It gave me such a headache, and I just keep complaining to the people beside me. But when he fixed it, I was able to enjoy the film a lot more, and do you know what? It was pretty good. The first one was much better, of course, but, yeah, I liked it. And I never really understood the appeal of Jessica Alba before (I mean, she can't really act, can she?) but I realise now she's quite pretty.
It was fun. I just love films, so I don't really come out of cinema complaining about stuff, do I? Unless they are flat out terrible, like Pathfinder. That film was so bad. I mentioned this earlier.

(next day)

Is that Lily Allen singing on the radio? It's crap. Omigod, it is a cover of the Kaiser Chiefs. A really bad one.

Monk is on. I love that show. Mum and I watch it, but right now she is asleep. It has been a tiring day.
I got contact lenses. They're easy to put in, but almost impossible to take out. In Specsavers they make you take them out and in three times before you can go. It was the most humiliating and frustrating thing ever. It took me so goddamned long to do it, and she was just there, waiting and saying "Okay, now, just pull it out with your thumb... oh." I wanted to break down. I wanted her to let me go, and tell her I would practise later. But she didn't. Anyways when I got home from town and it was time to take them off, I did it! The second one took ages, but it was easier being able to hit things in frustration and walk around.
My eyes are tiny, compared to my face. My face is also blocky. It looks shit without glasses. But, I will survive. Now I can finally wear sunglasses!

I also bought a hat in Dublin! Crap, I totally forgot! It's for Hat and Bouncing day. I am going to put feathers and buttons on it tomorrow, which will be my project for that day. Along with making "top hats" (Neasa will remember these).

My nose looks like a pig's here, but oh well.

The Kerrang! Awards are being voted for around now. I voted for Steer Clear, even though I only just bought the album, brand new, in Oxfam for four euro. You see, everyone was telling me to buy it and that they were brilliant (some said they were rubbish), but I wasn't eager to pay album money for a band I'd never heard. So this was brilliant. I hated them at first, but they are really growing on me, particularly a song called "Sick To Death". I just think it's important to 'support', as it were, the Irish bands. Because it's not like England will ever heard of them unless they become successful over here.
I prefer Cowboy X though. Man, they are brilliant and no one has heard of them! My mother has recently discovered she also likes them, after borrowing some of my CDs for the car. we got a new CD player, simply because it SAID in the Argos catalogue that it took USBs, but it doesn't seem to. Mum is annoyed, because, like, what was the point? I don't know. There is a man who says he can fix it. Whatever.
Another great Irish band I have talked about before (probably) are Fred. I need to get some money and buy their album. I especially like their single, Good One. Their website is very cute, and you can hear a bit of the song, as well as play Tetris!
Go to all of the bands' pages by clicking their names, there. I might put them in the side, if they're good.

Books, books, books. This summer is all about books. I saw Nick Hornby's How To Be Good in some second-hand shop on Thursday, and I felt like re-reading it, so I bought it. I already have it, but not right now. So, I was glad. He is easily one of my favourite authors of all time, and I still haven't read Fever Pitch! I also read Tony Parson's Man and Boy, which was so brilliant. You should read that. Now. Especially if you like Nick Hornby, I thinks.

Everything is just piling up on the top of my head. Hat and Bouncing day, Tea Party, Stagewise, all this planning! Not in that order. I mean, I was looking forward to a busy summer, but I just don't know what to do with myself!

At least I've got some nice clothes, haha. I thought you might want to see the context in which I wore my new shoes on Friday night, with a skirt I found that I have never worn. Pink tights, a pair which I have had for one or two years.

Everyone is talking about all these concerts and Oxegen. I haven't got any concerts planned whatsoever in the near future, and right now I'm kind of glad. I don't think I would be able to take anything more like that. But it is a little sad I'm not going to any. I won't be at Oxegen until I'm eighteen, but I don't mind, because the line-up is always very brilliant, and I'd prefer to go to a festival at a time when I have some actual freedom anyways.
I'd like to see Muse again. Next time they play here, we should go. Again.

I missed the Thing-a-Ling, due to being in Clifden, and Bonfire Night due to not being allowed out combined with being desperate for a night ALL to myself. I didn't get this however, because my brother and his friends decided it would be more fun to come to our house and ruin my night. He tries to make them think I am mental. I've known these kids since they were around six, and they haven't changed at all, and neither have I, really! Why do they all of a sudden believe Luke that I am some total nutter?

Well, that was incredibly long. You should read a bit, think about it, then read some more later on. Let it digest. Or skim over it, missing all of my between-the-lines anguish. Only kidding, there is none. It's all out there.

Okay, will blog again soon. And I won't let it all pile up.
Now, give us some comments, or feedback or whatever. And don't forget to visit Neasa!

PS : the photos are, as usual, taking very long. Did I like it before I put in photos? They won't be coming everyday, that's for sure.
PPS : look at the plan for this blog, if you want. And don't say I'm not thorough. or that I don't have a large amount of time on my hands.
PPPS: I'm a bit pissed off. Look for a rant next blog.
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