Thursday, 26 April 2007

"When are you gonna realise, it was just that the time was wrong?"

Thursday, 26 April 2007 1
I love that song. Obviously. It's a great song, why wouldn't I (getting all defensive for no reason)?
Anyways, I just wanted to clarify particularly that I do indent paragraphs. I DO! Just the blog pretends I didn't. I thought you might want to know I tried, because that annoys me. Improper paragraph structure and so forth.

Well, tomorrow night we are going to the cinema.
Old friends, locked in a bitter hatred. Each claims the other has changed, but both are mostly the same as the were three years ago. They used to have video games and cartoons in common, now their only joining force is a torn young man. And two girls willing to push them all together and hope for the best.
Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Hope it works out. Oh, and I hope Wild Hogs is good too! Hehe.

The Home Ec. exam was today! It went well. I think. Well, my cones tasted nice and they looked good. (Oh gosh, I don't want to sound like an evaluation sheet, I'll leave it at that). everyone else's all looked really great.I was very proud of us. The examiner was okay, but very cryptic. I can't stand when people are obviously thinking things about you, but just don't say them! or let you know in any way if it's good or bad even. But yeah, I've only got to wait 'till September to find out what I got! Hahh...

Art. We have until Monday to finish our full thing, totally and completely. (Excepting the exam). Eep! But I've just got to print out and cut out lots of things from books, magazines and the internet, then stick them on two big pages, then get all my prep (and make up some) and do the same. No biggie. loads of people still have full pieces to do. well, actually, I've still got to stick my painting onto a big sheet, I think. Which will take all of one second. Bothered? Me? Never! I've just got to do it all at home, which makes me slightly more pressurised. Also, Coursework B, but shut up, I ain't bothered.

Finished the t-shirts. They look alright, but there's one that say 'I do, I do believe in fairies that I made in about five minutes, and the fairies face is really weird and fat as a result. But it's okay, not like I'm giving it to anyone.

Mum wants Skype. Should we get it?

(Nearly done). Drama tomorrow, and yesterday. But I don't mind, except it's not giving me much time for other things, which is kind of annoying. Oh well, I'd still like to get the play finished. just, I'd also like to get my art finished, and with the birthday on Saturday I'm like : "AGHHH, WHERE IS MY HEAD? I LOST IT!" But it's okay. Pressure can be good sometimes. I like to have lots of things to think about. Keeps your mind off stuff, getting busy. And everyone else's.
We met Jane's replacement - :'( - yesterday. She's the girl from that play we went to see, the really good one. Intimidating. She can't do a thing wrong, obviously. But, I really like her! She's very nice. I'd be like "Omg, I'm intruding on their play!". But whatever.
If you haven't read our play, it's by the wonderful and non-idiot Poet Lauriet*, Ted Hughes. And, as it doesn't come across terribly well on the old internet, I'm using very dry sarcasm. The play itself isn't bad. it's interesting. The dialogue is bizarre though. I'd like to do something a bit more real, I think. Or less repetitive? And definitely with romance in it. Sean and Miss Poppy don't count. they are in it together for about five minutes. They don't speak properly, let alone kiss! (Well, that's for the best! No offence, Saoirse!)
But, yeah, stage! Backstage! Curtains! Dressing rooms! Blue nightlights! It's all rather West End and glamorous. Exactly like that.
More the the point (hah) I got these really nice nighties. They're so old fashioned and lovely. And these lovely pink shoes which are like, really ... 50s prom (in my head). And, eh, I must have had a hole in y pocket, because that all only spent like 20 euro, but I ended up as if I had spent much more! McDonald's was good. Mm.
It will be a squeeze to go school -> drama -> cinema -> try and do some art -> sleep.

I'm listening to "I Need Some Sleep" by Eels and I can feel myself drifting off...
BUT! My song of the week (unless I already said it) remains to be Local H - "Hands on the Bible". Now that I type this sentence, I'm thinking I have already said it. Oh well, it's a great song.

(Warning, I'm about to talk like a nerd, and like I read too many fanfictions, but I've only read a few, and made possibly unfair judgements.)
I don't know what to think of any 'ship' to do with Harry Potter. They all seem so unnatural, especially Ron/Hermione, even though that's, like, the only remotely true one. But I hate that. It was so coming, but it wasn't. You know what I mean?
I'm reading a Harry/Draco (that particular one is rarely done well, so therefore I distrust them all - except this) fanfiction at the moment - it's SOO long, and good. I don't like the short, shit ones. This is brilliant. (Oh, and click Yes. it's not even dirty - yet - and I'm on Chapter 18. Taking me ages, no time).
I like Draco/Hermione, but not all the time.
There should be some new amazing girl invented for Harry. Because I quite like book-Harry. I hate film-Harry, everyone does.

Oh, and speaking of generalisations, I do only care about the fun, teenage, social-y bits. I think the Voldemort bits can be a drag, everyone does.
[/nerdish ramble]

okay, well, that's enough. see you soon, byeee xxxx


Sunday, 22 April 2007

"Beating hearts, bab-ayy..." Angry?

Sunday, 22 April 2007 1
(This is in relation to my bebo post not long ago. )
Yes, I am a little mad right now. It's just the whole thing and whatever. Like, some people they think they can just...
The annoying thing about stuff like this is they CAN just dot dot dot! Everyone can do whatever they like. And when they do stuff that I don't like or that upsets me, what am I supposed to say? especially when it's completely random stuff that I can't explain myself.

On the brighter side, I made more scones today! They're very good. They are right about 'practise makes perfect'. Well, in some cases. I mean, I sing a lot. Every day. But I'm still shit. And eh, other such things.
It was quite funny, Saoirse and her mum called today when I was making them, bringing gifts of wine, chocolates and cream crackers. That was a nice visit.
I made a 'baking' CD. Any excuse with me, isn't it, and I make a CD! But I do love making them. I need to buy some more. Remind me!
I've also been making loads of t-shirts. Well, I made ... four. One that has a picture of a unicorn on it that say "I BELIEVE..." for Luke (he saw it on a site and liked it), one for Jack (they're totally abusing me) and two for myself : a 'VOTE FOR PEDRO' ringer shirt and another that say 'All You Need is Love'. I must put up photos.
They're quite cute and it's a lot of fun. I've still got the one that Vicky made for my birthday that says "' M' is for Gorgeous" which I love. If you ever read a Series of Unfortunate Events? well, I don't think she did, but she knows I love the books and Shane and I were going on and on about them - particularly that part - a few times in the summer. And I think Penny still has her My Chemical Romance one I made for her. I hope she hasn't washed it. I forgot to tell her to fix the design with an iron because I forgot to fix the design with an iron myself.

Hopefully I'll get my typewriter back this week, if I remember. it's such a big lug of a thing, it's like so awkward to get back room someone. Hence why I haven't really even enquired* about it since I lent it away. Three years ago! Hah! I'm so lazy. But it is very heavy. You see, there's a lot of writing I wanted to do, but I don't always want to go on the computer and writing stuff out is an inconvenience! I'll probably have to get a few ink things though, because I'm thinking big. because I love writing. (Obviously?)

So, I've got lots of shirts left to make and one tube of paint to find, and three batches of scones to eat; so I guess I'll talk to you later!


*That is a word. Isn't it? Oh, gosh, I'm losing all faith in my English. I hate you, American Firefox.

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

"Are you playing your love games with me?" ... Back to school, and other things.

Tuesday, 17 April 2007 2
Gah! Why won't bebo work? Saoirse says the photos from the disco are up, but I haven't seen them. I haven't been on the computer in a few days, I have been very busy doing my art project and practising* scones for the Home Ec practical.
Well, lo and behold the scones were quite nice! I really liked the apple ones and everyone else said they liked the olive and cheese ones, even if they don't sound too nice to those of you whole don't like olives. Or cheese, for that matter.
And the art project came out ... just as I wanted it to! rarely am I this satisfied with my art, but I put a lot of work in, and it looks pretty good. I think. But who knows what anyone else does! I hope they like it. Well, anyways, that's another thing finished. Also, I have finished my waistcoat that I was making for Home Ec but the project (written bit) still is missing one or two things.

Now, what else? Oh yes! Birthdays. So many birthdays coming up: Rachel is sixteen tomorrow, Saoirse is fifteen soon and Niamh K and James are both turning sixteen as well! My God. I have some things to do, now, don't I?
We were talking about what to do for Saoirse's and Niamh's birthday (they are one day apart). Fancy dress, Westport house, sounds very fun! last year was extremely fun. well, I wasn't too friendly with Niamh last year, but Saoirse's.
Anyways, I had better get cards and stuff made, and presents. Yay!

We were planning the summer, hah. Last year we had a few themed days which were great. I know I said they were the only fun thing about summer at home, which was untrue. But they definitely stood out. We thought of some : 80s day, Drag Day, Formal Day (again), etc. Saoirse said "Like in the Gaeltacht!". But not like mine, because good as it was, its major fault was lack of fancy dress. serious lack. We never had fancy dress!!! But I think people brought this to attention last year. Hopefully! I love fancy dress.

Oh, I knew I had one more thing I wanted to talk about. 'Cowboys and Angels' on Sunday night! Man, it was brilliant. It was an Irish film. I thought the dialogue was a little awkward at places but whatever. If you didn't see it (which no one seems to have), it was about this straight boy who goes and lives in Limerick city with a gay art student. It all goes well enough until the straight boy, Shane, gets into, like, drug rings. And there's all this tension and it was really good!
One of the coolest things EVER was that the gay lad, at one stage, was playing Robots In Disguise - "Postcards From.." in his flat! Ahh.

imdb person didn't like it. But I don't care. I like loads of films that other people didn't like. I think it's because I like films so much. I can see the good bits in most films. And I love irish films. And everything...

Okay, dinner. Byee xxx

*I'm right. You Americans are wrong, wrong, wrong.

Saturday, 14 April 2007

"So I kick out, before you cage me..." ...Aghh!

Saturday, 14 April 2007 0
Everyday my skin is getting worse! It's reaching break-out point now. I look like a circus freak, with all these spots. I'm very worried.
Now, we're watching a very funny video on about a multidimensional investment banker. You should go on it. And watch the videos. Now why couldn't our video have been as funny? Well, how come no one but us thought ours was funny?
(Our film club made a film a while ago which took ages, Saoirse and I starred in, we entered in a competition, did not even get through. Disappointing. It was called 'George is an A+ Student'.

So, anyways, more later because I'm going to watch this then voicemail Penny.

byyye xxx

Friday, 13 April 2007

"I'm wishing, I'm wishing..." ...Art project.

Friday, 13 April 2007 0
Today I am getting stuck into my finished painting for art (I know, it's a bit late seeing as it has to be done by Monday, but I'm easy, okay?) and I'm doing it slightly pop art, Roy Lichtenstein/Andy Warhol kind of thing. I'm going to have this picture of my lead lady (from the comic book I did for my option, she's part Marilyn Monroe, part Claudia Schiffer. Thin, gorgeous, evil) painted three times, all in different colours, but the same picture. Think Warhol's Che Guevara. And it's Marilyn because the skirt's blowing up. You know.
So, I'm doing all kinds of printing and Googling and mostly Photoshopping. Which reminds me I have to tell you about this site - She's really good, and she also has loads of tutorials on turning pictures into Pop Art, which have helped me loads.

So, now, back to the project. Wish me luck!

Thursday, 12 April 2007

"We're gonna have sex on the beach!"... Aftermath.

Thursday, 12 April 2007 0
Disco was very fun. Couldn't get the jacket in the end however, and was very upset as the whole cotume relied on it. No matter, I went as a punk instead (just like five other people!). Would have been better if I had been dressed as Adam Ant, but it was good nevertheless. Saoirse came anyways, even though she had told me she wasn't gong to, and WON the competition! She totally deserved to, her costume was GAWR-geous.
The music was also very good, however the DJ did NOT play any of our songs, except 'Sex on the Beach' which went down a storm. But Penny and I had asked for Gary Numan, David Bowie and Adam Ant (the usual. except Adam Ant), which he didn't play. I confronted him towards the end. I said "I have asked for Gary Numan EVERY SINGLE time I ave come here, and you've never played it!" and he told me it was because it's not on the computer. Hello! I told him he had better get it, as was not fair on anyone.

(Am trying not to sound too much like Bridget Jones but it is very hard, as am in the middle of re-reading the books)

No other news. I'm currently doing my art project. I don't know if I'll have it done on time, although I have to have it done on time, therefore I will. But still, it's a complete disaster. I have this picture of the girl, who is modelled on Claudia Schiffer, which I am practising*, but I don't know where I'm going to put her, ie : the background. Possibly a party or red-carpet-style film premiere, only that entails painting more people which I do not want as I don't have enough TIME.
I also realised that I still have another week in which to practise* scones, but must admit to myself that I will probably not use this week. I should, however, because the other class don't even have that. We, luckily, start our practical exams a week after them.

And now, I play Sims. well, Sims 2 if you want to get technical. It's the only computer game worth playing.


*Explain the practise/practice rule to me. I thought I was right, but Firefox tells me I was wrong. maybe in America there is only one way to spell practice. Well, there are apparently two here, but no one seems to use them. Am I mental?

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

"It's your money that we want, and your money we shall have!" ...Disco tonight.

Wednesday, 11 April 2007 0
I have collected enough stuff to make a substantial costume, I think. But the jacket might not be able to come! Worrying. Also, because I hope Jane can come. Am now slightly worried about no one else being dressed up but I know that this is silly because I am aware of at least seven people I know dressing up. Which is enough for me.
And I can always just say "Yeah, well, that's my look," if people make fun of me. "I always dress like this, I didn't even know there was a theme!". Because I am not absent of worry about people's thoughts. They just don't bother me as much. not if I can bring someone else down with me anyways, heh. God, I'm awful!

Life on Mars ended last night. if you're never heard of Life on Mars or never watched it, then ... you missed out big time! because it was one of the best telly shows I've ever seen! The only thing I am disappointed about is that I started watching it rather late. But srsly, I hope (perhaps in vain) that they will bring out a DVD of the first series, which I missed entirely. see what I mean? But I still LOVELOVE it, in a big way. And so did Penny. If you saw the finale, what did you think? Or if you watch it, but haven't seen last night's episode yet, you're in for ... a fun time!, is the best I can say.

I suppose I should start getting ready, shouldn't I?

The other day Neasa asked me why I stopped myspace-blogging (I didn't realise I had stopped, I just hadn't in a while) so I told her I made this new one.

Stop being dandy, showing me you're handsome!

I'm totally getting into it now, but it's taking a while. I'm very stiff and tired. But no worries, I'm still going!

Sligo today was surprisingly nice. I did a bit o' shopping, and we went back to my granddad's house for tea, and met my English cousins (minus one and a boyfriend). The thing on Monday was pretty good, too. Met Neasa, which was very good, but the food wasn't great. And there were sooo many people there! half of whom, I did not know. But lots seemed to know me. Or the thing with the older boy-cousins who you can't tell apart (not because they look alike, but because you know all the names : Donall, Phillip, Cillian, Angus, et cetera) but not whose faces they match! And then they know you, like, straight off. They don't need name tags or anything, which is surprising! Possibly because they've known us since we were running around pretending to be aeroplanes at any function while they were growing up and grown up, and they were just 'big people' to us. if you know what I mean. Because Cillian (brown hair, beard, right?) said "Bye Grace" to me when he left, and I was like "Em, yeah... cousin!"
The weirdest thing was people who aren't as related to us as "the Cousins". As in, they aren't our first cousins, or or cousins' kids, or or aunts or uncles, but they are other people. Like mother's cousins, and Daideo's* (that's the Irish for Granddad, which is what we call our Granddad. Pronounced : jah-jo) sisters - who are old!- or even more obscure relations! And they don't know us, and barely even know our parents apart! I heard one say "Oh, that's George, Carmel's husband, but my father's name is Pete. At last I think that's what they were saying.

Okay, I'm going to go get dressed. Update shortly.

Sunday, 8 April 2007

"Ridicule is nothing to be scared of" ... Am I a lunatic?

Sunday, 8 April 2007 1
I don't do blogs anymore, do I? I stopped all that a year ago. Well, maybe I missed it a bit, because here I am, back. I wonder if this means I will stop using the myspace blog? I don't think so. I'll keep using it, but not that much. I didn't use it much anyways.


I'm going as Adam Ant to this fancy dress disco thing, but I haven't got a thing to wear! I honestly don't know why I'm doing it at this stage. (Well, I do know. Because I like Adam Ant and it would be so much fun to do). But the point is, why did I take on a challenge having none of the foundation, even?
I'm not sure if I'll be able to find some of the stuff in charity shops tomorrow. White frilly shirts, probably. And if I don't, they're okay. That's a thing people have. But the jacket will be the hardest. And despite the fact that almost everyone I know* likes My Chemical Romance, I don't think any of them have those jackets. Because no one wants to be like that Gerard wannabe. You don't exactly want to be a clone of your favourite band to that extent. However, it would be handy.
Although, I think Adam Ant's more pirate than the Black Parade. I prefer it!

The thing should be really fun though. There's someone going 80s (I wonder if she got the shirt? I found a pink shirt in our house that would be good), someone going mod, someone rave. And then I'm sure there'll be losers who won't bother dressing up, or people who will wear a high street dress with a groovy pattern and say it's 70s, or wear legwarmers and say it's 80s or wear floral and say it's hippie... you know! But at least they're trying. It should be good. If I can get my freaking costume together I'll be so happy!
I'll figure what to do with my hair and glasses when I come to that.

Tomorrow we're going to Sligo for my Granddad's NINETIETH birthday! That's reeeally old. I hope they have good charity shops in Sligo, I'm sort of counting on them. I don't want to spend any serious money on something I may only wear once. The party thing should be good fun as well. I mean, there will be a LOT of family members there (we have over 45 first cousins on that side, it's not mega-loads, but big enough to be a big deal), most of whom I won't even know. The Spideal** "randomers" as Neasa said will also be there, apparently. I've never met any of our relations from Spideal, so that should be ... interesting.
I'm sure everyone will be all "Ohh, all the children have gotten sooo tall!" and other elder relation cliches***.

We got 'Stranger Than Fiction' out on DVD, and I can't wait to watch it. 'Blades of Glory' was SOOO funny! Funnier than 'Talledega Nights', but never as funny as 'Anchorman' (obviously). I love Jon Heder. Even more so, now. And anything with Will Ferrell in it is obviously gold.
Speaking of films, Luke says 'Hot Fuzz' won't be out on DVD until July or something. Argghh. Now, if I may make a huge statement, but that has been the best film of 2007 so far. Better than 'Shaun of the Dead', which I loved.

Will I leave it at that? I'm sure I'll have much more interesting things to say in my next post. And I will arrange all my thoughts together so they sound good, too.

kbye, Grace

*This may be a slight exaggeration, but I call it as I see it.
**However the hell they spell it/say it.
***I don't have accents. And no, don't tell me to just hit CTRL+ALT+the letter, because that doesn't work on my computer.
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