Tuesday, 17 April 2007

"Are you playing your love games with me?" ... Back to school, and other things.

Tuesday, 17 April 2007
Gah! Why won't bebo work? Saoirse says the photos from the disco are up, but I haven't seen them. I haven't been on the computer in a few days, I have been very busy doing my art project and practising* scones for the Home Ec practical.
Well, lo and behold the scones were quite nice! I really liked the apple ones and everyone else said they liked the olive and cheese ones, even if they don't sound too nice to those of you whole don't like olives. Or cheese, for that matter.
And the art project came out ... just as I wanted it to! rarely am I this satisfied with my art, but I put a lot of work in, and it looks pretty good. I think. But who knows what anyone else does! I hope they like it. Well, anyways, that's another thing finished. Also, I have finished my waistcoat that I was making for Home Ec but the project (written bit) still is missing one or two things.

Now, what else? Oh yes! Birthdays. So many birthdays coming up: Rachel is sixteen tomorrow, Saoirse is fifteen soon and Niamh K and James are both turning sixteen as well! My God. I have some things to do, now, don't I?
We were talking about what to do for Saoirse's and Niamh's birthday (they are one day apart). Fancy dress, Westport house, sounds very fun! last year was extremely fun. well, I wasn't too friendly with Niamh last year, but Saoirse's.
Anyways, I had better get cards and stuff made, and presents. Yay!

We were planning the summer, hah. Last year we had a few themed days which were great. I know I said they were the only fun thing about summer at home, which was untrue. But they definitely stood out. We thought of some : 80s day, Drag Day, Formal Day (again), etc. Saoirse said "Like in the Gaeltacht!". But not like mine, because good as it was, its major fault was lack of fancy dress. serious lack. We never had fancy dress!!! But I think people brought this to attention last year. Hopefully! I love fancy dress.

Oh, I knew I had one more thing I wanted to talk about. 'Cowboys and Angels' on Sunday night! Man, it was brilliant. It was an Irish film. I thought the dialogue was a little awkward at places but whatever. If you didn't see it (which no one seems to have), it was about this straight boy who goes and lives in Limerick city with a gay art student. It all goes well enough until the straight boy, Shane, gets into, like, drug rings. And there's all this tension and it was really good!
One of the coolest things EVER was that the gay lad, at one stage, was playing Robots In Disguise - "Postcards From.." in his flat! Ahh.

imdb person didn't like it. But I don't care. I like loads of films that other people didn't like. I think it's because I like films so much. I can see the good bits in most films. And I love irish films. And everything...

Okay, dinner. Byee xxx

*I'm right. You Americans are wrong, wrong, wrong.

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alej. said...

'Evening...good to see you blogging again

Grace said...

Old times, I know.

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