Friday, 13 April 2007

"I'm wishing, I'm wishing..." ...Art project.

Friday, 13 April 2007
Today I am getting stuck into my finished painting for art (I know, it's a bit late seeing as it has to be done by Monday, but I'm easy, okay?) and I'm doing it slightly pop art, Roy Lichtenstein/Andy Warhol kind of thing. I'm going to have this picture of my lead lady (from the comic book I did for my option, she's part Marilyn Monroe, part Claudia Schiffer. Thin, gorgeous, evil) painted three times, all in different colours, but the same picture. Think Warhol's Che Guevara. And it's Marilyn because the skirt's blowing up. You know.
So, I'm doing all kinds of printing and Googling and mostly Photoshopping. Which reminds me I have to tell you about this site - She's really good, and she also has loads of tutorials on turning pictures into Pop Art, which have helped me loads.

So, now, back to the project. Wish me luck!

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