Wednesday, 11 April 2007

"It's your money that we want, and your money we shall have!" ...Disco tonight.

Wednesday, 11 April 2007
I have collected enough stuff to make a substantial costume, I think. But the jacket might not be able to come! Worrying. Also, because I hope Jane can come. Am now slightly worried about no one else being dressed up but I know that this is silly because I am aware of at least seven people I know dressing up. Which is enough for me.
And I can always just say "Yeah, well, that's my look," if people make fun of me. "I always dress like this, I didn't even know there was a theme!". Because I am not absent of worry about people's thoughts. They just don't bother me as much. not if I can bring someone else down with me anyways, heh. God, I'm awful!

Life on Mars ended last night. if you're never heard of Life on Mars or never watched it, then ... you missed out big time! because it was one of the best telly shows I've ever seen! The only thing I am disappointed about is that I started watching it rather late. But srsly, I hope (perhaps in vain) that they will bring out a DVD of the first series, which I missed entirely. see what I mean? But I still LOVELOVE it, in a big way. And so did Penny. If you saw the finale, what did you think? Or if you watch it, but haven't seen last night's episode yet, you're in for ... a fun time!, is the best I can say.

I suppose I should start getting ready, shouldn't I?

The other day Neasa asked me why I stopped myspace-blogging (I didn't realise I had stopped, I just hadn't in a while) so I told her I made this new one.

Stop being dandy, showing me you're handsome!

I'm totally getting into it now, but it's taking a while. I'm very stiff and tired. But no worries, I'm still going!

Sligo today was surprisingly nice. I did a bit o' shopping, and we went back to my granddad's house for tea, and met my English cousins (minus one and a boyfriend). The thing on Monday was pretty good, too. Met Neasa, which was very good, but the food wasn't great. And there were sooo many people there! half of whom, I did not know. But lots seemed to know me. Or the thing with the older boy-cousins who you can't tell apart (not because they look alike, but because you know all the names : Donall, Phillip, Cillian, Angus, et cetera) but not whose faces they match! And then they know you, like, straight off. They don't need name tags or anything, which is surprising! Possibly because they've known us since we were running around pretending to be aeroplanes at any function while they were growing up and grown up, and they were just 'big people' to us. if you know what I mean. Because Cillian (brown hair, beard, right?) said "Bye Grace" to me when he left, and I was like "Em, yeah... cousin!"
The weirdest thing was people who aren't as related to us as "the Cousins". As in, they aren't our first cousins, or or cousins' kids, or or aunts or uncles, but they are other people. Like mother's cousins, and Daideo's* (that's the Irish for Granddad, which is what we call our Granddad. Pronounced : jah-jo) sisters - who are old!- or even more obscure relations! And they don't know us, and barely even know our parents apart! I heard one say "Oh, that's George, Carmel's husband, but my father's name is Pete. At last I think that's what they were saying.

Okay, I'm going to go get dressed. Update shortly.

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