Sunday, 22 April 2007

"Beating hearts, bab-ayy..." Angry?

Sunday, 22 April 2007
(This is in relation to my bebo post not long ago. )
Yes, I am a little mad right now. It's just the whole thing and whatever. Like, some people they think they can just...
The annoying thing about stuff like this is they CAN just dot dot dot! Everyone can do whatever they like. And when they do stuff that I don't like or that upsets me, what am I supposed to say? especially when it's completely random stuff that I can't explain myself.

On the brighter side, I made more scones today! They're very good. They are right about 'practise makes perfect'. Well, in some cases. I mean, I sing a lot. Every day. But I'm still shit. And eh, other such things.
It was quite funny, Saoirse and her mum called today when I was making them, bringing gifts of wine, chocolates and cream crackers. That was a nice visit.
I made a 'baking' CD. Any excuse with me, isn't it, and I make a CD! But I do love making them. I need to buy some more. Remind me!
I've also been making loads of t-shirts. Well, I made ... four. One that has a picture of a unicorn on it that say "I BELIEVE..." for Luke (he saw it on a site and liked it), one for Jack (they're totally abusing me) and two for myself : a 'VOTE FOR PEDRO' ringer shirt and another that say 'All You Need is Love'. I must put up photos.
They're quite cute and it's a lot of fun. I've still got the one that Vicky made for my birthday that says "' M' is for Gorgeous" which I love. If you ever read a Series of Unfortunate Events? well, I don't think she did, but she knows I love the books and Shane and I were going on and on about them - particularly that part - a few times in the summer. And I think Penny still has her My Chemical Romance one I made for her. I hope she hasn't washed it. I forgot to tell her to fix the design with an iron because I forgot to fix the design with an iron myself.

Hopefully I'll get my typewriter back this week, if I remember. it's such a big lug of a thing, it's like so awkward to get back room someone. Hence why I haven't really even enquired* about it since I lent it away. Three years ago! Hah! I'm so lazy. But it is very heavy. You see, there's a lot of writing I wanted to do, but I don't always want to go on the computer and writing stuff out is an inconvenience! I'll probably have to get a few ink things though, because I'm thinking big. because I love writing. (Obviously?)

So, I've got lots of shirts left to make and one tube of paint to find, and three batches of scones to eat; so I guess I'll talk to you later!


*That is a word. Isn't it? Oh, gosh, I'm losing all faith in my English. I hate you, American Firefox.

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Vicky the chocky bicky said...

That t-shirt was a good thing. I was glad i thought of it. Gifts like that mean more than something bought i think... lol.

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