Thursday, 12 April 2007

"We're gonna have sex on the beach!"... Aftermath.

Thursday, 12 April 2007
Disco was very fun. Couldn't get the jacket in the end however, and was very upset as the whole cotume relied on it. No matter, I went as a punk instead (just like five other people!). Would have been better if I had been dressed as Adam Ant, but it was good nevertheless. Saoirse came anyways, even though she had told me she wasn't gong to, and WON the competition! She totally deserved to, her costume was GAWR-geous.
The music was also very good, however the DJ did NOT play any of our songs, except 'Sex on the Beach' which went down a storm. But Penny and I had asked for Gary Numan, David Bowie and Adam Ant (the usual. except Adam Ant), which he didn't play. I confronted him towards the end. I said "I have asked for Gary Numan EVERY SINGLE time I ave come here, and you've never played it!" and he told me it was because it's not on the computer. Hello! I told him he had better get it, as was not fair on anyone.

(Am trying not to sound too much like Bridget Jones but it is very hard, as am in the middle of re-reading the books)

No other news. I'm currently doing my art project. I don't know if I'll have it done on time, although I have to have it done on time, therefore I will. But still, it's a complete disaster. I have this picture of the girl, who is modelled on Claudia Schiffer, which I am practising*, but I don't know where I'm going to put her, ie : the background. Possibly a party or red-carpet-style film premiere, only that entails painting more people which I do not want as I don't have enough TIME.
I also realised that I still have another week in which to practise* scones, but must admit to myself that I will probably not use this week. I should, however, because the other class don't even have that. We, luckily, start our practical exams a week after them.

And now, I play Sims. well, Sims 2 if you want to get technical. It's the only computer game worth playing.


*Explain the practise/practice rule to me. I thought I was right, but Firefox tells me I was wrong. maybe in America there is only one way to spell practice. Well, there are apparently two here, but no one seems to use them. Am I mental?

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