Thursday, 26 April 2007

"When are you gonna realise, it was just that the time was wrong?"

Thursday, 26 April 2007
I love that song. Obviously. It's a great song, why wouldn't I (getting all defensive for no reason)?
Anyways, I just wanted to clarify particularly that I do indent paragraphs. I DO! Just the blog pretends I didn't. I thought you might want to know I tried, because that annoys me. Improper paragraph structure and so forth.

Well, tomorrow night we are going to the cinema.
Old friends, locked in a bitter hatred. Each claims the other has changed, but both are mostly the same as the were three years ago. They used to have video games and cartoons in common, now their only joining force is a torn young man. And two girls willing to push them all together and hope for the best.
Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Hope it works out. Oh, and I hope Wild Hogs is good too! Hehe.

The Home Ec. exam was today! It went well. I think. Well, my cones tasted nice and they looked good. (Oh gosh, I don't want to sound like an evaluation sheet, I'll leave it at that). everyone else's all looked really great.I was very proud of us. The examiner was okay, but very cryptic. I can't stand when people are obviously thinking things about you, but just don't say them! or let you know in any way if it's good or bad even. But yeah, I've only got to wait 'till September to find out what I got! Hahh...

Art. We have until Monday to finish our full thing, totally and completely. (Excepting the exam). Eep! But I've just got to print out and cut out lots of things from books, magazines and the internet, then stick them on two big pages, then get all my prep (and make up some) and do the same. No biggie. loads of people still have full pieces to do. well, actually, I've still got to stick my painting onto a big sheet, I think. Which will take all of one second. Bothered? Me? Never! I've just got to do it all at home, which makes me slightly more pressurised. Also, Coursework B, but shut up, I ain't bothered.

Finished the t-shirts. They look alright, but there's one that say 'I do, I do believe in fairies that I made in about five minutes, and the fairies face is really weird and fat as a result. But it's okay, not like I'm giving it to anyone.

Mum wants Skype. Should we get it?

(Nearly done). Drama tomorrow, and yesterday. But I don't mind, except it's not giving me much time for other things, which is kind of annoying. Oh well, I'd still like to get the play finished. just, I'd also like to get my art finished, and with the birthday on Saturday I'm like : "AGHHH, WHERE IS MY HEAD? I LOST IT!" But it's okay. Pressure can be good sometimes. I like to have lots of things to think about. Keeps your mind off stuff, getting busy. And everyone else's.
We met Jane's replacement - :'( - yesterday. She's the girl from that play we went to see, the really good one. Intimidating. She can't do a thing wrong, obviously. But, I really like her! She's very nice. I'd be like "Omg, I'm intruding on their play!". But whatever.
If you haven't read our play, it's by the wonderful and non-idiot Poet Lauriet*, Ted Hughes. And, as it doesn't come across terribly well on the old internet, I'm using very dry sarcasm. The play itself isn't bad. it's interesting. The dialogue is bizarre though. I'd like to do something a bit more real, I think. Or less repetitive? And definitely with romance in it. Sean and Miss Poppy don't count. they are in it together for about five minutes. They don't speak properly, let alone kiss! (Well, that's for the best! No offence, Saoirse!)
But, yeah, stage! Backstage! Curtains! Dressing rooms! Blue nightlights! It's all rather West End and glamorous. Exactly like that.
More the the point (hah) I got these really nice nighties. They're so old fashioned and lovely. And these lovely pink shoes which are like, really ... 50s prom (in my head). And, eh, I must have had a hole in y pocket, because that all only spent like 20 euro, but I ended up as if I had spent much more! McDonald's was good. Mm.
It will be a squeeze to go school -> drama -> cinema -> try and do some art -> sleep.

I'm listening to "I Need Some Sleep" by Eels and I can feel myself drifting off...
BUT! My song of the week (unless I already said it) remains to be Local H - "Hands on the Bible". Now that I type this sentence, I'm thinking I have already said it. Oh well, it's a great song.

(Warning, I'm about to talk like a nerd, and like I read too many fanfictions, but I've only read a few, and made possibly unfair judgements.)
I don't know what to think of any 'ship' to do with Harry Potter. They all seem so unnatural, especially Ron/Hermione, even though that's, like, the only remotely true one. But I hate that. It was so coming, but it wasn't. You know what I mean?
I'm reading a Harry/Draco (that particular one is rarely done well, so therefore I distrust them all - except this) fanfiction at the moment - it's SOO long, and good. I don't like the short, shit ones. This is brilliant. (Oh, and click Yes. it's not even dirty - yet - and I'm on Chapter 18. Taking me ages, no time).
I like Draco/Hermione, but not all the time.
There should be some new amazing girl invented for Harry. Because I quite like book-Harry. I hate film-Harry, everyone does.

Oh, and speaking of generalisations, I do only care about the fun, teenage, social-y bits. I think the Voldemort bits can be a drag, everyone does.
[/nerdish ramble]

okay, well, that's enough. see you soon, byeee xxxx


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Hazel said...

Did you get skype for your mum? Because my mum has skype and she is always on it. Talking to people like Megan's mum, who lives down the road. But she talks to her sister in America so I can see the point of that. But(I'm using a lot of buts..) its annoying because our computer is in the living room so it's hard to watch tv while she's talking.. I should stop with the rambling.. >.<

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