Wednesday, 9 May 2007

"Don't ask me to bleed about it, I need this blood to survive!" ... A draining day.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007
Art exam! Aghhh! I am so drained. I will not write that much right now. I just spent ages helping Luke make another one of those mock-election posters, using up all of MY time on the computer and now Mum tells me I have to go to bed soon. hello, it's like ten o'clock! Oh well, I need to have a shower anyways.
The exam went pretty well. I was happy with the object I drew - an Indian elephant ornament carved from wood - and so-so with the picture. It was okay, except for the black smudges from my crummy rubber.

Tomorrow is No Uniform Day. Hooray! I don't know what I'll wear. Something nice, I suppose. I have a plan to cram two earrings into one hole, but I don't think it will work. Sigh. They're going to milk us, thinking without uniforms we'll be feeling free and easy or something, because there are loads of bakesales and things going on tomorrow. And the fifth years are playing the teachers in some football game, so everyone will be running around in clothes being poor.

Mum got Luke a cookery book. It's cute, it's like, for teenagers who are lazy like Luke and who make Mum cook them stuff all the time. He just made a cheese toastie, so it's working. But I'm really pissed off at him, and so is everyone else because he's being really crap and eating loads of sweets and going all high. Mum said that we will probably never be allowed have sweet things again and we got mad and I told her not to punish us for Luke's idiocy.

It rained so badly, my hair looks awful.

What else? Dunno. Stephen Lynch is funny, look him up.
I'm gone photoshop mad. I made little icons, they're fun! I want to make a picture with david Tennant on it, as he is sexy. Don't know if I mentioned that.

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Hazel said...

Reading that about the exams makes me worried about the LC! Like we only have 1 day to do the art exam. Eek, I'm getting stressed now and it's not till next year..Lol

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