Tuesday, 1 May 2007

"How can it be bullshit to state a preference?!" ... Wooh!

Tuesday, 1 May 2007
Oh, the world is good. Science - done. Home Ec - done (both practical and project). Art - DONE! Hoorah. The world is mine. Now all that's left to do is study and then do the actual exams. Bugger.
The weekend was very fun! I think everyone liked their presents. Ah well, they can always return them... to me... haha. Anyways.

I really love Demetri Martin! You remember he was on Just For Laughs recently and everyone's quoting him? Very funny man, I saw another thing on him just there. Gahh, I love comedy so much. And comedians, for they shall inherit the earth. People may say that's a silly thing to say, but whatever.

Now, I know I had something else to say... Oh, yes! The past! last night I re-read my diary from exactly one year ago, up until a few months after.
Yes, I keep a diary. I don't know why there is such a kind of ... 'loser' stigma attatched to that. Well, actually, I do. because it's a little silly. But I don't really mind. For someone so addicted to writing stuff, it seemed only natural. Besides, I'm quite happy with my loserdom. It's always better to face the truth, and accept it. A concept my year ago self hadn't quite grasped.
It was so entertaining! Honestly. Well, also a bit sad how I was such a psycho. But, you know, in many ways not much is different. Then, in other ways everything is. I made a list on a post-it note today of all the differences. I won't write it out, but I'll show you the post-it. Good luck reading it. You're free to, simply because I don't think you'll make out most, if any, of it.

I also read some advice I had given to myself on a margin, which merely said "learn phrase : 'I don't want to talk about it' ", which cracked me up . I actually think I have. Eventually. To be honest, I think most people find it hard to accept not everyone is Dr. Phil, and you shouldn't tell everyone everything. As a matter of fact, there are some people you should NEVER tell ANYTHING. I have definitely learned that.
That's what you can all make this time. 'Living in the Past' week. It's fun. You realise you way prefer the present.
(Ahh, do I sound deep?)
I know there was more ... I'm glad I'm not friends with some people anymore, and I'm glad I am friends/more friendly with others.

Moving on. I'm liking food this week. Especially cheese. plain. Well, plain-ish, I mean; dipped in stuff. Barbaeque* relish is particularly good, I'm not joking. mayonnaise, obviously. Cheese on toast is nice with some jam, or cranberry sauce. Cheese on toast is especially nice with loads of butter.

Can I please have my award now for 'Most Likely To Have Heart Attack Before the Age of Forty'?


Oh, they're telling me it's with a 'c'. I'm learning loads about spelling with this new blog. Most of it American and wrong. Footnotes shall now be small.

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Hazel said...

You are making me hungry! Man I want some cheese...

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