Wednesday, 30 May 2007

"Were we lost when we were elsewhere?" ... Long time, no post.

Wednesday, 30 May 2007
Well, I have been busy! But I decided last night I would make a blog, because it's been too long, and soon enough the things I want to talk about will have gone off!

Ar an gcéad dul síos* - LOST! Whoa, who watched it? I cried a lot. I cried first of all when they put the gun to Jin's neck! Because I thought he would die. You know, we heard lots of people would die - I knew about Locke (not dying), Charlie (dying) and Bernard (not dying), but not of Jin! So, good news he is still alive.
I cried when Jack said "I love you" to Kate. I don't really know why. I just really like Jack, the character, and hate Kate, which seemed reason enough to me.
And I cried loads at the end! When he was sitting with all the maps, and when he said "call my father" and when he was talking to Kate. I found it all very sad. Also, I'm just a cry-y sort of person. But I do know that it is just television. When I woke up the next day, it didn't seem as important.
I didn't cry when Charlie died. Because I think in 'Greatest Hits', we were sort of ready for it. But anyways, it was a really good episode! I never saw the season 2 finale (Gaeltacht). But yeah. Rousseau's reunion with Alex at long last was interesting. Naomi dying! Good. If she's bad, then we don't need her poisoning their minds, ahha.
I hate when Ben is right. If Ben is right. Because he's bad!
We'll have to wait a long, long time for the next season, and I feel powerless. We have to stop this from happening to Jack! But really, Lost-talk will resume in February.
EDIT : just remembered, did you hear Damon?! I recognised his voice!

Tea party! We're having one. With doilies and crumpets and comfy chairs and bright sunny afternoons. Like in Alice in Wonderland, but not as loopy. Or possibly more! Ah, Lewis Carroll is very cool. he reminds me of my granddad; he gave me the complete works of Lewis Carroll one day, because I said I liked him, and he loves him. I haven't read it all yet, it's a little ... twisty.

I was studying all morning, but then I felt really sick. This studying thing is strange and hard, and I don't even know if I'm making any difference. I literally do not know how to study. But at least I feel like I'm doing stuff, rather than when we had tests coming up and I used to just, like, read over the chapter fifty times, but not let any of it properly sink in. Whenever I got good History grades, it wasn't from studying, but from remembering when we did it the week earlier.
This, obviously, is very different and so requires a different sort of approach. But I think my mind thinks that I'll never be able to study it all in one week, therefore I will only study bits and pieces.
I keep having dreams about the exam though. Not of doing it, but of getting the results. In my dreams, I have already done it, so everyone is always talking about getting the results.
In a recent one, we were in the school, and they began to drop them into the school from helicopters while Ms. O'Donnell watched us scramble frantically to find our own. But it was like the Mocks, we got the actual papers back. One of my friends picked up one and said "Grace, this is your Maths! Hey, you got 85 percent!" and she handed it to me, and I started crying with joy, while other girls in our class laughed (nicely). Then another girl, who isn't in our class, but it wasn't specifically 3C, I guess, went "Tut, that's not Grace's, you idiot. That's Johnny Depp's. Here's Grace's. She got 56.". I mean, how random that it would be Johnny Depp, but whatever. I began crying again, but with disappointment.
Then I found my history paper, but it had no mark on it, only my name. there were no more papers left in the big red Dunnes bag, and everyone gathered there turned to Ms O'Donnell and asked her where the rest were. She was like "Idunno, that's all for today", and we all went home with only one or two results each, all of them terrible. Then I woke up.

I've been drinking a lot of hot chocolate. Mmm.

Oh, my music library is improving. iTunes had a nervous breakdown the other week, and I spent a day putting all my music back on, and then I had to delete about a hundred songs that I had originally deleted but that came back again. But now I have around five more albums on it. Rufus Wainwright, another of his. Read the lyrics to "Gay Messiah", they're great. But "the One That You Love" has the coolest tune.
Yesterday was Jeff Buckley day. It was a real coincidence actually, because Mum and I had been talking a lot about him on Sunday and Monday, and we were looking it up on Wikipedia, because Luke and I had an argument over whether he killed himself (I won), but we never even checked the death-date to realise "Hey, that's tomorrow!". So, that was nice. Mum went and bought the album they have out, but I wish we had 'Grace'.

Did anyone watch the Modest Adventures of David O'Doherty last night? It was really funny. Funny guy, he is.

I can't escape that fun techno pop that I am hearing everywhere. In a good way, I mean. CSS are lovely. And Goldfrapp. They were on Popworld a lot. But ... IT'S BEEN CANCELLED! Obviously Alex and Alexa never really had the same hold on everyone that Simon and Miquita had.

Heart shaped sunglasses and and the colour grey and patent high heeled shoes!
Actually - check out this entire site, it's very good!
I love the Elvis glasses (and ALL the sunglasses) and the jewellery with household products. Also - is pretty good. Dearer though.
And from a post on a blog I linked over there > I've now become obsessed with those little black and white shoes! And I just found some gorgeous ones, here.

They're talking about tattoos on the radio. To be honest, I don't know why you'd bother. I don't think I'd ever get one, because it's like when you're younger and you think it would be a great idea to stick stickers all over your walls, but a few years later, you realise that you shouldn't be allowed to make permanent decisions, especially not me. But worse!

Anyways, I think I've covered everything. Anything to say? Say it! :)


*fadas still not working, but I found some.

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alej. said...

'I literally do not know how to study. But at least I feel like I'm doing stuff, rather than when we had tests coming up and I used to just, like, read over the chapter fifty times, but not let any of it properly sink in.'

You've just described exactly my studying leaving exams are, like, next week and thats all i can bring myself to do...

S said...

Will I burn Grace for you?

ps: do I mean the cd.. or YOU???

Hazel said...

I used to watch Popworld!

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