Saturday, 30 June 2007

"I've been through the desert on a horse with no name..." Hat and Bouncing Day/My imminent departure

Saturday, 30 June 2007 3
Hello! I am feeling good.

Hat and Bouncing day on Thursday was SO MUCH FUN! Honestly, even though it was raining. In fact I think that probably made it more fun. The food was lovely, too. Everyone won fabulous hats, and our friend won deservedly because it was a really cool hat made of a lampshade. We took lots of photos.

Shane and me looking awesome (!).

But, yeah, it was great. People liked my Top Hats. I was glad. They were nicer than I remembered, I hadn't had them in so long. Our mix CDs didn't work properly, though, and were destroyed by the rain.

Tomorrow I am going to Stagewise to learn to become a fantabulous actor. Well, that's the hope. I'm looking forward it it, but I have to pack. And as you may or may not know, it is much easier to pack for a month than a week. I'll tell you why. When you are packing for a few weeks, or a month or even a few months, you can be quite liberal with packing, and throw lots of things in, without looking like a nutjob.
But a week is only seven days. That could be seven outfits. Or, for me it will only really be six. And how the hell do you pick six outfits, not for anything fancy? I don't know. I mean, how am I supposed to know what I will feel like wearing? I might wake up on Tuesday and think "I want to wear my blue jeans and my Tom and Jerry t-shirt. BUT I DON'T HAVE EITHER OF THOSE WITH ME! I only have all of this crap".
I can really see myself doing that. I've got so many clothes now, much more than I did last year. Last year Mum and I agreed I didn't have enough clothes, but when I was trying to organise my wardrobe a few weeks ago, I knew that I have tonnes, and none of it is stuff that I'm only holding on to, because I couldn't bear to throw it away.

Taken while cleaning room. It seemed like more.

But I'll deal with it. I'm bringing my Gaeltacht suitcase, which is a little silly because it's too big. But it's either that or a rugby type of bag. I'll pick the funky blue thing, thanks.

I feel like listening to desert music. You know the type of music that's on in films when they go into the desert? That really kind of sleepy, weird music that really makes you think of just orange and yellow deserts and nothing else?
Okay, maybe I am insane.
But whatever.
I'm trying to think of examples... okay, you know in Romeo + Juliet when Romeo is stuck in Mantua? That music is amazing. I want it. I mean that films has an awesome soundtrack (Radiohead, Garbage, the Cardigans!), but I don't know if they have the score on the soundtrack CDs you can buy.
Oh, just looked it up. Volume 2 apparently does have the score. According to this, anyways.
This is class. I'm totally going to buy it. Both of them. If I had money. I bet they have them in HMV. For cheap, too. I sometimes go into a HMV when I'm on Galway or Dublin and it's like "Now, what is the point of Zhivago?". Because Zhivago is quite expensive in comparison. It always seems to be sales time when I'm in there, as well.

Agh! Back to packing. I think I'll just have to get out all of my clothes, then filter through them logically and make some lists. Lists are good.
I'll bring a few contact lenses. Why not? Only, last night I wanted to wear them, but I couldn't get them in, and I dropped two, so I gave up and cried loudly, with frustration.
They are an utter nightmare, I tell you.

We were at the beach yesterday! It was very fun. I hadn't been to the beach properly in ages. We took photos. I don't have them, but maybe Saoirse will put some up, if she wants to. And tell you some more about this scheme of hers.

So, now I probably should go. I definitely don't feel like I'm about to leave for a week. Probably because no one is crying or clinging onto my jumper saying "Don't go, Grace! Please! I need you!". Oh well, that may be because you won't even notice I'm gone. It'll just be like, whatever. A week. We sometimes don't see Grace for a week anyways, and no one kills themselves.
Well, more when I get back.


Wednesday, 27 June 2007

"I hear in my mind all this music, and it breaks my heart.."...Hello dahlilahs!

Wednesday, 27 June 2007 3
Well, today was fun.
Unfortunately, I did in no way get around to decorating my hat, but I've had some ideas, so I shall tonight. I probably won't win the "Most Outrageous Hat" prize, but I'll try and make it look nice. I'm thinking pearls ,feathers and flowers to match my dress.

I must go down to the shop and purchase some cat food.

I'm back, and have just heard the worst cover of Roxanne by the Police, EVER. My God. Worse than Fall Out Boy's one, which was actually kind of good.

So, tonight I make Top Hats! I bought two bags of marshmallows, four big bars of chocolate and a thing of sprinkles, but I don't want to make too many. Maybe twenty? They won't be terribly nutritious or anything, because I am going to make them look "outrageous", ie, covered in varying sprinkles. Which of course means, I won't be eating nay, because I hate sprinkles.
Nevertheless, terribly looking forward to tomorrow!

As I said, today was pretty nice. Only that my day got held up looking at his next job, and didn't pick me up until I was halfway home. But I was glad I started walking, because after everyone (that I was talking to) left I didn't particularly want to be left waiting.
I bought moisturiser, lip-balm, face wipes, etc. for Stagewise, but I still need some things like John Frieda blonde shampoo (many blonde people have told me to use it) and some more Piriton tablets. I think I must accept the fact that I do have a form of hayfever, but at least my eyes don't water. Only get very irritated.
Also, it lasts much longer than just the month of June! Another reason I believed I had something special and uncommon. But whatever. Hayfever tablets make it less bad, therefore it must be hayfever.

I also joined the library, where we spent most of the day. I got three books : Beauty, Love Lessons and Nicola and the Viscount; two of which were on my list, one I just thought looked good. It doesn't change the fact that I prefer to buy books, and will try and buy some of the hot picks on my list (the ones I really REALLY want).
They had three Douglas Coupland books, but I got out none of them. I don't fancy reading J-Pod, Eleanor Rigby didn't suit my mood, and Hey Nostradamus! looked really good! But I had my heart set on Girlfriend in a Coma. I am happy there are many to choose from. I know in my heart I am terrified of being severely let down, that his other books will not be as good as Generation X was to me. This is why I did not borrow them, methinks.

I don't have a lot to say today. I had a "snack box". It was good. I love fast food.

Okay, I'm going to take pictures of the Top Hats when they are done, and you can see the hat tomorrow, after the day's events.

Oh, and I was really pissed off yesterday! Just at the the very end of the day. But today has evened it out. It's funny how things that are possibly pretend or in your head can relax you. They may not be true, but they comfort you. Like always needing to have something/one in vision when you are somewhere, in order to not feel antsy. It's not like it/they will go away or die, but you still need to know where it is.
Well, that's not what I was talking about per se, but it's an example.

So, now you know I am happy, I will go.

Liff liffen,

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

"They provoke you to tell the fucking punchline before you have told the joke"...Quick after-post.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007 2
Just a few things. I don't know if I'll post tomorrow, I have to decorate my hat, and buy Stagewise supplies! I had a long phone conversation with Penny where were finally planned things and pleased our parents. What is it with parents?

Shane made a blog. It's very good already. Here. See what I am talking about? Blog Renaissance. perhaps we will even keep it up this time. Remember the old days?

Also - my acting career has been quashed quickly as it started. Okay, it could be said it never really started. Hey, wait a minute! It did start. I was in a movie! Albeit, the movie was a total flop (I blame myself for that now. I didn't before, but I realised the blame should be down to the one with the most lines. Well, they don't count as lines, I guess. Rambling within brackets again...), THAT'S NOT THE POINT!
I wonder if our parcel ever made it to My Chemical Romance, did they watch our film? I had a spare copy of George... with me., and we put it in the parcel Saoirse tried to give to the band!
is that a bit mad?

And I refuse to be sucked into Grey's Anatomy, even though its quite good! At least it's really easy to walk in and out of. Like, you can be like "She slept with who...? And now they're...? Okay.", then sit down and watch. Without going "whaaa'?"

Mum is telling me to get off.

That was all really. Kind of pointless.
love you

Monday, 25 June 2007

"The mind has so many pictures, why can't I sleep with my eyes open?"...Whew!

Monday, 25 June 2007 6
Well, well, well! I have certainly been busy, and I am terribly sorry for not blogging in ... oh, it must be days! How have you all MANAGED? Seriously, I feel like I owe you a good one. I'm actually, like, anxious to get it all in. I did a little plan so I didn't forget anything. Haha, how stupid* is that?

Well, where have I been hiding? All over the shop! Or so it seems. On Thursday I was in Dublin; Friday, nothing really, but I went to the cinema instead of doing a blog; Saturday I was in Castlebar and Sunday and today I have been in Ballyconneely (sp?)/Clifden, for my grandfather's birthday.

Dublin was brilliant, it really was. We went up in a small group, which is always much handier and nicer, and we went everywhere! I didn't actually buy too much even though we were in loads of shops, but I was happy with my purchases!

Green H&M leggings; hippie footless tights; Nick Hornby book; chef pants; yellow jelly shoes; pink hat; badges; flourescent yellow eyeshadow.

As you can see, I bought these chef pants in a charity shop for around 5 euro. I mean, I couldn't have left them! They're freaking chef pants! I don't really know what to do with them, though. they're too baggy and chef-like to try and wear normally, without looking like I was just out of the kitchen or a mad lunatic. I thought about sewing (well, getting Mum to, as she is brilliant at that) them so that they were a bit more normal, or even drainpipes. They'd look really good like that, methinks. But there is just so much fabric! Where to start? That's a project for another day, definitely. Because right now it's all a little busy.

I really like the tights as well, even though it turned out they were footless. My God, you cannot escape footless tights these days. It's the biggest let down ever to get a pair of tights and realise they are actually more like leggings. they look weird when I stretch them down to look like tights, as well, but it's okay.
What else did I buy? I'm going to put up a quick picture of the few things I bought, but right now I am recalling from memory. Oh, of course, the shoes!
These shoes are luminous yellow, and jelly! I really, really love them. I wore them to the cinema on Friday night, and to Castlebar the next day. With my luminous yellow earrings and suspenders. It was cool, I loves luminous yellow!
I also saw this really nice Amish dress, in H&M. Well, the dress itself wasn't actually that nice. I liked the fact it was black and has a white collar, but the material was all wrong, and it didn't have a great shape. I'm going to try and make it, but it's not working because you can't get fabric anywhere except Dublin anymore. No-one needs it, except for curtains. It's depressing. I took a picture in the dressing-room.

We had a great time though, and my friend got his lip pierced. You might have seen the pictures on my bebo. And if you haven't, they're there if you want to.

I'm going to go sort out photos for this, then continue on! But I've got to hurry, as Prison Break will be over soon, and that is my time slot! perhaps I could save this as a draft, finish it and post it tomorrow?

My fabulous cousin, Neasa, has finally made her smashing return to the world of blogging, and you should all go to hers right now! Kids, whoever said cyber bullying doesn't work was lying!

Now, onto something even more retail-tastic, I did some shopping in Castlebar, and I've never been more excited about a pair of trousers in ages! These are white, with reddish pink vertical stripes and I fell in love with them the second I saw them in the second hand shop (judge all you want, I've never seen clothes like this in your regular shops) hanger, for five euro. See for yourself.

(Ignore all the crap in my room. I haven't really talked about my room before, but it's about this big [ ] and full of stuff.)

Okay, as you can see, they were flares at first. can you believe it? I loathe flares. How I loathe them. So, I got my magical mum (see above, chef pants), to make them drainpipes, and voila! I wore them yesterday (and today, I must admit. All I brought for a change of clothes was my H&M skirt, which turned out to be the stupidest idea ever, on the windiest day ever). I would wear them every day.
This is the skirt by the way, with a Beatles badge replacing a missing button, and my new green leggings.

The only thing is, they (my new pants, I mean) have one of those flies. The flies my body hates. Anatomically, I am not built for flies, because this one opens (REALLY OBVIOUSLY, may I add?) every five seconds. I'm trying to fix it, but it's a nightmare! You can imagine the embarrassment. Kind of takes away from the outfit.
I will die if I am ranting about my love for these pants and you all hate them. Well, not die, because I know I love them. And also, you couldn't but.

I also bought a few other things. A sleeveless, Dorothy Perkins top (in EnableIreland, duh) with frills all down the middle, which opens and cloeses. Okay, mainly I bought it for its pirate-espe qualities, and it looks shit on its own, but I like how it looks with a jacket.

I also bought two of these white dresses in Penneys, which were 1 euro each, and I am going to mess with and use for the Tea Party. ONE EURO! I simply couldn't leave them. I wish I had bough more!

And this cute floral dress :

So, I think I did well on my two shopping days.

Moving AWAY from shopping... I am worried that I'm focusing a little too much on clothes, right, and I started off as more than that. So, don't think that I have (turned into a blog only about clothes), because I haven't. Not that I don't love those, but I always feel more like a bit of a rant or ramble, and this is definitely the place to do it, if ever there was.
I was at Fantastic Four 2 (or whatever) on Friday. I liked it, even if the projectionist appeared to be on drugs. For at least ONE HALF of the film the picture was sooo squashed. It gave me such a headache, and I just keep complaining to the people beside me. But when he fixed it, I was able to enjoy the film a lot more, and do you know what? It was pretty good. The first one was much better, of course, but, yeah, I liked it. And I never really understood the appeal of Jessica Alba before (I mean, she can't really act, can she?) but I realise now she's quite pretty.
It was fun. I just love films, so I don't really come out of cinema complaining about stuff, do I? Unless they are flat out terrible, like Pathfinder. That film was so bad. I mentioned this earlier.

(next day)

Is that Lily Allen singing on the radio? It's crap. Omigod, it is a cover of the Kaiser Chiefs. A really bad one.

Monk is on. I love that show. Mum and I watch it, but right now she is asleep. It has been a tiring day.
I got contact lenses. They're easy to put in, but almost impossible to take out. In Specsavers they make you take them out and in three times before you can go. It was the most humiliating and frustrating thing ever. It took me so goddamned long to do it, and she was just there, waiting and saying "Okay, now, just pull it out with your thumb... oh." I wanted to break down. I wanted her to let me go, and tell her I would practise later. But she didn't. Anyways when I got home from town and it was time to take them off, I did it! The second one took ages, but it was easier being able to hit things in frustration and walk around.
My eyes are tiny, compared to my face. My face is also blocky. It looks shit without glasses. But, I will survive. Now I can finally wear sunglasses!

I also bought a hat in Dublin! Crap, I totally forgot! It's for Hat and Bouncing day. I am going to put feathers and buttons on it tomorrow, which will be my project for that day. Along with making "top hats" (Neasa will remember these).

My nose looks like a pig's here, but oh well.

The Kerrang! Awards are being voted for around now. I voted for Steer Clear, even though I only just bought the album, brand new, in Oxfam for four euro. You see, everyone was telling me to buy it and that they were brilliant (some said they were rubbish), but I wasn't eager to pay album money for a band I'd never heard. So this was brilliant. I hated them at first, but they are really growing on me, particularly a song called "Sick To Death". I just think it's important to 'support', as it were, the Irish bands. Because it's not like England will ever heard of them unless they become successful over here.
I prefer Cowboy X though. Man, they are brilliant and no one has heard of them! My mother has recently discovered she also likes them, after borrowing some of my CDs for the car. we got a new CD player, simply because it SAID in the Argos catalogue that it took USBs, but it doesn't seem to. Mum is annoyed, because, like, what was the point? I don't know. There is a man who says he can fix it. Whatever.
Another great Irish band I have talked about before (probably) are Fred. I need to get some money and buy their album. I especially like their single, Good One. Their website is very cute, and you can hear a bit of the song, as well as play Tetris!
Go to all of the bands' pages by clicking their names, there. I might put them in the side, if they're good.

Books, books, books. This summer is all about books. I saw Nick Hornby's How To Be Good in some second-hand shop on Thursday, and I felt like re-reading it, so I bought it. I already have it, but not right now. So, I was glad. He is easily one of my favourite authors of all time, and I still haven't read Fever Pitch! I also read Tony Parson's Man and Boy, which was so brilliant. You should read that. Now. Especially if you like Nick Hornby, I thinks.

Everything is just piling up on the top of my head. Hat and Bouncing day, Tea Party, Stagewise, all this planning! Not in that order. I mean, I was looking forward to a busy summer, but I just don't know what to do with myself!

At least I've got some nice clothes, haha. I thought you might want to see the context in which I wore my new shoes on Friday night, with a skirt I found that I have never worn. Pink tights, a pair which I have had for one or two years.

Everyone is talking about all these concerts and Oxegen. I haven't got any concerts planned whatsoever in the near future, and right now I'm kind of glad. I don't think I would be able to take anything more like that. But it is a little sad I'm not going to any. I won't be at Oxegen until I'm eighteen, but I don't mind, because the line-up is always very brilliant, and I'd prefer to go to a festival at a time when I have some actual freedom anyways.
I'd like to see Muse again. Next time they play here, we should go. Again.

I missed the Thing-a-Ling, due to being in Clifden, and Bonfire Night due to not being allowed out combined with being desperate for a night ALL to myself. I didn't get this however, because my brother and his friends decided it would be more fun to come to our house and ruin my night. He tries to make them think I am mental. I've known these kids since they were around six, and they haven't changed at all, and neither have I, really! Why do they all of a sudden believe Luke that I am some total nutter?

Well, that was incredibly long. You should read a bit, think about it, then read some more later on. Let it digest. Or skim over it, missing all of my between-the-lines anguish. Only kidding, there is none. It's all out there.

Okay, will blog again soon. And I won't let it all pile up.
Now, give us some comments, or feedback or whatever. And don't forget to visit Neasa!

PS : the photos are, as usual, taking very long. Did I like it before I put in photos? They won't be coming everyday, that's for sure.
PPS : look at the plan for this blog, if you want. And don't say I'm not thorough. or that I don't have a large amount of time on my hands.
PPPS: I'm a bit pissed off. Look for a rant next blog.

Monday, 18 June 2007

"...And says 'There. I've always wanted to do that'." ... Itchy jumpers and zips opening!

Monday, 18 June 2007 9
This is the skirt. What do you think?

Omgiod, my brother's throwing a tantrum because Mum is going into town and he doesn't "want to be left alone" with me and our other brother. Gawd, you'd swear we were torturing him or something. He keeps crying "I hate ye!". I don't know why he's so moody, I haven't even seen him all morning, and neither has Luke. I was doing odd-jobs around the house in the hopes of some Dublin money, whilst listening to music on the big headphones ignoring everyone. And still reading my book. I'm really taking time to read it the second time, because I feel like I missed loads of lovely things between the lines the first time around. You know how it is.

Anyways, keeping in track with family, but moving away from tantrums, my mother bought me a gorgeous top yesterday. She and my brother picked it out. And I know how everyone always complains and refuses to let their parents buy them anything clothes-related, mum and Luke know what I like, and I definitely like this cute little sleeveless thingie from Pull and Bear.

I really like it! I'm wearing it now under my black jumper from Penneys' mens, yet again (Primark for you English people. And they don't have it in America, but it is the biggest shop ever for really, stupidly cheap clothes which are brilliant). I never buy jumpers or any of that in the ladies' because the sleeves are too short, they're never warm enough and they always have annoying logos on them. Or aren't made out of good fabric. But the mens' are, it's so weird! Anyways, this jumper is nice and warm, and it's simply black and round-necked. You can imagine.
Also, I've trying to sneak pyjama bottoms I don't wear into summer day wear. I don't wear them to bed, because I don't like any 3/4 length pyjamas. But wear them with regular clothes and a pair of tights and hey! well, it could go either way. It could look like you're just wearing some cool weird pants, or you could look like a freak. Right now, these look okayyy with my black tights. But I'm only in the house.

I once wore my Wonderwoman pyjamas all around Galway with some stripey socks, and no one looked twice! I was thinking "You nutters!" but I felt ... free! They were also very very loose because they're a size 16 (you don't exactly get to choose sizes from charity shops, and they looked so new, I couldn't leave them) and I'm a ten on bottom. I think they stayed on because my ass is a size of its own! And also whatever I was wearing with them must have kept them up somehow, because if I wear them around the house with just a t-shirt, if I walk four steps they fall right down. I'll just have to put a tie on them (that works).

I also found an old jewellery box my neighbour gave me when I was kind of young, full of weird stuff she didn't want but that I might have liked for dressing up. I just remembered the other day I still had it, so I picked the lock. Here's an example of the kind of stuff :

I could definitely find a use for them, I reckon. But I still haven't found my favourite one : it was a lizard made of all jewels or whatever, and I liked it because it was what I imagined an old posh lady would have. They have similar things in our favourite antique shop in town, but I prefer the collection of trinkets all for one euro each! I got these things there :

But did you know in our town we have absolutely no form of second hand clothes shop? Only four antique shops (probably more), and one antique bookshop. We should get some better vintage clothes!

I'm so annoyed, though. I don't know if it's my body, or my clothes but a lot of my zips don't stay closed! And it's not because I'm too fat for the clothes, it's just some of my jeans, when I'm walking around the fly will open, and again and again even if I keep closing it. it's very embarrassing as you can imagine. My green skirt (above), does it too. And I don't think that's a size thing either, because it comes on just fine, and the zip closes very easily ... and then opens. But it doesn't fall down, thankfully. I shall just have to invest in lots of safety pins to keep my zips closed!

Sometimes you hear things or read things or things happen that make you think it'd be great to be a boy. well, to me anyways. Not all the time. Hardly ever. But you know. I feel bad for the people who like, have to change. Because they'll never really be... say if someone asks "Oh, yeah, well, how were you as a little boy?" and they're like "Oh, yeah, I wasn't always a boy". It doesn't, like, count.
I'm going on a weird little tangent there, amn't I? That happens when I don't know what I'm trying to say. Sometimes boys seem to have a better life of it. Or they can do some things that are cooler than when we do them.

The Fun Day was crap, in case you were wondering! But we had fun. Well, I did. I bought a pirate video for 20c that doesn't work. What did you expect? I got a free little make up bag though. And I ate two burgers. I would have eaten more, I think. You know those small event burgers, that are made about forty a minute by a man, and people just keep on buying them? They're so small, you eat them really fast, and you're not full. But they are tasty.
I'm making myself hungry. I always do this. I did it on the Home Ec paper, designing menus full of delicious food, when I had only had a cookie, some hot chocolate and a chocolate lolly that day! That does make me sound like a chocolate addict*, but I'm not, really. I love it, and I could eat many bars of it, but I couldn't eat a slice of chocolate cake!
Anyway, we have a homemade chocolate cafe in town, and it's just gorgeous. I really like their chocolate, because it's not heavy and it doesn't taste like any other. They also have diabetic chocolate, but Luke doesn't even care. he's never had a sweet tooth, luckily. I'd make a terrible diabetic. And I think I'd probably make up for it with cheese and other fats, and get gall bladder failure, like Saoirse said happens to some vegetarians who try and make up for the meat with cheese.
I think that may happen to me anyways. I eat cheese every day.

Yesterday we saw Liz from Shaun of the Dead having sex with a teenager! It was on UTV! It was just before the results from Britain's Got Talent. The Carphone Warehouse guy won, incase you were wondering. The opera singer. There ain't no party like a Paul Potts party! Oh, by the way, it may be blindingly obvious to you at this point, but I watch too much television. Or at least, a great deal. I don't even have sky.

I've been going through some of my mother's old dress patterns. Some aren't great, they're a bit big and weird, but some are really cute and interesting! There were skirts and little blazers and really fancy dresses, and regular day dresses, and some of it was surprisingly modern, and not in a retro way. Some of it was really different.
These dresses in particular are compelling me. I didn't even like them at first, but I love the way they hang on the drawings. That's the thing, cartoon models and even real models (which are less perfect, in their more-perfect way) are so boob free, fat free, ridiculously tall and long, and would look really weird as normal people. But they make me want these dresses :

Pictures from computers take so long to upload than those on the internet already. The sentence in itself explains why. Still, it is irritating. I'm now doing five at a time, so it will take forever. I'm going to go get out the cheese.

Some books just make you feel a certain way about things, about life, about yourself. And you miss it when you finish reading them, because you won't feel it again until you read it again. That's what makes a book one of your favourites. You can't feel that way all the time, though, because the characters don't exist in your real life, neither do the situations. You are not them. But sometimes you wish you were. Like, think right now if there's someone in a book that is just so cool, or genuine or sexy, or hilarious that makes you wish you were like them.
For me, with songs, it's different. I think there are lots of songs that make me feel certain ways, but if I listen to them too much, it goes. So you can't do that. You have to treat it like a book. when you're finished a book that you love, you can't automatically read it again (well, most people can't, I would think). You can't put books on repeat! And that's why you don't get sick of them. But songs are shorter and more accessible. You get sick of them, though, and then you have to leave them for a long amount of time, before they hit you again.

I KNEW IT! The book "Girlfriend in a Coma", which I've really been wanting to read, and have had flipped ("dog-eared", people seem to say) in this book guide FOR AGES, was written by the same guy (as Generation X)! AHAHA! I feel so happy.

Okay, that post was picture-LADEN!

have a nice afternoon.

*I loathe the word "chocoholic". I don't know why. I don't like the way it sounds.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

"If you don't give my football back, I'm gonna get my dad one you"... Good morning, good morning!

Sunday, 17 June 2007 4
A Father's Day AND Beatles greeting for you. Have a happy one, to all the fathers out there. But, eh, why would they be here? not that I am discouraging anyone to read my blog, because I do like when you do. Just, you know. Go and and get cards from your children!
I made my dad a green, swirly leafy creation. It's okay. He seemed to like it. I'll stick it up here, actually.

We got him these big navy flowy pants which are sort of like linen, but more cottony. He's been going on about having a pair of pants like that for the summer ("for my barbecuing") so, now he has some.

Yesterday was fun! I went into town to meet Jane, Saoirse and Shane (among other people) for Jane's birthday, and we took loads of photos! Saoirse told me that I should put them up here. or at least I think she did. Might as well.
And NOTICE: there's a Family Fun Day on at our school today, at half two! Always fun for three reasons : Baked good, hotdogs, junk from people's attics. (Not fun for other reasons which are ancient history). Now, I really love rice crispie buns (a fun day favourite, obviously), hotdogs (which are great) and as you all know, I absolutely thrive off other people's castaways. So, I'm going to have a good time.
Now I've talked it up a bit, come along won't you? My brother and his friends are going, and I don't like the fact Luke tries to make them think I'm stupid, and that they're all scared of me. Hello, they're younger than me. Does age have no power anymore?
I'll take photos there as well.

I'm going to continue this blog when we return to mass, because I should be getting dressed about now.

Oh, before I go, I have delivered my promise. I have been fashion-blog-hopping and there are some really really nice ones. Notably : So FASH'on. Look at her vintage finds in particular. iother cool blogs will be put on my link list.

Hi, I'm back! Mass was fine.

I'm going to put up the pictures from yesterday soon, but not now, because I'm a little lazy at the moment.

I just finished making Jane's card. It's cute, it's got little piggies on it, which were really fiddly to make because the ears are teeny weeny. I put a picture from our "sexy strawberry" comic strip on the back, too. Hahaa. I do like making cards. I've also got to do a few more things, but I won't say too much, because I don't think Jane will read this, but you never know! Also, people don't really like you talking about them without them knowing, even if it's nice. So I'll shut up.

Okay, thanks scanner, you made it look really shit.

Anyways, you guys don't care about cards. Pfuit!
Well, what can I say? Today I'm wearing my green skirt, which I can never work, but I think it's okay today. It's a nice skirt, it's like a green gradient, it starts light at the waist and goes darker. There's a bit of lace, bit of ruffling, bit of ribbon, bit more lace and a big green ribbon at the seam. I got it when I was around twelve and never wore it, except once to my best friend's birthday party, with a white top and some tan tights. Now I'm wearing with my big scarf, my green starry top my H&M, my black cardigan, my new record earrings and my bright pink tights.

I'd say if I make some lovies, I'll put this in. It qualifies as a lovie. But my lovies collection will be a bit mundane to the rest of ye, with all your weird and wonderfully amazing clothes. Like, I love my clothes, but they're not spectacular.

Guess I'll just have to buy some more in Dublin! Woooh! The prospect of going shopping is making me feel excited. And I want to buy an Alice in Wonderland dress. I have talked about this before.
I can't really find examples on the internet, only pornographic, "Sexy Alice" costumes which would not be appropriate. For example (this is my favourite one, haha) :

Or childish, but sweet ones like this :

But at least you get the idea. I know what I want and what I don't want, so I should be able to find something. As for the wee apron, that will be a piece of cake.

I'm just waiting for my father to return from wherever he is, because he has important stuff in his van. I wish he would hurry, although I don't know if I really am in a rush. I don't think anyone will come to my fun day. Probably busy doing more interesting things. But I don't really do many interesting things! I don;t mind though, I'm happy. Or I will be if I get to go.

My mum and brother are in Sligo. They should be home in an hour or so. Gahhh.

Now, do I have anything interesting to add? No. well, you can see my cat wearing my new sunglasses. Because I take too many pictures of him. Whatever.

Ahahaha. It's not cruel...

bye bye

Friday, 15 June 2007

"EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!" ... Today was great.

Friday, 15 June 2007 5
Okay. I'm just going to say it.
And they are absolutely GAWR-geous. To the extreme. Instant lovie-making, hehe. I have been taking pictures of my in them all afternoon, because that's what I do. But not just me in them! Also, their adventures around my room, and Theo wearing them. I've been very excited. I'm going to put them on the computer now, and sort out showing them to ye after. well, here's a sneak :
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I love them already. But you know, are they just a novelty item? or can I actually wear these babies? I know I will. Well, I kind of need contacts first, because there's no point in looking totally sweet and bumping into people and squinting and folks you think are talking to you, and staring at the sky because you can't see anything else.

I also got some cutee record earrings, but I haven't taken any photos with them yet. You will see them on the girlprops site. Oh, if I were famous they would have my blog in their "They Love Us!" section. But I'm not. But I do!

So. Well, I'm a little giddy. Or something. I don't know. I was excited that I had comments. It was like "Ohh, people read it!" and even better they're from two class people, hehe! My two readers, wooh. Neasa, you've to make a new blog now and be cool like us. Dawg. *Assumes B-Boy stance*.
Is that an example of peer pressure like in our paper today? Only if it works!

Speaking OF the paper, it was pretty good. Section B was fine, but I was hitting and missing like a drunken gunman on the short questions. I don't know why I used such a crap and bizarre simile, but I felt like Gene Hunt moment, and I am not as witty nor quick as him, unfortunately!

Now, I want to celebrate by buying things, definitely. Oh God. I just got things this morning! I'm going to become one of those women, aren't I? So obsessed with shopping and clothes that they go mental and it's the only thing they care about and they start stealing, and dealing drugs to get more money, and murder all their friends.
Well, I can't, anyways, because I'm flat broke. Probably just as well. I'll do some jobs, get some money and have enough to go up to Galway, that should be okay.

My neck hurts and it's a Friday night. It is time to lie back and watch some Friday night telly, which is worse now thanks to Big Brother, eat popcorn and be happy.
Then tomorrow I will skip about the house, tidying my room from top to bottom. And now I'm really wanting to make some lovies, but they won't be half as good. Besides, I have either too many things I would want to take, or not enough I don't consider a need, hehe. I consider all my clothes needs in that sense.
I have been wanting for a while to take a picture of all my tights, because I do have an extensive collection. I may just.
Mainly, tomorrow, I am going to do up a little thing about my sunglasses. then it will be out of my system. And I might put up some more pictures on Myspace.

See, I have loads to do.

Oh! Wait! Jane's birthday tomorrow! That means errands. Well, they'll be fun too. And are there plans? I don't know.

Now. Oh, God, Theo is being so annoying. Just because we don't have any cat food, or ham, which I use as a substitute. Right now as I type this, he is sitting on the mousemat, rubbing his head on my face. Oh, he has stopped. He is going to go for a lie-down on the printer. No, not comfortable, he'd rather walk around on the keyboard. I'll have to fix all of this now.
Aw, man, I feel terrible. I've closed the door on him, because I can't bear to look at him when he's so desperate. I guess someone will have to go down to the shop. I might. We don't have popcorn anyways.

Now, I've got other things to do, I can't just sit around all night blogging to you. The thought! But remember the Alamo. Also, that I love you all. Even those who may have stumbled here that don't know me.
Well, comment you big old bitches. It's not fair to lurk, and leave me in the lurch. AHAHA, I used assonance there. I'm mental.

Whaddya reckon?

Thursday, 14 June 2007

"How you gonna do it if you really don't wanna dance?" ... Ooh, two posts in a row.

Thursday, 14 June 2007 4
Dude. This is my second post in two days. Whatever. Today we had our Science is exam and it was hunky dory, honestly. There were a few things I got blatantly wrong, but you know what? I think I did okay! Lunchtime was a mixed bag, but it was mostly very fun. I felt sick after a tiny bite of caramel squares, and we went into two antique shops. We also stood in SuperValu for around an hour! Or so it seemed.. I have no concept of time.

Luke just took over the computer, but he's gone now.

Home Ec. tomorrow is my VERY LAST EXAM!
How exciting is that? Then I will be on eternal summer. For three months. But last year it seemed like it never ended, and this summer is going to be better. Better (well, more) stuff to do, better clothes!

Simon won the Apprentice. I'm so happy, I loved him. I know I said I barely watched it, but I lied. Yay! This is so joyous.

I have nothing to do but trawl the internet, watch TV, write, play Sims or read a book. Why not do all of them? I'll tell you if I find anything cool. Which reminds me, my friend has started a blog, full of wonderful insights on fashion and male bonding. You should go on it. Click here-sha for Saoirse! You see, that rhymes. Aren't I clever?

She has also discovered the joys of American Apparel. Did I ever show you their cardigans? I love cardigans! Especially the one I'm wearing from the Penneys Men's, which is actually a very decent range, and includes these fabulous cardigans. Although, Penneys is ever-changing, so they're probably not there anymore.
AA (cannot help but use abbreviation sometimes) really is a treasure, though. I love the socks, especially those thigh-high ones with the stripes at the top. I'd love to wear them with a skirt, and be daring and all that.
The heart tee-shirt is also incredible, it's like the top of a dress, but it's a tee-shirt!
The slim slacks are finally coming back in stock. And they are pretty good value, if you think about it. Well, forty pounds. That's cheaper than some Topshop jeans, and these are beautiful. I need to have money to buy them, but I'm scared of waiting around too long and then for them to be gone!
Okay, one more thing and then I'll change topic (It's just coming out as I look at the site at this stage), but I WANT THESE bad :

They are fabulous.

Now, anyways. I smell something weird and it's very distracting and strange. Also, the mod badge that's just sitting on the table. Your eyes can't help look at the target!

I want to go to Castlebar and go to that really old second-hand shop and buy some weird but cute little dresses. I still haven't bought my Alice dress, either. It just needs to be short and sweet, and vintage. I'll dye it blue, so the colour's not important. I'm going to keep my eye out, I still have a month.
There's also something I need to do in the line of a present for our good friends, whose sweet sixteenth birthday is on Saturday, lest we forget! I had better not forget, or I'll feel like a tool.

Now. Comment!

PS : I totally forgot about summery stuff! Everyone loves really awesome sunglasses don't they?
I hear ya!
They are some of the finest. I really love these (aside from the heart-shaped ones, which I tried to order, but it didn't work) :

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

"So, unplug the jukebox and do us all a favour..." ...Day-off.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007 2
Well, today's my day off (Business! Suckers!) and I feel wretched. My throat is all raw, like I've been throwing up, but I haven't. I just feel sick, ugh.
But I've been reading loads, so that's good. I re-read Guitar Girl. I love that book. The end is a little kind of sad? Sort of... je ne sais quoi*. But sometimes I cry when I read it. Just the end. the rest isn't very sad, just good.
(Argh, I just swallowed some water, which didn't help. Now I can't breathe.)
I've also started to re-read Generation X which is one of the best books ever. I'm going to bold that, so you remember the name and go and find it at the library. I think I got it in Oxfam or one of those. it's absolutely brilliant, and I love all the characters, they are so brilliant.

Been listening to Pulp and old, brilliant songs like 'Secret Love', 'Dancing in the Streets' and Marvin Gaye. Also, I have been listening to loads of semi-lame, semi-brilliant pop music, which makes me very happy. Wham and Duran Duran, Daniel Bedingfield and McFly. I don't even care.

Now, I know there was some other lazy-man's-pastime I wanted to talk about ... Oh yes! we finally bought Shaun of the Dead and also, Hot Fuzz so I've been going on essentially a Simon Pegg and Nick Frost 'bender' and just watching all the special features instead of doing anything productive.
Simon Pegg is so excellent and funny. I love him. He is my person of the week. or rather, of the 'now'. That means the person whom I've been banging on about recently, basically. It isn't official, like Song of the Week. Derren Brown was to begin the week, (because he is great! I know people don't like him, but I love him, I do), but c'mon. it's Simon Pegg. Garr, he's class.

Ohh, it is beeeautiful sunny weather! Combined with horrible monsoon-like rain, followed by drizzle. But still, I can't shake my happy-shiny-sunny-people vibes, so I won't. It's good, they shall get me through my last two exams. two! That's all! Then I am finished with the Junior Certificate forever!
Until the fabled 'September' when we shall get our 'results'. )I don't know why I decided to make that sound like a suspicious sentence, but now it does. )

Dad wants me to tape the Apprentice, which people are talking about, as there is an Irish lady (BITCH) in the final whom everybody hopes will win. I hope she gets hurt, by some kind of appliance. She annoys me, or has done the few times I've watched it. I suppose better her than that awful cow (What was her name? Katy?), who was really ugly inside and out, and who made me feel mournful for the future of the business world (which I do not understand, but I know it's important and should not be infested with freaky women like these).

Theo is wet and filthy, and cleaning himself lying on top of a rainjacket on top of the printer. He's a total lunatic. He sticks his head in coal, and cries if I don't want him to go out in the rain.

Love, love, love. Love is all you need. The Beatles are great.

I was going to go baking today, but I probably won't now. My appetite isn't up to scratch. All I ate today was lots of banana on toast sandwiches and a croissant, and I doubt I will eat again until later. I just took a second sip of water, which actually made me feel better.

I think my brothers are at the circus? I don't know, I was in bed.

Oh, I totally forgot to talk about my dream! I had a nightmare last night, it wasn't nice. Well, it didn't become a nightmare until I woke up and realised it was scary and that I didn't want to go back to sleep. That was at four o'clock. It was like ... Shaun of the Dead mixed with Sin City. I say Sin City, because it was dark and not funny and there was a burying-bodies scene. I told my mother this afternoon and she was all "It's that Shaun of the Dead!", and I said "Not even! I didn't watch it today, only Hot Fuzz." But what else could it have been?
Luke was a zombie, but he was trained like Ed, I think by his friends. I had a conversation with him about that, because he had been to the cinema, and his hands were very mangled, and he said it was difficult to eat popcorn, and his friends wouldn't let him eat them.
I'm scared talking about it. The thing with the pretty dark haired girl was worse. Oh, anyways! At least I don't have those dreams when they're scary-right-now and you try to wake up, but you can't and you try to scream, but you can't. I wasn't even scared, and I woke up like "Whatever!"-*pop*-Awake.
The dream the night before was wayy better! There was boys and Harry Potter and running back and forth and not going to classes and Penny being Hermione! I don't remember anything special, except being jealous of her getting to hug Daniel Radcliffe (who I hate? But actually kind of like now, whoops), but mostly it being really fun and nice.

Theo looks kind of cute now he's asleep. I loves him.

Well, peace out, and don't do drugs.
Love you.

*quois? Is there an 's'?
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