Monday, 18 June 2007

"...And says 'There. I've always wanted to do that'." ... Itchy jumpers and zips opening!

Monday, 18 June 2007
This is the skirt. What do you think?

Omgiod, my brother's throwing a tantrum because Mum is going into town and he doesn't "want to be left alone" with me and our other brother. Gawd, you'd swear we were torturing him or something. He keeps crying "I hate ye!". I don't know why he's so moody, I haven't even seen him all morning, and neither has Luke. I was doing odd-jobs around the house in the hopes of some Dublin money, whilst listening to music on the big headphones ignoring everyone. And still reading my book. I'm really taking time to read it the second time, because I feel like I missed loads of lovely things between the lines the first time around. You know how it is.

Anyways, keeping in track with family, but moving away from tantrums, my mother bought me a gorgeous top yesterday. She and my brother picked it out. And I know how everyone always complains and refuses to let their parents buy them anything clothes-related, mum and Luke know what I like, and I definitely like this cute little sleeveless thingie from Pull and Bear.

I really like it! I'm wearing it now under my black jumper from Penneys' mens, yet again (Primark for you English people. And they don't have it in America, but it is the biggest shop ever for really, stupidly cheap clothes which are brilliant). I never buy jumpers or any of that in the ladies' because the sleeves are too short, they're never warm enough and they always have annoying logos on them. Or aren't made out of good fabric. But the mens' are, it's so weird! Anyways, this jumper is nice and warm, and it's simply black and round-necked. You can imagine.
Also, I've trying to sneak pyjama bottoms I don't wear into summer day wear. I don't wear them to bed, because I don't like any 3/4 length pyjamas. But wear them with regular clothes and a pair of tights and hey! well, it could go either way. It could look like you're just wearing some cool weird pants, or you could look like a freak. Right now, these look okayyy with my black tights. But I'm only in the house.

I once wore my Wonderwoman pyjamas all around Galway with some stripey socks, and no one looked twice! I was thinking "You nutters!" but I felt ... free! They were also very very loose because they're a size 16 (you don't exactly get to choose sizes from charity shops, and they looked so new, I couldn't leave them) and I'm a ten on bottom. I think they stayed on because my ass is a size of its own! And also whatever I was wearing with them must have kept them up somehow, because if I wear them around the house with just a t-shirt, if I walk four steps they fall right down. I'll just have to put a tie on them (that works).

I also found an old jewellery box my neighbour gave me when I was kind of young, full of weird stuff she didn't want but that I might have liked for dressing up. I just remembered the other day I still had it, so I picked the lock. Here's an example of the kind of stuff :

I could definitely find a use for them, I reckon. But I still haven't found my favourite one : it was a lizard made of all jewels or whatever, and I liked it because it was what I imagined an old posh lady would have. They have similar things in our favourite antique shop in town, but I prefer the collection of trinkets all for one euro each! I got these things there :

But did you know in our town we have absolutely no form of second hand clothes shop? Only four antique shops (probably more), and one antique bookshop. We should get some better vintage clothes!

I'm so annoyed, though. I don't know if it's my body, or my clothes but a lot of my zips don't stay closed! And it's not because I'm too fat for the clothes, it's just some of my jeans, when I'm walking around the fly will open, and again and again even if I keep closing it. it's very embarrassing as you can imagine. My green skirt (above), does it too. And I don't think that's a size thing either, because it comes on just fine, and the zip closes very easily ... and then opens. But it doesn't fall down, thankfully. I shall just have to invest in lots of safety pins to keep my zips closed!

Sometimes you hear things or read things or things happen that make you think it'd be great to be a boy. well, to me anyways. Not all the time. Hardly ever. But you know. I feel bad for the people who like, have to change. Because they'll never really be... say if someone asks "Oh, yeah, well, how were you as a little boy?" and they're like "Oh, yeah, I wasn't always a boy". It doesn't, like, count.
I'm going on a weird little tangent there, amn't I? That happens when I don't know what I'm trying to say. Sometimes boys seem to have a better life of it. Or they can do some things that are cooler than when we do them.

The Fun Day was crap, in case you were wondering! But we had fun. Well, I did. I bought a pirate video for 20c that doesn't work. What did you expect? I got a free little make up bag though. And I ate two burgers. I would have eaten more, I think. You know those small event burgers, that are made about forty a minute by a man, and people just keep on buying them? They're so small, you eat them really fast, and you're not full. But they are tasty.
I'm making myself hungry. I always do this. I did it on the Home Ec paper, designing menus full of delicious food, when I had only had a cookie, some hot chocolate and a chocolate lolly that day! That does make me sound like a chocolate addict*, but I'm not, really. I love it, and I could eat many bars of it, but I couldn't eat a slice of chocolate cake!
Anyway, we have a homemade chocolate cafe in town, and it's just gorgeous. I really like their chocolate, because it's not heavy and it doesn't taste like any other. They also have diabetic chocolate, but Luke doesn't even care. he's never had a sweet tooth, luckily. I'd make a terrible diabetic. And I think I'd probably make up for it with cheese and other fats, and get gall bladder failure, like Saoirse said happens to some vegetarians who try and make up for the meat with cheese.
I think that may happen to me anyways. I eat cheese every day.

Yesterday we saw Liz from Shaun of the Dead having sex with a teenager! It was on UTV! It was just before the results from Britain's Got Talent. The Carphone Warehouse guy won, incase you were wondering. The opera singer. There ain't no party like a Paul Potts party! Oh, by the way, it may be blindingly obvious to you at this point, but I watch too much television. Or at least, a great deal. I don't even have sky.

I've been going through some of my mother's old dress patterns. Some aren't great, they're a bit big and weird, but some are really cute and interesting! There were skirts and little blazers and really fancy dresses, and regular day dresses, and some of it was surprisingly modern, and not in a retro way. Some of it was really different.
These dresses in particular are compelling me. I didn't even like them at first, but I love the way they hang on the drawings. That's the thing, cartoon models and even real models (which are less perfect, in their more-perfect way) are so boob free, fat free, ridiculously tall and long, and would look really weird as normal people. But they make me want these dresses :

Pictures from computers take so long to upload than those on the internet already. The sentence in itself explains why. Still, it is irritating. I'm now doing five at a time, so it will take forever. I'm going to go get out the cheese.

Some books just make you feel a certain way about things, about life, about yourself. And you miss it when you finish reading them, because you won't feel it again until you read it again. That's what makes a book one of your favourites. You can't feel that way all the time, though, because the characters don't exist in your real life, neither do the situations. You are not them. But sometimes you wish you were. Like, think right now if there's someone in a book that is just so cool, or genuine or sexy, or hilarious that makes you wish you were like them.
For me, with songs, it's different. I think there are lots of songs that make me feel certain ways, but if I listen to them too much, it goes. So you can't do that. You have to treat it like a book. when you're finished a book that you love, you can't automatically read it again (well, most people can't, I would think). You can't put books on repeat! And that's why you don't get sick of them. But songs are shorter and more accessible. You get sick of them, though, and then you have to leave them for a long amount of time, before they hit you again.

I KNEW IT! The book "Girlfriend in a Coma", which I've really been wanting to read, and have had flipped ("dog-eared", people seem to say) in this book guide FOR AGES, was written by the same guy (as Generation X)! AHAHA! I feel so happy.

Okay, that post was picture-LADEN!

have a nice afternoon.

*I loathe the word "chocoholic". I don't know why. I don't like the way it sounds.

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swall said...

I like that top!!
I like men's pull and bear more than women's though.
I have pyjamas like those, but shorts! And from Penneys!

That jewellery is gawjus!!

Make that middle dress, and sell it to me!! :oo

That has made me want to blog about my Vogue book. :]]]]]

You coming to Dublin?

s said...

Oh, and who is Larry wiv a polaroid?

Grace said...

Are they flannel, Saoirse?
Larry is a book-character, speaking of. had a Polaroid, took pictures of his 75 belongings.

Grace said...

I will be Dublin.
Don't you dare forget.
I'll definitely be making one of them, anyways! :)

dianabobar said...

My mother has no sense of style. but that tank is cute cute cute!
Also, the vintage jewelery is amazing. I always love to get "things" that other people don't need anymore. I alway think of some way or another how to wear them.

Grace said...

me too!
And if you can't think of anything, you've failed

Frasypoo said...

Love the top,so cute,so young and something I cannot wear...!
Love your jewelry too.
Nice blog,enjoyed reading it.

Hazel said...

Ooh, very nice top!
Pull and Bear has some nice clothes...
And Pennys just rocks!
Have you been to the one in Balina? It's so big and nice, it's worth the trip just to go there!

swall said...

oh my god, look at all those exclamation marks.

the shame.

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