Friday, 15 June 2007

"EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!" ... Today was great.

Friday, 15 June 2007
Okay. I'm just going to say it.
And they are absolutely GAWR-geous. To the extreme. Instant lovie-making, hehe. I have been taking pictures of my in them all afternoon, because that's what I do. But not just me in them! Also, their adventures around my room, and Theo wearing them. I've been very excited. I'm going to put them on the computer now, and sort out showing them to ye after. well, here's a sneak :
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I love them already. But you know, are they just a novelty item? or can I actually wear these babies? I know I will. Well, I kind of need contacts first, because there's no point in looking totally sweet and bumping into people and squinting and folks you think are talking to you, and staring at the sky because you can't see anything else.

I also got some cutee record earrings, but I haven't taken any photos with them yet. You will see them on the girlprops site. Oh, if I were famous they would have my blog in their "They Love Us!" section. But I'm not. But I do!

So. Well, I'm a little giddy. Or something. I don't know. I was excited that I had comments. It was like "Ohh, people read it!" and even better they're from two class people, hehe! My two readers, wooh. Neasa, you've to make a new blog now and be cool like us. Dawg. *Assumes B-Boy stance*.
Is that an example of peer pressure like in our paper today? Only if it works!

Speaking OF the paper, it was pretty good. Section B was fine, but I was hitting and missing like a drunken gunman on the short questions. I don't know why I used such a crap and bizarre simile, but I felt like Gene Hunt moment, and I am not as witty nor quick as him, unfortunately!

Now, I want to celebrate by buying things, definitely. Oh God. I just got things this morning! I'm going to become one of those women, aren't I? So obsessed with shopping and clothes that they go mental and it's the only thing they care about and they start stealing, and dealing drugs to get more money, and murder all their friends.
Well, I can't, anyways, because I'm flat broke. Probably just as well. I'll do some jobs, get some money and have enough to go up to Galway, that should be okay.

My neck hurts and it's a Friday night. It is time to lie back and watch some Friday night telly, which is worse now thanks to Big Brother, eat popcorn and be happy.
Then tomorrow I will skip about the house, tidying my room from top to bottom. And now I'm really wanting to make some lovies, but they won't be half as good. Besides, I have either too many things I would want to take, or not enough I don't consider a need, hehe. I consider all my clothes needs in that sense.
I have been wanting for a while to take a picture of all my tights, because I do have an extensive collection. I may just.
Mainly, tomorrow, I am going to do up a little thing about my sunglasses. then it will be out of my system. And I might put up some more pictures on Myspace.

See, I have loads to do.

Oh! Wait! Jane's birthday tomorrow! That means errands. Well, they'll be fun too. And are there plans? I don't know.

Now. Oh, God, Theo is being so annoying. Just because we don't have any cat food, or ham, which I use as a substitute. Right now as I type this, he is sitting on the mousemat, rubbing his head on my face. Oh, he has stopped. He is going to go for a lie-down on the printer. No, not comfortable, he'd rather walk around on the keyboard. I'll have to fix all of this now.
Aw, man, I feel terrible. I've closed the door on him, because I can't bear to look at him when he's so desperate. I guess someone will have to go down to the shop. I might. We don't have popcorn anyways.

Now, I've got other things to do, I can't just sit around all night blogging to you. The thought! But remember the Alamo. Also, that I love you all. Even those who may have stumbled here that don't know me.
Well, comment you big old bitches. It's not fair to lurk, and leave me in the lurch. AHAHA, I used assonance there. I'm mental.

Whaddya reckon?

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s said...

That is such a nice photo,oh, and makelovies, and whats appnin tomorrow?

alej. said...

Ha, there's some sunglasses like that knocking round our house somewhere, except the lenses got lost...eother way, theyre cool

Grace said...

Bill, go out and wear them! You HAVE to!

alej. said...

Oh, I've worn them, several times...they do have a certain panache to them, dont they?

Grace said...

Haha, deadly!

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