Thursday, 14 June 2007

"How you gonna do it if you really don't wanna dance?" ... Ooh, two posts in a row.

Thursday, 14 June 2007
Dude. This is my second post in two days. Whatever. Today we had our Science is exam and it was hunky dory, honestly. There were a few things I got blatantly wrong, but you know what? I think I did okay! Lunchtime was a mixed bag, but it was mostly very fun. I felt sick after a tiny bite of caramel squares, and we went into two antique shops. We also stood in SuperValu for around an hour! Or so it seemed.. I have no concept of time.

Luke just took over the computer, but he's gone now.

Home Ec. tomorrow is my VERY LAST EXAM!
How exciting is that? Then I will be on eternal summer. For three months. But last year it seemed like it never ended, and this summer is going to be better. Better (well, more) stuff to do, better clothes!

Simon won the Apprentice. I'm so happy, I loved him. I know I said I barely watched it, but I lied. Yay! This is so joyous.

I have nothing to do but trawl the internet, watch TV, write, play Sims or read a book. Why not do all of them? I'll tell you if I find anything cool. Which reminds me, my friend has started a blog, full of wonderful insights on fashion and male bonding. You should go on it. Click here-sha for Saoirse! You see, that rhymes. Aren't I clever?

She has also discovered the joys of American Apparel. Did I ever show you their cardigans? I love cardigans! Especially the one I'm wearing from the Penneys Men's, which is actually a very decent range, and includes these fabulous cardigans. Although, Penneys is ever-changing, so they're probably not there anymore.
AA (cannot help but use abbreviation sometimes) really is a treasure, though. I love the socks, especially those thigh-high ones with the stripes at the top. I'd love to wear them with a skirt, and be daring and all that.
The heart tee-shirt is also incredible, it's like the top of a dress, but it's a tee-shirt!
The slim slacks are finally coming back in stock. And they are pretty good value, if you think about it. Well, forty pounds. That's cheaper than some Topshop jeans, and these are beautiful. I need to have money to buy them, but I'm scared of waiting around too long and then for them to be gone!
Okay, one more thing and then I'll change topic (It's just coming out as I look at the site at this stage), but I WANT THESE bad :

They are fabulous.

Now, anyways. I smell something weird and it's very distracting and strange. Also, the mod badge that's just sitting on the table. Your eyes can't help look at the target!

I want to go to Castlebar and go to that really old second-hand shop and buy some weird but cute little dresses. I still haven't bought my Alice dress, either. It just needs to be short and sweet, and vintage. I'll dye it blue, so the colour's not important. I'm going to keep my eye out, I still have a month.
There's also something I need to do in the line of a present for our good friends, whose sweet sixteenth birthday is on Saturday, lest we forget! I had better not forget, or I'll feel like a tool.

Now. Comment!

PS : I totally forgot about summery stuff! Everyone loves really awesome sunglasses don't they?
I hear ya!
They are some of the finest. I really love these (aside from the heart-shaped ones, which I tried to order, but it didn't work) :

4 comments. you can do better.:

swall said...

Yay you mentioned me!
Those glarses a shnazzy!
I think ima buy loadsa jewelry from that vintage place.

How do you spell jewelry?

Anonymous said...

Grace, I love you.

I really wish i was as cool as you.

from neasa who can't remember her blogger password xxx

dianabobar said...

I love the pink glasses! They are IT:)
I'm glad you like my skirt and I do agree with everything you said on my blog. Kisses. I will link you on my blog too.

Hazel said...

Think I might go read Saoirse's blog after I finish yours! It's really good!

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