Wednesday, 27 June 2007

"I hear in my mind all this music, and it breaks my heart.."...Hello dahlilahs!

Wednesday, 27 June 2007
Well, today was fun.
Unfortunately, I did in no way get around to decorating my hat, but I've had some ideas, so I shall tonight. I probably won't win the "Most Outrageous Hat" prize, but I'll try and make it look nice. I'm thinking pearls ,feathers and flowers to match my dress.

I must go down to the shop and purchase some cat food.

I'm back, and have just heard the worst cover of Roxanne by the Police, EVER. My God. Worse than Fall Out Boy's one, which was actually kind of good.

So, tonight I make Top Hats! I bought two bags of marshmallows, four big bars of chocolate and a thing of sprinkles, but I don't want to make too many. Maybe twenty? They won't be terribly nutritious or anything, because I am going to make them look "outrageous", ie, covered in varying sprinkles. Which of course means, I won't be eating nay, because I hate sprinkles.
Nevertheless, terribly looking forward to tomorrow!

As I said, today was pretty nice. Only that my day got held up looking at his next job, and didn't pick me up until I was halfway home. But I was glad I started walking, because after everyone (that I was talking to) left I didn't particularly want to be left waiting.
I bought moisturiser, lip-balm, face wipes, etc. for Stagewise, but I still need some things like John Frieda blonde shampoo (many blonde people have told me to use it) and some more Piriton tablets. I think I must accept the fact that I do have a form of hayfever, but at least my eyes don't water. Only get very irritated.
Also, it lasts much longer than just the month of June! Another reason I believed I had something special and uncommon. But whatever. Hayfever tablets make it less bad, therefore it must be hayfever.

I also joined the library, where we spent most of the day. I got three books : Beauty, Love Lessons and Nicola and the Viscount; two of which were on my list, one I just thought looked good. It doesn't change the fact that I prefer to buy books, and will try and buy some of the hot picks on my list (the ones I really REALLY want).
They had three Douglas Coupland books, but I got out none of them. I don't fancy reading J-Pod, Eleanor Rigby didn't suit my mood, and Hey Nostradamus! looked really good! But I had my heart set on Girlfriend in a Coma. I am happy there are many to choose from. I know in my heart I am terrified of being severely let down, that his other books will not be as good as Generation X was to me. This is why I did not borrow them, methinks.

I don't have a lot to say today. I had a "snack box". It was good. I love fast food.

Okay, I'm going to take pictures of the Top Hats when they are done, and you can see the hat tomorrow, after the day's events.

Oh, and I was really pissed off yesterday! Just at the the very end of the day. But today has evened it out. It's funny how things that are possibly pretend or in your head can relax you. They may not be true, but they comfort you. Like always needing to have something/one in vision when you are somewhere, in order to not feel antsy. It's not like it/they will go away or die, but you still need to know where it is.
Well, that's not what I was talking about per se, but it's an example.

So, now you know I am happy, I will go.

Liff liffen,

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sseersh said...

Looking forward to it, also.

I have a library book which I know is on my room, but I can't find, to return. I owe €1.

*neasa* said...

Agh grace. I know those lyrics and i can't think what they are and it's driving me MAD!

oh my god! i love her so so so much!
i actually do think that's my favourite album of this year. even though it might have come out in 2006.
top 5 anyway.


Hazel said...

This is really passing my time!
Thank you for your writing Grace!

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