Sunday, 17 June 2007

"If you don't give my football back, I'm gonna get my dad one you"... Good morning, good morning!

Sunday, 17 June 2007
A Father's Day AND Beatles greeting for you. Have a happy one, to all the fathers out there. But, eh, why would they be here? not that I am discouraging anyone to read my blog, because I do like when you do. Just, you know. Go and and get cards from your children!
I made my dad a green, swirly leafy creation. It's okay. He seemed to like it. I'll stick it up here, actually.

We got him these big navy flowy pants which are sort of like linen, but more cottony. He's been going on about having a pair of pants like that for the summer ("for my barbecuing") so, now he has some.

Yesterday was fun! I went into town to meet Jane, Saoirse and Shane (among other people) for Jane's birthday, and we took loads of photos! Saoirse told me that I should put them up here. or at least I think she did. Might as well.
And NOTICE: there's a Family Fun Day on at our school today, at half two! Always fun for three reasons : Baked good, hotdogs, junk from people's attics. (Not fun for other reasons which are ancient history). Now, I really love rice crispie buns (a fun day favourite, obviously), hotdogs (which are great) and as you all know, I absolutely thrive off other people's castaways. So, I'm going to have a good time.
Now I've talked it up a bit, come along won't you? My brother and his friends are going, and I don't like the fact Luke tries to make them think I'm stupid, and that they're all scared of me. Hello, they're younger than me. Does age have no power anymore?
I'll take photos there as well.

I'm going to continue this blog when we return to mass, because I should be getting dressed about now.

Oh, before I go, I have delivered my promise. I have been fashion-blog-hopping and there are some really really nice ones. Notably : So FASH'on. Look at her vintage finds in particular. iother cool blogs will be put on my link list.

Hi, I'm back! Mass was fine.

I'm going to put up the pictures from yesterday soon, but not now, because I'm a little lazy at the moment.

I just finished making Jane's card. It's cute, it's got little piggies on it, which were really fiddly to make because the ears are teeny weeny. I put a picture from our "sexy strawberry" comic strip on the back, too. Hahaa. I do like making cards. I've also got to do a few more things, but I won't say too much, because I don't think Jane will read this, but you never know! Also, people don't really like you talking about them without them knowing, even if it's nice. So I'll shut up.

Okay, thanks scanner, you made it look really shit.

Anyways, you guys don't care about cards. Pfuit!
Well, what can I say? Today I'm wearing my green skirt, which I can never work, but I think it's okay today. It's a nice skirt, it's like a green gradient, it starts light at the waist and goes darker. There's a bit of lace, bit of ruffling, bit of ribbon, bit more lace and a big green ribbon at the seam. I got it when I was around twelve and never wore it, except once to my best friend's birthday party, with a white top and some tan tights. Now I'm wearing with my big scarf, my green starry top my H&M, my black cardigan, my new record earrings and my bright pink tights.

I'd say if I make some lovies, I'll put this in. It qualifies as a lovie. But my lovies collection will be a bit mundane to the rest of ye, with all your weird and wonderfully amazing clothes. Like, I love my clothes, but they're not spectacular.

Guess I'll just have to buy some more in Dublin! Woooh! The prospect of going shopping is making me feel excited. And I want to buy an Alice in Wonderland dress. I have talked about this before.
I can't really find examples on the internet, only pornographic, "Sexy Alice" costumes which would not be appropriate. For example (this is my favourite one, haha) :

Or childish, but sweet ones like this :

But at least you get the idea. I know what I want and what I don't want, so I should be able to find something. As for the wee apron, that will be a piece of cake.

I'm just waiting for my father to return from wherever he is, because he has important stuff in his van. I wish he would hurry, although I don't know if I really am in a rush. I don't think anyone will come to my fun day. Probably busy doing more interesting things. But I don't really do many interesting things! I don;t mind though, I'm happy. Or I will be if I get to go.

My mum and brother are in Sligo. They should be home in an hour or so. Gahhh.

Now, do I have anything interesting to add? No. well, you can see my cat wearing my new sunglasses. Because I take too many pictures of him. Whatever.

Ahahaha. It's not cruel...

bye bye

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dianabobar said...

Hey, thanks for the mention!
Next time make sure you photograph yourself in your outfits, I would have loved to see that green skirt, it sounds interesting!

swally said...

I want to see the skirt!
Aww cutee cutee Theo!

Grace said...

Okay, tomorrow you will get your skirt!

Hazel said...

Grace, I must say you make very good cards! I have a card you made me and it's stuck up on my wardrobe cos I like it so much!

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