Saturday, 30 June 2007

"I've been through the desert on a horse with no name..." Hat and Bouncing Day/My imminent departure

Saturday, 30 June 2007
Hello! I am feeling good.

Hat and Bouncing day on Thursday was SO MUCH FUN! Honestly, even though it was raining. In fact I think that probably made it more fun. The food was lovely, too. Everyone won fabulous hats, and our friend won deservedly because it was a really cool hat made of a lampshade. We took lots of photos.

Shane and me looking awesome (!).

But, yeah, it was great. People liked my Top Hats. I was glad. They were nicer than I remembered, I hadn't had them in so long. Our mix CDs didn't work properly, though, and were destroyed by the rain.

Tomorrow I am going to Stagewise to learn to become a fantabulous actor. Well, that's the hope. I'm looking forward it it, but I have to pack. And as you may or may not know, it is much easier to pack for a month than a week. I'll tell you why. When you are packing for a few weeks, or a month or even a few months, you can be quite liberal with packing, and throw lots of things in, without looking like a nutjob.
But a week is only seven days. That could be seven outfits. Or, for me it will only really be six. And how the hell do you pick six outfits, not for anything fancy? I don't know. I mean, how am I supposed to know what I will feel like wearing? I might wake up on Tuesday and think "I want to wear my blue jeans and my Tom and Jerry t-shirt. BUT I DON'T HAVE EITHER OF THOSE WITH ME! I only have all of this crap".
I can really see myself doing that. I've got so many clothes now, much more than I did last year. Last year Mum and I agreed I didn't have enough clothes, but when I was trying to organise my wardrobe a few weeks ago, I knew that I have tonnes, and none of it is stuff that I'm only holding on to, because I couldn't bear to throw it away.

Taken while cleaning room. It seemed like more.

But I'll deal with it. I'm bringing my Gaeltacht suitcase, which is a little silly because it's too big. But it's either that or a rugby type of bag. I'll pick the funky blue thing, thanks.

I feel like listening to desert music. You know the type of music that's on in films when they go into the desert? That really kind of sleepy, weird music that really makes you think of just orange and yellow deserts and nothing else?
Okay, maybe I am insane.
But whatever.
I'm trying to think of examples... okay, you know in Romeo + Juliet when Romeo is stuck in Mantua? That music is amazing. I want it. I mean that films has an awesome soundtrack (Radiohead, Garbage, the Cardigans!), but I don't know if they have the score on the soundtrack CDs you can buy.
Oh, just looked it up. Volume 2 apparently does have the score. According to this, anyways.
This is class. I'm totally going to buy it. Both of them. If I had money. I bet they have them in HMV. For cheap, too. I sometimes go into a HMV when I'm on Galway or Dublin and it's like "Now, what is the point of Zhivago?". Because Zhivago is quite expensive in comparison. It always seems to be sales time when I'm in there, as well.

Agh! Back to packing. I think I'll just have to get out all of my clothes, then filter through them logically and make some lists. Lists are good.
I'll bring a few contact lenses. Why not? Only, last night I wanted to wear them, but I couldn't get them in, and I dropped two, so I gave up and cried loudly, with frustration.
They are an utter nightmare, I tell you.

We were at the beach yesterday! It was very fun. I hadn't been to the beach properly in ages. We took photos. I don't have them, but maybe Saoirse will put some up, if she wants to. And tell you some more about this scheme of hers.

So, now I probably should go. I definitely don't feel like I'm about to leave for a week. Probably because no one is crying or clinging onto my jumper saying "Don't go, Grace! Please! I need you!". Oh well, that may be because you won't even notice I'm gone. It'll just be like, whatever. A week. We sometimes don't see Grace for a week anyways, and no one kills themselves.
Well, more when I get back.


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swall said...

havve funn

Hazel said...

Can't believe I missed Hat and Bouncing day..
We never done anything like that this year..

Marisa said...

Interesting to know.

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