Monday, 25 June 2007

"The mind has so many pictures, why can't I sleep with my eyes open?"...Whew!

Monday, 25 June 2007
Well, well, well! I have certainly been busy, and I am terribly sorry for not blogging in ... oh, it must be days! How have you all MANAGED? Seriously, I feel like I owe you a good one. I'm actually, like, anxious to get it all in. I did a little plan so I didn't forget anything. Haha, how stupid* is that?

Well, where have I been hiding? All over the shop! Or so it seems. On Thursday I was in Dublin; Friday, nothing really, but I went to the cinema instead of doing a blog; Saturday I was in Castlebar and Sunday and today I have been in Ballyconneely (sp?)/Clifden, for my grandfather's birthday.

Dublin was brilliant, it really was. We went up in a small group, which is always much handier and nicer, and we went everywhere! I didn't actually buy too much even though we were in loads of shops, but I was happy with my purchases!

Green H&M leggings; hippie footless tights; Nick Hornby book; chef pants; yellow jelly shoes; pink hat; badges; flourescent yellow eyeshadow.

As you can see, I bought these chef pants in a charity shop for around 5 euro. I mean, I couldn't have left them! They're freaking chef pants! I don't really know what to do with them, though. they're too baggy and chef-like to try and wear normally, without looking like I was just out of the kitchen or a mad lunatic. I thought about sewing (well, getting Mum to, as she is brilliant at that) them so that they were a bit more normal, or even drainpipes. They'd look really good like that, methinks. But there is just so much fabric! Where to start? That's a project for another day, definitely. Because right now it's all a little busy.

I really like the tights as well, even though it turned out they were footless. My God, you cannot escape footless tights these days. It's the biggest let down ever to get a pair of tights and realise they are actually more like leggings. they look weird when I stretch them down to look like tights, as well, but it's okay.
What else did I buy? I'm going to put up a quick picture of the few things I bought, but right now I am recalling from memory. Oh, of course, the shoes!
These shoes are luminous yellow, and jelly! I really, really love them. I wore them to the cinema on Friday night, and to Castlebar the next day. With my luminous yellow earrings and suspenders. It was cool, I loves luminous yellow!
I also saw this really nice Amish dress, in H&M. Well, the dress itself wasn't actually that nice. I liked the fact it was black and has a white collar, but the material was all wrong, and it didn't have a great shape. I'm going to try and make it, but it's not working because you can't get fabric anywhere except Dublin anymore. No-one needs it, except for curtains. It's depressing. I took a picture in the dressing-room.

We had a great time though, and my friend got his lip pierced. You might have seen the pictures on my bebo. And if you haven't, they're there if you want to.

I'm going to go sort out photos for this, then continue on! But I've got to hurry, as Prison Break will be over soon, and that is my time slot! perhaps I could save this as a draft, finish it and post it tomorrow?

My fabulous cousin, Neasa, has finally made her smashing return to the world of blogging, and you should all go to hers right now! Kids, whoever said cyber bullying doesn't work was lying!

Now, onto something even more retail-tastic, I did some shopping in Castlebar, and I've never been more excited about a pair of trousers in ages! These are white, with reddish pink vertical stripes and I fell in love with them the second I saw them in the second hand shop (judge all you want, I've never seen clothes like this in your regular shops) hanger, for five euro. See for yourself.

(Ignore all the crap in my room. I haven't really talked about my room before, but it's about this big [ ] and full of stuff.)

Okay, as you can see, they were flares at first. can you believe it? I loathe flares. How I loathe them. So, I got my magical mum (see above, chef pants), to make them drainpipes, and voila! I wore them yesterday (and today, I must admit. All I brought for a change of clothes was my H&M skirt, which turned out to be the stupidest idea ever, on the windiest day ever). I would wear them every day.
This is the skirt by the way, with a Beatles badge replacing a missing button, and my new green leggings.

The only thing is, they (my new pants, I mean) have one of those flies. The flies my body hates. Anatomically, I am not built for flies, because this one opens (REALLY OBVIOUSLY, may I add?) every five seconds. I'm trying to fix it, but it's a nightmare! You can imagine the embarrassment. Kind of takes away from the outfit.
I will die if I am ranting about my love for these pants and you all hate them. Well, not die, because I know I love them. And also, you couldn't but.

I also bought a few other things. A sleeveless, Dorothy Perkins top (in EnableIreland, duh) with frills all down the middle, which opens and cloeses. Okay, mainly I bought it for its pirate-espe qualities, and it looks shit on its own, but I like how it looks with a jacket.

I also bought two of these white dresses in Penneys, which were 1 euro each, and I am going to mess with and use for the Tea Party. ONE EURO! I simply couldn't leave them. I wish I had bough more!

And this cute floral dress :

So, I think I did well on my two shopping days.

Moving AWAY from shopping... I am worried that I'm focusing a little too much on clothes, right, and I started off as more than that. So, don't think that I have (turned into a blog only about clothes), because I haven't. Not that I don't love those, but I always feel more like a bit of a rant or ramble, and this is definitely the place to do it, if ever there was.
I was at Fantastic Four 2 (or whatever) on Friday. I liked it, even if the projectionist appeared to be on drugs. For at least ONE HALF of the film the picture was sooo squashed. It gave me such a headache, and I just keep complaining to the people beside me. But when he fixed it, I was able to enjoy the film a lot more, and do you know what? It was pretty good. The first one was much better, of course, but, yeah, I liked it. And I never really understood the appeal of Jessica Alba before (I mean, she can't really act, can she?) but I realise now she's quite pretty.
It was fun. I just love films, so I don't really come out of cinema complaining about stuff, do I? Unless they are flat out terrible, like Pathfinder. That film was so bad. I mentioned this earlier.

(next day)

Is that Lily Allen singing on the radio? It's crap. Omigod, it is a cover of the Kaiser Chiefs. A really bad one.

Monk is on. I love that show. Mum and I watch it, but right now she is asleep. It has been a tiring day.
I got contact lenses. They're easy to put in, but almost impossible to take out. In Specsavers they make you take them out and in three times before you can go. It was the most humiliating and frustrating thing ever. It took me so goddamned long to do it, and she was just there, waiting and saying "Okay, now, just pull it out with your thumb... oh." I wanted to break down. I wanted her to let me go, and tell her I would practise later. But she didn't. Anyways when I got home from town and it was time to take them off, I did it! The second one took ages, but it was easier being able to hit things in frustration and walk around.
My eyes are tiny, compared to my face. My face is also blocky. It looks shit without glasses. But, I will survive. Now I can finally wear sunglasses!

I also bought a hat in Dublin! Crap, I totally forgot! It's for Hat and Bouncing day. I am going to put feathers and buttons on it tomorrow, which will be my project for that day. Along with making "top hats" (Neasa will remember these).

My nose looks like a pig's here, but oh well.

The Kerrang! Awards are being voted for around now. I voted for Steer Clear, even though I only just bought the album, brand new, in Oxfam for four euro. You see, everyone was telling me to buy it and that they were brilliant (some said they were rubbish), but I wasn't eager to pay album money for a band I'd never heard. So this was brilliant. I hated them at first, but they are really growing on me, particularly a song called "Sick To Death". I just think it's important to 'support', as it were, the Irish bands. Because it's not like England will ever heard of them unless they become successful over here.
I prefer Cowboy X though. Man, they are brilliant and no one has heard of them! My mother has recently discovered she also likes them, after borrowing some of my CDs for the car. we got a new CD player, simply because it SAID in the Argos catalogue that it took USBs, but it doesn't seem to. Mum is annoyed, because, like, what was the point? I don't know. There is a man who says he can fix it. Whatever.
Another great Irish band I have talked about before (probably) are Fred. I need to get some money and buy their album. I especially like their single, Good One. Their website is very cute, and you can hear a bit of the song, as well as play Tetris!
Go to all of the bands' pages by clicking their names, there. I might put them in the side, if they're good.

Books, books, books. This summer is all about books. I saw Nick Hornby's How To Be Good in some second-hand shop on Thursday, and I felt like re-reading it, so I bought it. I already have it, but not right now. So, I was glad. He is easily one of my favourite authors of all time, and I still haven't read Fever Pitch! I also read Tony Parson's Man and Boy, which was so brilliant. You should read that. Now. Especially if you like Nick Hornby, I thinks.

Everything is just piling up on the top of my head. Hat and Bouncing day, Tea Party, Stagewise, all this planning! Not in that order. I mean, I was looking forward to a busy summer, but I just don't know what to do with myself!

At least I've got some nice clothes, haha. I thought you might want to see the context in which I wore my new shoes on Friday night, with a skirt I found that I have never worn. Pink tights, a pair which I have had for one or two years.

Everyone is talking about all these concerts and Oxegen. I haven't got any concerts planned whatsoever in the near future, and right now I'm kind of glad. I don't think I would be able to take anything more like that. But it is a little sad I'm not going to any. I won't be at Oxegen until I'm eighteen, but I don't mind, because the line-up is always very brilliant, and I'd prefer to go to a festival at a time when I have some actual freedom anyways.
I'd like to see Muse again. Next time they play here, we should go. Again.

I missed the Thing-a-Ling, due to being in Clifden, and Bonfire Night due to not being allowed out combined with being desperate for a night ALL to myself. I didn't get this however, because my brother and his friends decided it would be more fun to come to our house and ruin my night. He tries to make them think I am mental. I've known these kids since they were around six, and they haven't changed at all, and neither have I, really! Why do they all of a sudden believe Luke that I am some total nutter?

Well, that was incredibly long. You should read a bit, think about it, then read some more later on. Let it digest. Or skim over it, missing all of my between-the-lines anguish. Only kidding, there is none. It's all out there.

Okay, will blog again soon. And I won't let it all pile up.
Now, give us some comments, or feedback or whatever. And don't forget to visit Neasa!

PS : the photos are, as usual, taking very long. Did I like it before I put in photos? They won't be coming everyday, that's for sure.
PPS : look at the plan for this blog, if you want. And don't say I'm not thorough. or that I don't have a large amount of time on my hands.
PPPS: I'm a bit pissed off. Look for a rant next blog.

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*neasa* said...

Wow Grace!

Your blogs are as long as mine, but they actually make sense! Kudos to you for that.

Your clothes are amazing. I don't know how you do it. All my clothes are so crap and boring and jeans and tshirty. Blargh.

Yes, that lily allen song is truly awful. but the original wasnt that good to start with.
I used to hate her so much, but i dont feel that strongly anymore. I just hate Peaches Geldof now.

Top Hats! I haven't had them in aaaaages! Aww, they're so great.

just like you! xxx

sss said...

Those new stipey jeans are the shizak, Grace!!

swall said...

Ohhh that Amish dress.
Looks so nice.

t said...

Show that I love you? I love you. You're funny.

Hazel said...

''I'd like to see Muse again. Next time they play here, we should go. Again.''
-13th of August.
Think I'm going to go, even though the tickets are ridiculously expensive..
Are you?
Ohh, I know how you feel about the contacts thing. I could not put mine in at all in the opticians, it's so frustrating!

swall said...

This blog is weirdly relevant about now.
(a) I'm reading How To Be Good
(b) Muse are playing soon, and we're not going.

How odd!

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