Wednesday, 13 June 2007

"So, unplug the jukebox and do us all a favour..." ...Day-off.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007
Well, today's my day off (Business! Suckers!) and I feel wretched. My throat is all raw, like I've been throwing up, but I haven't. I just feel sick, ugh.
But I've been reading loads, so that's good. I re-read Guitar Girl. I love that book. The end is a little kind of sad? Sort of... je ne sais quoi*. But sometimes I cry when I read it. Just the end. the rest isn't very sad, just good.
(Argh, I just swallowed some water, which didn't help. Now I can't breathe.)
I've also started to re-read Generation X which is one of the best books ever. I'm going to bold that, so you remember the name and go and find it at the library. I think I got it in Oxfam or one of those. it's absolutely brilliant, and I love all the characters, they are so brilliant.

Been listening to Pulp and old, brilliant songs like 'Secret Love', 'Dancing in the Streets' and Marvin Gaye. Also, I have been listening to loads of semi-lame, semi-brilliant pop music, which makes me very happy. Wham and Duran Duran, Daniel Bedingfield and McFly. I don't even care.

Now, I know there was some other lazy-man's-pastime I wanted to talk about ... Oh yes! we finally bought Shaun of the Dead and also, Hot Fuzz so I've been going on essentially a Simon Pegg and Nick Frost 'bender' and just watching all the special features instead of doing anything productive.
Simon Pegg is so excellent and funny. I love him. He is my person of the week. or rather, of the 'now'. That means the person whom I've been banging on about recently, basically. It isn't official, like Song of the Week. Derren Brown was to begin the week, (because he is great! I know people don't like him, but I love him, I do), but c'mon. it's Simon Pegg. Garr, he's class.

Ohh, it is beeeautiful sunny weather! Combined with horrible monsoon-like rain, followed by drizzle. But still, I can't shake my happy-shiny-sunny-people vibes, so I won't. It's good, they shall get me through my last two exams. two! That's all! Then I am finished with the Junior Certificate forever!
Until the fabled 'September' when we shall get our 'results'. )I don't know why I decided to make that sound like a suspicious sentence, but now it does. )

Dad wants me to tape the Apprentice, which people are talking about, as there is an Irish lady (BITCH) in the final whom everybody hopes will win. I hope she gets hurt, by some kind of appliance. She annoys me, or has done the few times I've watched it. I suppose better her than that awful cow (What was her name? Katy?), who was really ugly inside and out, and who made me feel mournful for the future of the business world (which I do not understand, but I know it's important and should not be infested with freaky women like these).

Theo is wet and filthy, and cleaning himself lying on top of a rainjacket on top of the printer. He's a total lunatic. He sticks his head in coal, and cries if I don't want him to go out in the rain.

Love, love, love. Love is all you need. The Beatles are great.

I was going to go baking today, but I probably won't now. My appetite isn't up to scratch. All I ate today was lots of banana on toast sandwiches and a croissant, and I doubt I will eat again until later. I just took a second sip of water, which actually made me feel better.

I think my brothers are at the circus? I don't know, I was in bed.

Oh, I totally forgot to talk about my dream! I had a nightmare last night, it wasn't nice. Well, it didn't become a nightmare until I woke up and realised it was scary and that I didn't want to go back to sleep. That was at four o'clock. It was like ... Shaun of the Dead mixed with Sin City. I say Sin City, because it was dark and not funny and there was a burying-bodies scene. I told my mother this afternoon and she was all "It's that Shaun of the Dead!", and I said "Not even! I didn't watch it today, only Hot Fuzz." But what else could it have been?
Luke was a zombie, but he was trained like Ed, I think by his friends. I had a conversation with him about that, because he had been to the cinema, and his hands were very mangled, and he said it was difficult to eat popcorn, and his friends wouldn't let him eat them.
I'm scared talking about it. The thing with the pretty dark haired girl was worse. Oh, anyways! At least I don't have those dreams when they're scary-right-now and you try to wake up, but you can't and you try to scream, but you can't. I wasn't even scared, and I woke up like "Whatever!"-*pop*-Awake.
The dream the night before was wayy better! There was boys and Harry Potter and running back and forth and not going to classes and Penny being Hermione! I don't remember anything special, except being jealous of her getting to hug Daniel Radcliffe (who I hate? But actually kind of like now, whoops), but mostly it being really fun and nice.

Theo looks kind of cute now he's asleep. I loves him.

Well, peace out, and don't do drugs.
Love you.

*quois? Is there an 's'?

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swally said...

je ne sais quois=i don't know what's?

Hazel said...

It's weird that this is from over a year ago!

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