Wednesday, 18 July 2007

"Ask me, I won't say no, how could I?" .... NERVOUS BREAKDOWN!

Wednesday, 18 July 2007 4
Okay, cast your memories (or just look) back to a couple of weeks ago when I was trying to pack for Stagewise and I said it was very easy compared to what packing for the Gaeltacht would be.
I am nearly in tears. I have about four piles of clothes on my bed, still, and I have already gone through them with "maybe" and "no" and "definitely" piles around ten times. To begin with, it was nearly all my clothes, but I've been ridiculous in taking stuff out, YET THERE'S STILL WAY TOO MANY! I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I would bring them all, if I could. But I can't fit them in the fxcking suitcase! Like, at this point, I'm not too bothered if people think "Feck, she's brought a lot o' clothes!" because my suitcase is of medium size compared to some I saw last year. So I figure, as long as I can contain it all in there, it's not overpacking. But I frigging can't!
So, what am I supposed to do? I know that when my mother comes home she will go all Trunchbull on it, and I'll be upset because I want to bring it all. I mean, I will wear everything. Or could possibly. I don't know what I want to wear before I wear it! It was different last time, I just packed six outfits and one for the disco, which was actually underpacking because we had three discos.
Okay, I'm going to go through it again, extremely realistically. I mean, I could do without the grey check pants or the red jeans, but why should I? They're nice and I do wear them. And, again, what would happen if I wake up say "I want to wear my red jeans", but I never brought them?

(And did you know that blogs come up in Google searches?! I did, but it never hit me until recently...)

Where was I? Oh yes, mental breakdown. Back in a sec.

It is now three piles! This is extreme progress. I took out some long sleeved tops, and my Tinkerbell t-shirt that my cousin gave me. I've always liked that. it's black with a silver outline of Tinkerbell, it's not silly. But I took it out. And I took out the preppy red and white polo shirt I bought in Oxfam. So, I'm really good, aren't I? And I think I may take out those two pairs of pants, simply because I'm in a comfy-jeans mood RIGHT NOW. See, packing is so damn objective.

I just realised I don't know how I'll fit my shoes in.

Okay, my mum did help there. It's now all in my suitcase, ohhh yeah! well, that's the clothes down. Now I'm going around the house with a big cardboard box collecting make-up and hairspray and that style of thing.

I'll do another post tonight. Because I need to!


Monday, 16 July 2007

"Maybe you'll just get right down to wearing out the matress." ... Nearly gone.

Monday, 16 July 2007 4
Hello! That's right, I am nearly gone. It's like the scene in Back to the Future when he starts to disappear during Johnny B. Goode. I'm fading away! Sort of. I'm not dying, just going to the Gaeltacht, on Thursday, for three weeks. And you can write to me, here : Colaiste Chamuis, Camus, Co. na Gaillimhe. That wasn't daring of me, because it's just the address of our Gaeltacht. Anways, I am looking forward to it, I must say. Only, I'm not very organised. We went to Castlebar today so I could get the last few things, but I totally forgot important stuff and ended up buying knee-high stocking-y things instead of proper tights which was REALLY annoying!
I think I was a little distracted by the sales. They're pretty good, especially in a|wear. But I almost wanted to cry when I saw that the beautiful top I had paid nearly thirty euro for going to my cousin's confirmation, and will totally wear many times again, is now reduced to 5. FIVE EURO! That's the most fucking unfair thing I've ever heard. Number one, because they are gorgeous tops, and it makes me feel weird that there were, like, 8 leftover and number two, because I PAID LOADS FOR IT!
I'm getting really annoyed just thinking about it. So annoyed I didn't even buy the brown version, which was also five euro. That and I wasn't sure if I'd wear it.

In Penneys they also had the shoes I bought on the same day for thirteen euro down to five. That wasn't so bad, BUT IT STILL LOOKS LIKE THEY'RE OUT TO GET ME!
Least I got loads of wear out of those shoes. They're sparkly.

I wanted to buy those pink stilettos they have in Penneys at the moment, and it was probably my last chance to get the last size 7 (even though I'm a 6, the 7 fit me perfectly for a change). As you may or may not know, I am total sucker for stilettos. And these ones were just so ... I don't know. Plain. Fake-ish. Sort of tacky, but really sweet. I really liked them anyways. They had them in a sort of indigo/violet version, which was weird, but I wanted the pink. Anyways, cut a long story short, my mother hates stilettos. HATES. It's one of the few things I adore that she really, really hates. And seeing as I had no money, and was dependent on her charity and saying "Yes, that is nice, here's money to buy it" (like with the long white skirt I bought earlier) I didn't get them. She didn't like them at all. And I don't think maybe people would if they saw them on the shelf, but I knew if I was let have them I could work them! But she said "You already have pink stilettos", referring to these :

They're similar. they look dirtyish there, though. I don't know if anyone thought they would be great when I bought them, but I've worn them a lot, and Mum does like them, so HAH! But I explained to her they weren't the same, those were baby pink, these were LIPSTICK pink! Anyways, I didn't get them. I'm really pissed off about that.

I finished the Willy Russel book. It was brilliant, genius, strange! The best bit was around the middle (?), I think. That was when I was laughing out loud. Luckily there weren't any points I really wanted to cry, but I came close a few times. The ending caught me off guard. Read it, anyways. See what you think.

I can't believe that this time a year ago we would be sitting on the yellow leisure park grass, absolutely roasting. Haha. Happy juice.

Ermm, I don't know what else to say. I'll probably do another teary-eyed post before I go. But tomorrow I'm going to get organised, and I'll go into town Wednesday, so see you there.

love youu


Saturday, 14 July 2007

"'Cos the girl that she ignores is the girl that I adore..." ...Whooo!

Saturday, 14 July 2007 3
Well. Hello, there! I'm feeling okay. I'm sure I could think harder to produce a better answer, but I feel a bit disjointed right now.

We had our tea party yesterday which was lots of fun and went very well. Everyone brought food and there was more cake-in-face incidents, and I ate a lot of stuff, especially biscuits and jam tartlets and that nice chocolate cornflake messy stuff. Everyone, including myself, took lots of photos, but I'd say theirs are nicer, so I'll steal one and put it up here. Hehehe.
Oh, well, I suppose I should mention my outfit. I did go on and on about Alice dresses after all, and it came out well. I dyed it, all by myself! It came out great in the dye. I took a quick picture.

I had a really REALLY busy day on Thursday, as you can imagine. We went to Castlebar to buy stuff, and then Stef had to rush off the work, and I had loads of baking to do, and my dress to make! But my mum helped a lot with the dress. It came out lovely-ly, if I do say so myself. Which I do.

You can't really see it in this next picture, but I wore that little Victorian lady cameo brooch thing with it. And Saoirse's lacy bolero-style thing.

As I said, the pictures I take at these things are always rather... weird. Well, they're often just the sides of people's heads or people caught-off-guard, because I don't bother getting them to pose most of the time. And if the settings are weird they can go blurry in a bad way, or way or blurry in a cool but annoying way if the flash is off. Well, obviously I didn't take that one.
Anyways, where was I? Oh yes, yesterday. It was fun. But it's the same feeling you get when things happen and then are over. It's like, that's another thing for me to check off, and I forget what I'm doing while I'm not doing stuff or planning stuff for another time. Now I'm in between stuff. But, I retain it was brilliant fun and I might talk more about it later.

I can hear Desert Song radiating from my room. It sounds good. Speaking of songs, the lyrics in the title of this are from a song by the Frank & Walters which was stuck in my head today. It's a very good one.
Now it's the Cardigans. Oh, how great are they? Very, but I've already spoken about them, I think.

More importantly, I'm sure, I SAW HARRY POTTER THURSDAY NIGHT! Very few people got tickets, but we did! I'm not saying I didn't enjoy myself, and I don't want to give anything away but they left LOADS out. Honestly, if you are a fan of the books (as I am), you will feel annoyed. Luna Lovegood was absolutely brilliant though. Apparently the girl who plays her, Evanna Lynch, is totally OBSESSED with Harry Potter, which made me think that it must have been a wee bit annoying at parts. I mean, reading the screenplay, say, of a film which seemed if they got the book, shredded it, split the shreds into two piles and then took one and said "Okay, we'll use this half of stuff in the film" (maybe less) and not shouting at the scriptwriters. But I'm sure being in the film more than made up for that annoyance. She's still incredibly lucky, like, and she did REALLY well.
Helena Bonham Carter was really good, too, and I'm sure Tonks would have been good if she'd had any real lines. Ditto the guy who was playing Shacklebolt. Anyways, see it for yourself.

I'm reading a good book now by Willy Russel (yeah, the guy who wrote Blood Brothers and Our Day Out) called The Wrong Boy. I didn't like the main character to being with, but it's got this great story-unfolds thing going on, and he reveals things which make you think he's still weird, but you feel sorry for him. And you also forget about the whole obsessed-with-Morrissey thing. And it's fine to be obsessed with Morrissey, but at first I was like "Ehh" because he seemed like one of those "I am vegetarian because Morrissey is and I'm depressed because Morrissey is" and you go "WHAT ARE YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE?". If that makes any sense at all. But it's not so much like that. It's good.
I like all the Smiths references, as well. It's cool.

Haha. I just read the funniest quote ever. Speaking of Morrissey, and all that, Robert Smith from the Cure simply said once : "If Morrissey says 'don't eat meat', then I'll eat meat, because I hate Morrissey." I like that because it's nice and blunt.

Anyways, where was I? Oh yes, books. Books are wonderful. But I borrowed three from the library, one which I feel like I have already read, one which I read, and one which I have been reading on and off. But, unsurprisingly, they are late back. They were supposed to go back on the 8th. What will I do? I want to finish them. I don't really know how the library works, I only got my card a while ago. Do I renew them? How does that work? I asked Dad last night if they charge you a fine for being late back with books before they send you a letter and he just said "Pucks". But I think he was joking.

Now, Jack wants a go on the computer so I'll go. I have much more to say. I don't know if I will ever been done.


Tuesday, 10 July 2007

"I woke up in love this morning, went to sleep with you on my mind!"... CLOTHES!

Tuesday, 10 July 2007 7
Okay, so, hello!

Today was great. We got so much planning done for the Tea Party on Friday. If you're going to be there, you can look forward to a really great day. Honestly, it's going to be fabulous. Provided you comply with the few rules! Hehehe...
Anyways, I bought a few items of decoration and so forth for that, and have been thinking of things to be baking for it in the upcoming days as well.
So much to do and so little time in which to do it! The one thing I can say about this summer is that I have not been without something to do at any point. Even if I have complained of boredom, it has been false! Because you can't be bored with all this stuff. I was right when I said "I refuse to let this summer turn out the exact same as the last summer". Which was fine in itself, the hanging around and the socialising and doing nothing of any reality most of the time - that was important for last year. It had to happen. But I didn't want that this summer, I wanted something more.
Which I've been getting.
I certainly have been getting it. I mean, there was Stagewise and then this, and then I'm jetting off to the Gaeltacht next week. Then you will actually notice my absence. Well, if you notice my presence, that is! Because three weeks is a long time for someone to be gone. But I am looking forward to it, even if my travelling company don't seem to be as enthused! Cough.
But am I bothered? No. I'm very happy with things right now. In general, I mean. As in, today I'm feeling a little sick and I burned the roof of my mouth and my back is itchy, BUT IN GENERAL things are grand.

Anyways, that's life right now. But the title of my post (Not the David Cassidy quote, that was just for fake-nostalgia and because I love David Cassidy) surely twigged something in your brains?
Yes! I have been trawling and found a few great vintage sites and LOADS of clothes. The thing is with this kind of thing, is that I rarely buy the stuff I see and like, but it gives me ideas, it does. (Still mind-working on that Amish dress by the way. Give me the materials and I'm away).
Anyways, I have spotted some really really lovely things. Hold on, I bookmarked them.
Check out Vintage Amore for some sweet, REALLY good value stuff. I particularly liked some of the dresses, and am thinking of buying the $5 Rapunzel one!
Another AMAZING site I found is this one, run by four incredibly stylish siblings called Upside Dive, on which I really liked a lot of stuff, including these three jackets :

This blue one speaks for itself, it's brilliant. I love the colour (obviously) and the shape, and all the pockets and stuff. If I see a similar one somewhere, I'm grabbing it.

This is also really nice, and different. It's got cool colours on it and would go with a lot of stuff. And even though this is more of a blazer, I think I'll leave plaid jackets to the professionals. (*winks at Saoirse).

I really want this. It looks so warm and wonderful, and I want one. But I think it looks really good on the boy there, and maybe wouldn't suit me, a girl. Trenchcoat types of things have not made me look nice in the past. This is great because he's all thin and boyish. Boys are lucky in this respect.

I also LOVE this. I want to get my hands on one. This one is perfect. These cardigan/waistcoats never stop reminding me of Ferris Bueller who sported a great one in the film (one of my favourite films ever, need I add?).

Awesome. Jennifer Gray had a great outfit in that too. More about my obsession with John Hughes films and the wonderful clothes in them in a later blog, no doubt.

The third site I wanted to tell you about was called Porkchop Girl, and it's also really brilliant. I found lots of things there I really loved, but these stood out to me in particular :

This is beautiful, isn't it? What the feck would I wear it with, though, if I had it? That's the big question. It's quite different to what I would normally wear. Which is, obviously, a large part of its appeal. Plus, it's so lovely!

I liked this skirt because it's so simple and nice and preppy. It would go with loads, and I would totally wear it. What I really liked and what stood out about it was the fact that it was so similar to skirts I had seen in my mother's old dressmaking patterns, and the ease it would take to make! So, I definitely will run up one and see how that looks.

ISN'T THIS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS? I really want to buy it, but at $42 it's too rich for my blood. I'll just look at it a lot, dreamily. The only thing I would change is, I might try and do something right at the bust where I feel something should be. You know. Otherwise it seems a little straight down. Whatever, it's still beautiful.

And that concludes What Grace Saw and Liked today. Why don't you leave me a comment and say what you think about the clothes? Or suggest more websites we might all have a look at. Everyone here likes that sort of stuff.

Speaking of comments, we found out today lots of people we know may read your blog regularly BUT NEVER COMMENT! This is quite lazy, as it is so darned easy to leave a comment. Also, it's unfair on us because sometimes we think no one loves us.
So, bear that in mind, if you've just read this. It's common courtesy to comment!

That's about it. If you're coming to the Tea party on Friday, you should have received a message from us on bebo telling you about it, or something similar, like us telling you physically. (If you didn't, you're not invited!) If you did, you should already be thinking of what you will bake.
I'm grinning away.


Saturday, 7 July 2007

"Who are these people, man? Are we not all the same?" ... I'M BACK!

Saturday, 7 July 2007 1

Hello my beautiful people, I am most certainly back from the wonderful place that was Stagewise.
Was it good?
It was everything I wanted to be, and so much more. It was not-even-a-week of pure brilliance. The classes were so amazing, and if I am not wholly skilled in the art of mime right now... well, I am! There were five sections to the course : Music, Dance, Mime, Acting and Comedy, and all of the teachers were really awesome. Our core class was mime (that means we had it twice a day, and it was our main thing and was what we performed in the final presentation). Our tutor was absolutely brilliant, honestly. He was called Rowan Tolley, which made Penny say on the first day "What is a rowan trolley?". Everyone in our group was really great, and I think at the end we were all extremely glad we had mime, even though he's not everyone's favourite person and on the first day everyone warned us that he was a real bastard. But we all loved him, because he was a really good teacher and hilarious.
Comedy was also fabulous and the teacher was, like, awesome. I loved him, and we had loads of fun in his class, and in the serious characterization workshop he did at dinner on Wednesday.
Music was also really REALLY fun. The music teacher and our core tutor had this big pretend rivalry going on, where Rowan would often remind us "This is NOT Robert Hyman's class, where you prance around singing songs", and Robert Hyman did uncanny Rowan impressions to music.
Acting was good, but most people found it boring. Perhaps because as people interested in drama, we all have seen scripts and done scenes, and it wasn't all different and unusual. Except it was good, and 'Our Day Out' was the play everyone studied.One particularly fun bit was when we acted out a Big Brother-style scenario with puppets as the characters coming into the "Diary Bus'. (example : "Day 1 on the Progress Class' Day Out. Mrs. Kay has entered the Diary Bus. Hello Mrs. Kay." "Hi Big Brother..."). That was cool. We were Colin.
Dance was cool, but tiresome! We had this Bottle dance, which was using bottles as rhythm or whatever, and that was fun, but I have all bruises on my thighs, because there was a lot of that in our groups' dances. The teacher was really nice; he gave us a lift to Heuston on the last day.
Friends were made, food was eaten, teachers were stalked admired, lots of laughs were had, and tears were even cried!
Everyone had brilliant clothes, too. Especially the Spanish contingent. Because Spanish people come, too.

There were three discos, karaoke and a quiz at the nights. And one night we all went into one room to have a big sing. It was utterly brilliant.
Ooh, for more about Stagewise, like important stuff about fees and that (AND HOW TO REGISTER) go to their wee website. We might even be in next year's gallery! Eee! Or ask me; I'm dying to talk about it to whoever'll listen for hours and hours.

Moving on, I have nothing else to say! Well, the Tea Party is coming up, and I'm having panic attacks about planning. I don't feel ready to do anything major after all of that. I'm still adjusting to being back in Westport. The Gaeltacht is so soon as well! What are they trying to do, kill me?
I'm feeling awfully sick, my sinuses are like, really pissed off all of a sudden. I'm pure drained.

I'll write more stuff as and when I think of it.

buh bye,
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