Wednesday, 18 July 2007

"Ask me, I won't say no, how could I?" .... NERVOUS BREAKDOWN!

Wednesday, 18 July 2007
Okay, cast your memories (or just look) back to a couple of weeks ago when I was trying to pack for Stagewise and I said it was very easy compared to what packing for the Gaeltacht would be.
I am nearly in tears. I have about four piles of clothes on my bed, still, and I have already gone through them with "maybe" and "no" and "definitely" piles around ten times. To begin with, it was nearly all my clothes, but I've been ridiculous in taking stuff out, YET THERE'S STILL WAY TOO MANY! I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I would bring them all, if I could. But I can't fit them in the fxcking suitcase! Like, at this point, I'm not too bothered if people think "Feck, she's brought a lot o' clothes!" because my suitcase is of medium size compared to some I saw last year. So I figure, as long as I can contain it all in there, it's not overpacking. But I frigging can't!
So, what am I supposed to do? I know that when my mother comes home she will go all Trunchbull on it, and I'll be upset because I want to bring it all. I mean, I will wear everything. Or could possibly. I don't know what I want to wear before I wear it! It was different last time, I just packed six outfits and one for the disco, which was actually underpacking because we had three discos.
Okay, I'm going to go through it again, extremely realistically. I mean, I could do without the grey check pants or the red jeans, but why should I? They're nice and I do wear them. And, again, what would happen if I wake up say "I want to wear my red jeans", but I never brought them?

(And did you know that blogs come up in Google searches?! I did, but it never hit me until recently...)

Where was I? Oh yes, mental breakdown. Back in a sec.

It is now three piles! This is extreme progress. I took out some long sleeved tops, and my Tinkerbell t-shirt that my cousin gave me. I've always liked that. it's black with a silver outline of Tinkerbell, it's not silly. But I took it out. And I took out the preppy red and white polo shirt I bought in Oxfam. So, I'm really good, aren't I? And I think I may take out those two pairs of pants, simply because I'm in a comfy-jeans mood RIGHT NOW. See, packing is so damn objective.

I just realised I don't know how I'll fit my shoes in.

Okay, my mum did help there. It's now all in my suitcase, ohhh yeah! well, that's the clothes down. Now I'm going around the house with a big cardboard box collecting make-up and hairspray and that style of thing.

I'll do another post tonight. Because I need to!


4 comments. you can do better.:

Megan said...

You didn't post another before you left. I hope you're having a good time. I'll miss you!!:(

*neasa* said...

Grace, you know i love you dearly, so i'm just going to say it.

Please stop calling trousers 'Pants'. You are not american.

Thank you.

Hope you are having a good time!


Grace said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

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