Saturday, 14 July 2007

"'Cos the girl that she ignores is the girl that I adore..." ...Whooo!

Saturday, 14 July 2007
Well. Hello, there! I'm feeling okay. I'm sure I could think harder to produce a better answer, but I feel a bit disjointed right now.

We had our tea party yesterday which was lots of fun and went very well. Everyone brought food and there was more cake-in-face incidents, and I ate a lot of stuff, especially biscuits and jam tartlets and that nice chocolate cornflake messy stuff. Everyone, including myself, took lots of photos, but I'd say theirs are nicer, so I'll steal one and put it up here. Hehehe.
Oh, well, I suppose I should mention my outfit. I did go on and on about Alice dresses after all, and it came out well. I dyed it, all by myself! It came out great in the dye. I took a quick picture.

I had a really REALLY busy day on Thursday, as you can imagine. We went to Castlebar to buy stuff, and then Stef had to rush off the work, and I had loads of baking to do, and my dress to make! But my mum helped a lot with the dress. It came out lovely-ly, if I do say so myself. Which I do.

You can't really see it in this next picture, but I wore that little Victorian lady cameo brooch thing with it. And Saoirse's lacy bolero-style thing.

As I said, the pictures I take at these things are always rather... weird. Well, they're often just the sides of people's heads or people caught-off-guard, because I don't bother getting them to pose most of the time. And if the settings are weird they can go blurry in a bad way, or way or blurry in a cool but annoying way if the flash is off. Well, obviously I didn't take that one.
Anyways, where was I? Oh yes, yesterday. It was fun. But it's the same feeling you get when things happen and then are over. It's like, that's another thing for me to check off, and I forget what I'm doing while I'm not doing stuff or planning stuff for another time. Now I'm in between stuff. But, I retain it was brilliant fun and I might talk more about it later.

I can hear Desert Song radiating from my room. It sounds good. Speaking of songs, the lyrics in the title of this are from a song by the Frank & Walters which was stuck in my head today. It's a very good one.
Now it's the Cardigans. Oh, how great are they? Very, but I've already spoken about them, I think.

More importantly, I'm sure, I SAW HARRY POTTER THURSDAY NIGHT! Very few people got tickets, but we did! I'm not saying I didn't enjoy myself, and I don't want to give anything away but they left LOADS out. Honestly, if you are a fan of the books (as I am), you will feel annoyed. Luna Lovegood was absolutely brilliant though. Apparently the girl who plays her, Evanna Lynch, is totally OBSESSED with Harry Potter, which made me think that it must have been a wee bit annoying at parts. I mean, reading the screenplay, say, of a film which seemed if they got the book, shredded it, split the shreds into two piles and then took one and said "Okay, we'll use this half of stuff in the film" (maybe less) and not shouting at the scriptwriters. But I'm sure being in the film more than made up for that annoyance. She's still incredibly lucky, like, and she did REALLY well.
Helena Bonham Carter was really good, too, and I'm sure Tonks would have been good if she'd had any real lines. Ditto the guy who was playing Shacklebolt. Anyways, see it for yourself.

I'm reading a good book now by Willy Russel (yeah, the guy who wrote Blood Brothers and Our Day Out) called The Wrong Boy. I didn't like the main character to being with, but it's got this great story-unfolds thing going on, and he reveals things which make you think he's still weird, but you feel sorry for him. And you also forget about the whole obsessed-with-Morrissey thing. And it's fine to be obsessed with Morrissey, but at first I was like "Ehh" because he seemed like one of those "I am vegetarian because Morrissey is and I'm depressed because Morrissey is" and you go "WHAT ARE YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE?". If that makes any sense at all. But it's not so much like that. It's good.
I like all the Smiths references, as well. It's cool.

Haha. I just read the funniest quote ever. Speaking of Morrissey, and all that, Robert Smith from the Cure simply said once : "If Morrissey says 'don't eat meat', then I'll eat meat, because I hate Morrissey." I like that because it's nice and blunt.

Anyways, where was I? Oh yes, books. Books are wonderful. But I borrowed three from the library, one which I feel like I have already read, one which I read, and one which I have been reading on and off. But, unsurprisingly, they are late back. They were supposed to go back on the 8th. What will I do? I want to finish them. I don't really know how the library works, I only got my card a while ago. Do I renew them? How does that work? I asked Dad last night if they charge you a fine for being late back with books before they send you a letter and he just said "Pucks". But I think he was joking.

Now, Jack wants a go on the computer so I'll go. I have much more to say. I don't know if I will ever been done.


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*neasa* said...


Your whole Morrissey Spiel reminded me of the funniest youtube vid.


excitable 80's Kid: 'Where are we going?'
Morrissey: 'We're all going mad'
excitable 80's Kid: 'Oh, i thought we were going to Kew Gardens.


Also, give me the address and i WILL write to you!!
when are you going?


alej. said...

The Cardigans! I thought I was the only non-Swede who actually liked them...

Megan said...

The party was fun and your dress turned out great. Ye, I don't hate people who do things just because others do but I hate the fact that they do it.

I love the Cardigans!!

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