Tuesday, 10 July 2007

"I woke up in love this morning, went to sleep with you on my mind!"... CLOTHES!

Tuesday, 10 July 2007
Okay, so, hello!

Today was great. We got so much planning done for the Tea Party on Friday. If you're going to be there, you can look forward to a really great day. Honestly, it's going to be fabulous. Provided you comply with the few rules! Hehehe...
Anyways, I bought a few items of decoration and so forth for that, and have been thinking of things to be baking for it in the upcoming days as well.
So much to do and so little time in which to do it! The one thing I can say about this summer is that I have not been without something to do at any point. Even if I have complained of boredom, it has been false! Because you can't be bored with all this stuff. I was right when I said "I refuse to let this summer turn out the exact same as the last summer". Which was fine in itself, the hanging around and the socialising and doing nothing of any reality most of the time - that was important for last year. It had to happen. But I didn't want that this summer, I wanted something more.
Which I've been getting.
I certainly have been getting it. I mean, there was Stagewise and then this, and then I'm jetting off to the Gaeltacht next week. Then you will actually notice my absence. Well, if you notice my presence, that is! Because three weeks is a long time for someone to be gone. But I am looking forward to it, even if my travelling company don't seem to be as enthused! Cough.
But am I bothered? No. I'm very happy with things right now. In general, I mean. As in, today I'm feeling a little sick and I burned the roof of my mouth and my back is itchy, BUT IN GENERAL things are grand.

Anyways, that's life right now. But the title of my post (Not the David Cassidy quote, that was just for fake-nostalgia and because I love David Cassidy) surely twigged something in your brains?
Yes! I have been trawling and found a few great vintage sites and LOADS of clothes. The thing is with this kind of thing, is that I rarely buy the stuff I see and like, but it gives me ideas, it does. (Still mind-working on that Amish dress by the way. Give me the materials and I'm away).
Anyways, I have spotted some really really lovely things. Hold on, I bookmarked them.
Check out Vintage Amore for some sweet, REALLY good value stuff. I particularly liked some of the dresses, and am thinking of buying the $5 Rapunzel one!
Another AMAZING site I found is this one, run by four incredibly stylish siblings called Upside Dive, on which I really liked a lot of stuff, including these three jackets :

This blue one speaks for itself, it's brilliant. I love the colour (obviously) and the shape, and all the pockets and stuff. If I see a similar one somewhere, I'm grabbing it.

This is also really nice, and different. It's got cool colours on it and would go with a lot of stuff. And even though this is more of a blazer, I think I'll leave plaid jackets to the professionals. (*winks at Saoirse).

I really want this. It looks so warm and wonderful, and I want one. But I think it looks really good on the boy there, and maybe wouldn't suit me, a girl. Trenchcoat types of things have not made me look nice in the past. This is great because he's all thin and boyish. Boys are lucky in this respect.

I also LOVE this. I want to get my hands on one. This one is perfect. These cardigan/waistcoats never stop reminding me of Ferris Bueller who sported a great one in the film (one of my favourite films ever, need I add?).

Awesome. Jennifer Gray had a great outfit in that too. More about my obsession with John Hughes films and the wonderful clothes in them in a later blog, no doubt.

The third site I wanted to tell you about was called Porkchop Girl, and it's also really brilliant. I found lots of things there I really loved, but these stood out to me in particular :

This is beautiful, isn't it? What the feck would I wear it with, though, if I had it? That's the big question. It's quite different to what I would normally wear. Which is, obviously, a large part of its appeal. Plus, it's so lovely!

I liked this skirt because it's so simple and nice and preppy. It would go with loads, and I would totally wear it. What I really liked and what stood out about it was the fact that it was so similar to skirts I had seen in my mother's old dressmaking patterns, and the ease it would take to make! So, I definitely will run up one and see how that looks.

ISN'T THIS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS? I really want to buy it, but at $42 it's too rich for my blood. I'll just look at it a lot, dreamily. The only thing I would change is, I might try and do something right at the bust where I feel something should be. You know. Otherwise it seems a little straight down. Whatever, it's still beautiful.

And that concludes What Grace Saw and Liked today. Why don't you leave me a comment and say what you think about the clothes? Or suggest more websites we might all have a look at. Everyone here likes that sort of stuff.

Speaking of comments, we found out today lots of people we know may read your blog regularly BUT NEVER COMMENT! This is quite lazy, as it is so darned easy to leave a comment. Also, it's unfair on us because sometimes we think no one loves us.
So, bear that in mind, if you've just read this. It's common courtesy to comment!

That's about it. If you're coming to the Tea party on Friday, you should have received a message from us on bebo telling you about it, or something similar, like us telling you physically. (If you didn't, you're not invited!) If you did, you should already be thinking of what you will bake.
I'm grinning away.


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swall said...

I agree that the trench wouldn't work on a girl.
Girls need a structured jacket, while boys like these can just wear anything big like that and look great because they are thin and boobless and have no shape.
Damn them!
I also like the skirt from porkchop girl!

Grace said...

I know.
They don't have hips either, they can wear anything!

Megan said...

I really liked the blue chequered blazer!! Brandon Flowers used to have one like it(or maybe still does) that I really wanted as I do love my blazers. However know he just dances around in gold suits...

Wow how does this thing know my name...Do I have a blog already because it says blogger display name...I dunno, I sing up for so many things I can't remember...

Niamh said...

yay! I can't wait for the tea party....yay

Me and Megz were just discussing it there, I love the clothes btw...xox

Niamh said...

and me and megz figured it knows our names cos it's gmail....xox

Grace said...

Cool, do you guys have gmail?!

thank you for the comments. :)

Hazel said...

I also missed the teaparty..
I was away and busy for a lot of that summer.
Missed out on so much!
Oh well..

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