Monday, 16 July 2007

"Maybe you'll just get right down to wearing out the matress." ... Nearly gone.

Monday, 16 July 2007
Hello! That's right, I am nearly gone. It's like the scene in Back to the Future when he starts to disappear during Johnny B. Goode. I'm fading away! Sort of. I'm not dying, just going to the Gaeltacht, on Thursday, for three weeks. And you can write to me, here : Colaiste Chamuis, Camus, Co. na Gaillimhe. That wasn't daring of me, because it's just the address of our Gaeltacht. Anways, I am looking forward to it, I must say. Only, I'm not very organised. We went to Castlebar today so I could get the last few things, but I totally forgot important stuff and ended up buying knee-high stocking-y things instead of proper tights which was REALLY annoying!
I think I was a little distracted by the sales. They're pretty good, especially in a|wear. But I almost wanted to cry when I saw that the beautiful top I had paid nearly thirty euro for going to my cousin's confirmation, and will totally wear many times again, is now reduced to 5. FIVE EURO! That's the most fucking unfair thing I've ever heard. Number one, because they are gorgeous tops, and it makes me feel weird that there were, like, 8 leftover and number two, because I PAID LOADS FOR IT!
I'm getting really annoyed just thinking about it. So annoyed I didn't even buy the brown version, which was also five euro. That and I wasn't sure if I'd wear it.

In Penneys they also had the shoes I bought on the same day for thirteen euro down to five. That wasn't so bad, BUT IT STILL LOOKS LIKE THEY'RE OUT TO GET ME!
Least I got loads of wear out of those shoes. They're sparkly.

I wanted to buy those pink stilettos they have in Penneys at the moment, and it was probably my last chance to get the last size 7 (even though I'm a 6, the 7 fit me perfectly for a change). As you may or may not know, I am total sucker for stilettos. And these ones were just so ... I don't know. Plain. Fake-ish. Sort of tacky, but really sweet. I really liked them anyways. They had them in a sort of indigo/violet version, which was weird, but I wanted the pink. Anyways, cut a long story short, my mother hates stilettos. HATES. It's one of the few things I adore that she really, really hates. And seeing as I had no money, and was dependent on her charity and saying "Yes, that is nice, here's money to buy it" (like with the long white skirt I bought earlier) I didn't get them. She didn't like them at all. And I don't think maybe people would if they saw them on the shelf, but I knew if I was let have them I could work them! But she said "You already have pink stilettos", referring to these :

They're similar. they look dirtyish there, though. I don't know if anyone thought they would be great when I bought them, but I've worn them a lot, and Mum does like them, so HAH! But I explained to her they weren't the same, those were baby pink, these were LIPSTICK pink! Anyways, I didn't get them. I'm really pissed off about that.

I finished the Willy Russel book. It was brilliant, genius, strange! The best bit was around the middle (?), I think. That was when I was laughing out loud. Luckily there weren't any points I really wanted to cry, but I came close a few times. The ending caught me off guard. Read it, anyways. See what you think.

I can't believe that this time a year ago we would be sitting on the yellow leisure park grass, absolutely roasting. Haha. Happy juice.

Ermm, I don't know what else to say. I'll probably do another teary-eyed post before I go. But tomorrow I'm going to get organised, and I'll go into town Wednesday, so see you there.

love youu


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Megan said...

I will write to you!!

Oh I do love sales, but don't be annoyed by the fact you paid more for the top because you'll find lots of nice things in sales that others paid a bomb for and they will be annoyed. It happens to the best of us.

That tights thing happened to me before, when I was going to work, but what was even more dreadful was the time I forgot my shoes!! That was disastrous.

Niamh said...

that always happens to me grrrrrr!!
damn sales

but also good sales

I shall be writing to you my dear


swall said...

oh grace!
i miss you betch!

Hazel said...

Haha happy juice..
So fricken long ago!

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