Saturday, 7 July 2007

"Who are these people, man? Are we not all the same?" ... I'M BACK!

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Hello my beautiful people, I am most certainly back from the wonderful place that was Stagewise.
Was it good?
It was everything I wanted to be, and so much more. It was not-even-a-week of pure brilliance. The classes were so amazing, and if I am not wholly skilled in the art of mime right now... well, I am! There were five sections to the course : Music, Dance, Mime, Acting and Comedy, and all of the teachers were really awesome. Our core class was mime (that means we had it twice a day, and it was our main thing and was what we performed in the final presentation). Our tutor was absolutely brilliant, honestly. He was called Rowan Tolley, which made Penny say on the first day "What is a rowan trolley?". Everyone in our group was really great, and I think at the end we were all extremely glad we had mime, even though he's not everyone's favourite person and on the first day everyone warned us that he was a real bastard. But we all loved him, because he was a really good teacher and hilarious.
Comedy was also fabulous and the teacher was, like, awesome. I loved him, and we had loads of fun in his class, and in the serious characterization workshop he did at dinner on Wednesday.
Music was also really REALLY fun. The music teacher and our core tutor had this big pretend rivalry going on, where Rowan would often remind us "This is NOT Robert Hyman's class, where you prance around singing songs", and Robert Hyman did uncanny Rowan impressions to music.
Acting was good, but most people found it boring. Perhaps because as people interested in drama, we all have seen scripts and done scenes, and it wasn't all different and unusual. Except it was good, and 'Our Day Out' was the play everyone studied.One particularly fun bit was when we acted out a Big Brother-style scenario with puppets as the characters coming into the "Diary Bus'. (example : "Day 1 on the Progress Class' Day Out. Mrs. Kay has entered the Diary Bus. Hello Mrs. Kay." "Hi Big Brother..."). That was cool. We were Colin.
Dance was cool, but tiresome! We had this Bottle dance, which was using bottles as rhythm or whatever, and that was fun, but I have all bruises on my thighs, because there was a lot of that in our groups' dances. The teacher was really nice; he gave us a lift to Heuston on the last day.
Friends were made, food was eaten, teachers were stalked admired, lots of laughs were had, and tears were even cried!
Everyone had brilliant clothes, too. Especially the Spanish contingent. Because Spanish people come, too.

There were three discos, karaoke and a quiz at the nights. And one night we all went into one room to have a big sing. It was utterly brilliant.
Ooh, for more about Stagewise, like important stuff about fees and that (AND HOW TO REGISTER) go to their wee website. We might even be in next year's gallery! Eee! Or ask me; I'm dying to talk about it to whoever'll listen for hours and hours.

Moving on, I have nothing else to say! Well, the Tea Party is coming up, and I'm having panic attacks about planning. I don't feel ready to do anything major after all of that. I'm still adjusting to being back in Westport. The Gaeltacht is so soon as well! What are they trying to do, kill me?
I'm feeling awfully sick, my sinuses are like, really pissed off all of a sudden. I'm pure drained.

I'll write more stuff as and when I think of it.

buh bye,

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swall said...

Ahh, don't be sick!
If you need help, I can make brownies.

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