Wednesday, 29 August 2007

"Don't you want to be free?" ... "Long time, no write" - overstatement of the month.

Wednesday, 29 August 2007
Hello. Well. Okay, it has of course been over a month (I am guessing) since I last did a blog. I'm terribly sorry. But you know, these things pile up. First it was the Gaeltacht, then I was back, and then I was off to stay with Neasa up North, and then I was too lazy to do anything! After that was Spain, and I came back from there at one o'clock this morning, so what can you do?

But I'm here now. Writing this in between watching Spaced and the IT Crowd on the computer, which is great fun, of course, but today I felt I REALLY should make a blog. Get it over with.
(While my mother tells her sister over the phone about overhearing a conversation about colonic irrigation in a barber's - ugh!)

Anyway, let me catch you up. The Gaeltacht was brilliant, which was no surprise. My Irish was a lot better than it was last year, when people speaking to me frightened me as much as brandished knives and snarling would. When I got back I couldn't put a stop to it, it was impossible. It still sneaks into my dreams. Brilliant. I didn't miss my left behind clothes too much, I brought the ones I was really glad to have, and bought a few things on my day out to Galway. can't remember what they were, except a stripey Penney's jumper which I've been getting loads of use out of.

Spain was really nice too. Really, really hot (I even have wee bit of a tan!), but it was comfortable! I got used to it, and did as Saoirse said bringing all of my skirts and shorts. It was fun wearing the really small ones my cousin gave me (even though I always dismissed them as far too short), and no tights. It was a novelty.
The markets were very cool, but I didn't get to any of those extremely cool filled-with-great-clothes-and-stuff markets, just your run-of-the-mill good ones. We didn't get to the amazing multi-storey shopping centre everyone was raving about (with Zara and H&M and all of those with very low price, etc.) because no one who knew where it was spoke any English.
But I got some great clothes around about anyways. I bought three t-shirts, two skirts, a "hippie dress", some hipbo (hippie-hobo) trousers, a pair of Hawaiian-looking short-shorts and a bag for TY. Greatness.
We played Scrabble and Pictionary a lot, which was lots of fun! They NEVER want to play games at home (I love board games), but suddenly we come on holiday and they do? Figures.
I bought a MASSIVE Spainish Vogue, which was two Vogues in one for 3.50 and gave it to Saoirse because she has lots of Vogues and knows Spainish. We had lots of fun reading it today (along with sneaking around our school and a hotel. I never thought anyone would ever say to me "Leave before I call security", but there you go). Wonderful.

So, that's a quick briefing.

School starts very soon. I'm looking forward to it, but it will be such a drastic change to things now. Not just change within the school like uniforms, new fancy canteen food, being allowed out at lunch, doing fun things instead of class, no homework, going up to the boys' school and so forth, but just the very fact that it will no longer be summer. I will have to be in a certain place every day for the rest of the year, except for some days. If you get what I mean. Which doesn't sound that mental, but it is different to the summer, where it's do what you like. Sort of. My summer was very structured and busy though, about which I was so glad. And I didn't have a job!

Hmm, something pop-cultural... Well, like I said I'm watching Black Books. Or perhaps I forgot to easy Black Books. Oh, it is BRILLIANT. Dylan Moran is blurry amazingaBill Bailey as well. I used to hate the girl, but she's funny on this. Of course, they write the lines for her, but you know how it is.
I love telly. AND BOOKS! I will be able to read a lot now. No more exhausting school and study and pretending to study or being exhausted from school and study and pretending to study. That list I spoke about, as lists do, is simply getting longer. Along with CDs I need to buy.
I bought Regina Spektor's album the other day, which I love, but I'm now overplaying it at all, because it would be too easy to get sick of her voice. I really like it though.

I want a Supertramp album. Mum said she used to love them, so we probably have some of their records. 'Breakfast in America' is far superior to ... is it Gym Class Heroes? Yeah, I think so. Their song slightly sampled it, they stole the tune and some of the lyrics. They probably got permission. But, what was I saying? Oh yeah, I like it, it's weird.

Ooh, doing blogs is fun! We should all do it more often!

I'll do another tomorrow, and I'm going to get my Daddy to bring me to Castlebar so I can school-shop and such.

Love you

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swall said...

Oh, I'm glad to have your graceful ramblings to read again!

Hazel said...

Oooh, next time you are writing about going back to school you'll be in fifth year..
And we'll be in Leaving Cert.
Crazy or what!

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