Monday, 3 September 2007

"I don't want you to adore me, don't want you to ignore me, when it pleases you..." ... eeee *runs around* !

Monday, 3 September 2007
School is tomorrow! I've got all these weird feelings about it. Excitement, partially, but more like "What am I supposed to do?! I can't go to school!". I feel like I won't be able to.
Imagine if it were fifth year. My God. I'm glad that it's not like that.

We went to Dublin yesterday. It was fun! The Topshop sales are incredibly brilliant, the best ever. I bought a massive t-shirt with a picture of a puffin on it for 7 euro. It's my way of joining the massive rave-y t-shirts trend that's been going for months now. I like it.
I also bought green tights that are too green (shit!) and school shoes. Fun. And tried on stuff. My mother bought me some cream shirts in Sligo - in Penneys! I couldn't find any in Penneys here. Odd.

And I read Nick Hornby's 31 Songs which I liked, because I love him and earlier didn't fancy it because it's non-fiction, but what the hell. You should all read it. You can see why High Fidelity was just so brilliant, and it really makes music the most important thing around while you read it. Preferably listening to the songs mentioned, if you can find them.
Rufus Wainwright's 'One Man Guy' is in it - one of my favourite songs of his, which made me happy. And 'Frontier Psychiatrist'! And, erm, twenty-nine brilliant others? Hahaah.
Read it because Nick Hornby saying anything about anything is better than lots and lots of other books you could waste time on.

Well, I can see a pattern emerging here. I'm not using my brain to write this. I'm so hungry. I'll probably have some cheese, but what I really want is a Marks & Spencer's cookie, eh?

Okay. The times they are a-changin', and we've got to go to school tomorrow! And wear big-people uniforms. I still don't have anything ready for Killary, which is Wednesday and Thursday, and should be good. We're going to miss the showing of Glen Hansard's film, Once which they are putting on for the Arts Festival, and whatever else they do for it those days.
I never mentioned we got chased by massive purple bird creatures in town the other day! It was terrifying. But a nice day, even if we got thrown out of a hotel. We were being very nice and not rowdy or anything, but I don't know if we were supposed to be on the roof garden...
At least we weren't kicked out of the school, while we gave our friend a tour of it!

Okay, that's it for the mo.

More later.



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Megan said...

Oh I have really green tights!! I also got bright orange fishnets to go over them. i also got my shirts in Pennys. Pennys is super dooper cool. Mmmm, cheese and M&S food....they have the nicest food ever. mmm.

Hazel said...

Imagine if it were fifth year. My God. I'm glad that it's not like that.

Very soon..
Summer is flying by.

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