Saturday, 22 September 2007

OH! P.S.!

Saturday, 22 September 2007
Facehunter went to the London fashion week! And I barely ever go on that site, which is unfair on myself, because it's genius. Random people on the street have the best clothes. Anyways, they're all really great, but a few things struck me about these ones :

(images aren't working today, just click)
her top! her tights (just like ones i have)!

such an adorable boy - saoirse, is this our redhead from i-D?

obviously, where can i get me some of these pants?!

shoes and tights!

these shoes

and she just looks cool.

That's all.


1 comments. you can do better.:

swall said...

yknow, I saw him and thought it was him.
Also kinda looks like Will Blondelle (naky guy holding boobs in i-D)

All beautiful people!

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