Saturday, 22 September 2007

"White lies, you've worn out all your dancing shoes this time..." Title?

Saturday, 22 September 2007

I don't know why I have the Life on the Murder Scene CD on iTunes, because it's not like I ever listen to any of the songs off it. Just, you know, they're live... And why would I listen to the live (and inferior, sorry MCR) version of the song when I have the album one?
But I don't want to delete it just yet, because I have no idea where it is. And when I find it, at least I know I'll always have it and will be able to delete it. But I won't just yet. It's probably in with all the other CDs, because I just rememebred it's CD size.
Well, obviously I'd keep 'Desert Song' and 'Bury Me in Black'. They're good.

Saw Superbad last night. Vulgur, rude, bold, hilarious. And cute, in a strange sort of way. I loved the Evan (was that his name?) guy. And all of them. My favourite bit was every scene with the cops.
I love movies.

Okay, what can I say? I'm nice and warm, except my hands and bare feet. I stole Luke's massive black jumper he bought in Penneys because he reckoned it didn't look nice on him. All of his clothes are too big, I don't see what the problem was. Anyways, it makes me look really obese, but I loves it. Wore it last night. That was clever, because it was impossible for food to go down my top! Any time I go to the cinema, that's a big problem. Oh well.
But yeah, have to make him buy clothes that aren't so massive.

I don't want to do anything today. I want to lie down and read. Which I've been doing all morning, and will keep doing until I stop. Unless someone tells me to go into town. Unlikely.

I read 1408 by Stephen King. It's only wee, it's in a bigger collection of short stories called Everything's Eventual (which is a cool name). It was really cool. Not scary. Would make a cool film, but apparently they've changed loads for the actual film. And apparently it's gone out of Castlebar cinema! Poo. Because I would've gone, despite my earlier "Ooh, it looks too scary/But John Cusack is in it!" Smeagol*/Gollum situation. But I've decided now. Perhaps at too late a stage.
I also found and finished Different Seasons. I dunno if I mentioned I only read the first third (let's say) of Apt Pupil, because I didn't like where it was going? Well, I wanted to find out was happened, so I read the final third, skipping the middle (which, I know, is like such an awful thing to do, but I really didn't want to hear about all the details of the kitty/wino murderings which I found out about in the end anyways). Where was I? I go on for far too long in brackets, then get confused. Oh yes, and I didn't care much for it. Then I read the Breathing Method, which I really liked. And with all the talk about it, you'd swear it was ALL about the actual event and the breathing method and all that, but it seemed to be literally a small part of it.
Anways, I'm definitely going to read more of the short stories in Everything's Eventual (which are actual short stories, not like the long ones in the other one). There's fourteen of them, which seems like a lot.

I was also reading the Hitchiker's Guide the the Galaxy, but ... I lost it. Where is it?! It must be in school somewhere. or in my room.
I hate that. My room is too small for things to go missing! It's the size of a bed, practically! But when it's messy, they can, easily. I also get very frustrated when it's messy, which nowadays is all the time. Because if I am getting dressed and don't know what to wear, within seconds every single item of possible clothing is all over my bed and floor. And then I don't want to put them back!
It's a downward spiral, and I am afraid it will lead to my destruction.

But I bought clothes! Silver shoes and pink shoes (which were only a euro!) and grey jeans which are too big and "fat man" pants. I know, I'm dreadful. They're so backward and not fashionable, in their sick trendy way. They're really not flattering as well, but in a strange way they are.

And we had our auditions for the musical, which I've already had like ten dreams about. I'm so annoyed at my lack of talent. It's one of those things which I know is going to be annoying me and getting in my way forever. I actually gave out to my parents for not being goods singers, and that it was their fault. Jokingly, of course.
Oh well, I'm glad that there are so many wonderful singers in our year. We shall have a glorious musical. Even if we don't know what it will BE for TWO WEEKS!

I have put in any pictures. What will entertain your poor little minds instead of all this boring ranting, which you have to read if you want to know what it is?

Okay, I'll draw you one.

Get it?

Okay, I've officially lost my mind. It's all of your fault.

Also, why am I always blaming everyone else for stuff?


*Had to look up the spelling of that one, I'm ashamed to say. What?! It's weird!

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swall said...

I love your rants!

And that piccie is brilly!

DADADADADA <-(singing)

Hazel said...

You read a lot of good books!
I love to read, I really should read more..

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