Monday, 29 October 2007

"You're only nineteen for God's sake, you don't need a boyfriend!" ... Just a quick one.

Monday, 29 October 2007 1
I know how it feels to be your age and feel the world is caving in.

Ahh, Long Blondes. Where were they when I was like "I need a band which I love"? Okay, so I never said that, but still.

So, my parents left for Italy at two o'clock this morning. I miss them already, hahaha. No, I really do. It's like, I don't miss them when I'm the one who is away, but it's just weird being at home and them not being here. Even though I'm not going to be in the house this week. I know that at sixteen lots of people my age would be left at home alone, and it's not like I'd have a house party or anything (far too boring), but how would I cope? I don't know. If they do it next year, they might actually leave me alone. And then what?

So, this week should be fun. Ce soir, nous avons la boum. Then tomorrow the disco, WHICH IF I FORGOT TO TELL YOU has been put forward to TOMORROW NIGHT, ie, TUESDAY! Do not miss it. It shall be very nice. You will see me in my check dress which is too tight. My friends told me to get it in a size 8 when I got it, which was last year, but it was tight then, and it's tight now. My bottom half is NOT a size 8. I can assure you.
But still, I'm going to wear it. I just won't eat that day. Hahah. Just joking. I'm unable to not eat. Yesterday we stopped in McDonald's on the way to the quiz (we came second, by the way, and that was less one member, so it's pretty good! I was so pissed off at half time, though. I was like "FUCK'S SAKE! WE HAVE IT LOST! WE MIGHT AS WELL GO HOME!").
I had so much food. I could tell everyone was like "You pig. You're still hungry?" when I went back for a second portion of chips. But seriously, McDonald's food may be great, but it doesn't fill you up at all.

Oh God, my room is so messy. But I have until like, half five to clean it. Then I should probably get dressed, or something.

I've been watching the Skins DVD! Argh. So good. Why can't I get my hair to be like Cassie's? I love her. Also, I just keep wondering how on earth they found a boy that beautiful. Like, where did they find him? Maxxie, I mean. I love him.
Well, it's very good. except the second DVD keeps freezing, so I couldn't watch Sid's episode at all. Mairead, if you're reading this, IT WASN'T ME! I swear. It just keeps doing that. I can try again later anyways.

No words need be spoken.

Except this : Why are all the beautiful people only fictional? Or as good as? WHY?!

Maybe I should have a shower.
Maybe I need one after that^. AHAHAHAH.

My God, I'm hilarious.

Right now, I should be getting ready. Like, for the week. but am I? No. I'm writing a blog. And being on MSN.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

"It's a very dangerous thing to do, exactly what you want" ...Ugh.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007 0
I feel awful.
As a person, and in terms of sickness.

But let me take you back. This weekend was was incredibly busy and incredibly fun. Friday we all went to our friend's house for lots of madness. The next day me and my other friend went to the pool for some swimming and sauna and sweating to death in the steamroom, then my OTHER friend had a sleepover as it was her birthday. That was loads of fun! Unfortunately, I was not well. Combination of my hayfever thing (well, it's obviously not PROPER hayfever, but whatever it is) acting up really bad, eating way too much and getting no sleep got me em, and the next morning I felt quite sick. But we walked (for days!) to our other friend's house and then I left to go and win the No Name Club regional Table Quiz thingie in Headford. Now we're through to the finals, which we will hopefully win, too.

That all makes me sound busy, doesn't it? Maybe I am. I feel it.
Tomorrow I have lots of things to do for the magazine. write a QUICK short story, do the thing about teenspeak (new challenge) and watch all of Skins and review it.
By Thursday.

Well, if you know anything about me, you'll know I only work well whilst burning the proverbial midnight oil, so who knows? I might get it all done/

SHIT. I also have to finish that birthday card for my neighbour. I can do that tonight. There;'s nothing important tomorrow that requires lots of rest the night before, is there? No. Except driving, Oireachtas practice and lecture from the guy from Mountjoy.

I can't wait for the Oireachtas. It will be cool. I'm such a minor character, but I'm in every scene! Haha. But it means missing lots of class.
Soon, I will begin freaking out.

Okay, moving on, to the other reason I feel awful. I'm a stupid. And I have a big mouth. Which is such a pity. Terribly sorry. I really am.

Hallowe'en approaches. Go to threadbanger for some cool ideas, and if you like making and customising clothes and all of that (like I do).

Friday, TYs, we have the MUSICAL. Omigosh! I wonder what musical we are doing? I'm sure it will be ... Well, I'm sure it will involve singing and dancing. And thats the only thing anyone can be sure about! I wish I could sing. Oh, man. It holds you back so much when you're not a good singer, even if you try. It means that I won't get a part in the musical, even though I've wanted to be in it ever since the first one I ever saw in our school, which must've been Fiddler on the Roof, since I can't remember anything before that, but our teacher is surprised I can even remember that.
But I can! And well enough, too, for something that was so long ago! Just vague details, like the colours of the set, and some of the costume, and I remember liking the songs.
we were talking to Mr. McEachmharchaigh (IS THAT RIGHT?!) about it today, and he did Our Day Out! That was one of my FAVOURITE ones. I was so glad we did bits of it in Stagewise, because it's so damn good. I mean, they brought on live animals, for frig's sake.
But now.
Who knows what the musical will be like? We'll just have to try really hard, and at least we've got loads of good singers, and loads of enthusiastic people, even though unfortunately not all of the enthusiastic ones can sing, and possibly not all of the singers are so enthusiastic.
Except about singing, of course. Which is all that matters, really. And acting. (But is it really as important, to the MAN and such people?! No.)

Okay, shut up, Grace.

I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!

Time for a picture or two.

Here's David Tennant. Doesn't he look good?
He's such a cutie.

And here are the Mighty Boosh, as TEST CARD F!

Now, my dears.
Love, and leave, etc.

And sorry, yeah...


PS : I got SIX new items of very nice clothing (I think) in Oxfam the other day for 30 euro, so I'll have to show the to you soon. If I'm not too busy. The break approaches. The busiest time of all!

Thursday, 18 October 2007

and another thing!

Thursday, 18 October 2007 0
Finally. Mairead's Rants, for everyone to enjoy. Keep it in mind, people, she and I are writing in the SAME section of the magazine!


Check it out. And read the rest of this for goodness' sake.


"What do you know? You know nothing. Yet I still take you home." GARR.

My name's Grace and I am angry.
I'm lucky I just got angry there, because it means I was spurred into writing one of these. Brilliant.
So, people. Flip's sake. They're all such IDIOTS. Some of them. They don't think or use their minds at all. They don't care about anything or anyone. But they pretend to. Oh ho ho ho! They pretend to, alright.
Like that IDIOT First Year who left her phone on top of her locker. Someone could steal that!
or people who totally, just ... yeah.

But anyways, got that off my chest. Now I can talk to you about ... HALLOWE'EN!
Oh, Hallowe'en is my favourite time of year, because it's got everything (except gifts). There's lots of dressing up, time off school, lovely colours and sometimes lovely weather (you know those lovely cold, dry mornings?), LOTS of food, parties, fires! And it's something everyone can enjoy.
Except the Spanish.
Apparently they don't celebrate Hallowe'en.
But anyways, there's the disco, and a few parties. Should be nice. The thing IS EVERYONE should be dressing up for the disco. (No Name Club is hosting it, Hallowe'en Night, C2 Night Club. Admission is 10 euro for non-members and 8 euro for members. No drink. No drugs. COME!)But the host and hostesses can't! Simply because most of them don't want to, even though everyone going to it seems to be. So, I'll just stick on some fairy wings or something, and say it's not a costume, and think of something better for the actual dressing up.
We discovered today the easiest way to think of a sexy costume (if that's what you want, which most people do) is just think of something, then add the word 'sexy' in front. Example : Sexy cat, Sexy Bob the Builder, Sexy waitress, Sexy Rockstar, Sexy scientist, Sexy Eskimo, etc, etc...

You get the gist.

What else? Oh, yes! Work experience! Need to organise some, I'm so procrastinate-y.

Also, the magazine. I did I review of Nick Hornby's new book, 'SLAM' (READ IT, READ IT, READ IT!) but I'll need to change a few things on it, and I'm doing a TV thing as well (Skins, probably) and a short story if I can think of a good enough idea which will be short.

help me.



Monday, 8 October 2007

"I get all the girls, I get ALL the girls." WHOO, BLOG!

Monday, 8 October 2007 5
Well, hii. It's been a while. And I haven't been lazy, I'll have you know. I've been busy. Really busy. Or at the times when I wasn't busy, I was too content to write, or else too pissed off. Well, the last one I did was the 22nd, so that's not toooo bad. Well, what can I say?

The most significant thing, I would say, has been the film. We did a film workshop with these two guys from the Galway Film Centre - called David* and Paddy** - where the group had to make a proper short film in a week. We were divided into groups to come up with the ideas and in the end the film was a combination of our group's (mostly Saoirse, and a bit of me, to be honest) with another groups (which was lots of mean Girls stuff) to make a very interesting plot. (It was about French girls in a school new bitching about everyone, and so on. There were sluts and rockers and nerds and bold teachers).
And then we had to storyboard it and do the script. I ended up writing out the whole script, and Saoirse directed the entire film. Cut a long story short, it went really well! Everyone in the group did something and had a part, and the costumes were fun, and the scenes all looked cool and we had tonnes of craic! All of that was exclusive to our week of the film course, the people in the week before didn't seem to have any of that. Not that it won't be a good film, just a very different film. Like, there's no speaking in theirs. There's nothing but in ours!
Everyone enjoyed it, I think. We ll had loads of fun dressing up anyways. And doing the sets. I had a small part as a teacher, but tonnes of work. The pictures are all on bebo. You should look at them.

this was after filming one of the days. as you can see, we're terribly stressed. I'm on the phone! I also look catmalojin***, but whatever.

Something you can expect to see in the film. If I show it you, that is. Or anyone else does.

Hmm, any more news? Finished woodwork, blah, blah blah... Went to Newport for Friday night, that was fun... Painting folders in art, got really messy...
OH YEAH! My birthday. It's on Sunday. Whooo, I am so excited. Cinema on friday, etc. Should be fun enough. As long as we don't go see Saw IV. Okay, I know that's not out yet, but I will NEVER be seeing it! And I don't particularly want to see Black Sheep either, but you know, I'm easy. Enough. Sometimes.
Cool. So, anyways.

I'm quite annoyed. At myself, but mostly other people. But don't worry, not you, person reading this (hah). Definitely, not you.

Grrr. Oh, God, that is so other blog. I used to just rant on that all the time and say "grr". Ohhh, good times. The olden days. The lockers by the second year area! Being obsessed with bands. Hanging out with the Third Years.

We went to Dublin! Did I say that? It was great fun, even though it seemed we had absolutely NO TIME, at all. We spent hours in Urban Outfitters and this wonderful shop called Se Si (He She, in Irish, but I've no fadas) and it was absolutely fabulous. Heaven. Two storeys, reggae shop, furry pink jackets, vintage and second-hand, stupidy cheap some of the stuff, really nice staff.
We also went to the regulars, and Circus, where they were too nice to us and showed us videos and told us about Bjork's dancers and really dear, mental, lovely clothes and fashion designers we had never heard of, but whom the boy near us knew really well, 'cos wasn't he soooo cool. They also showed Saoirse the dollies we wanted to go and see that day. THE ACTUAL ONES! Or one, anyways.
I bought a cool Addidas jacket (honestly, I love it, it's all sort of Addidas-youth, colourful, 80s-ey), and I need some great runners to match now. Soon, I'll be all sports-wear! Only joking. I also bought a 10CC CD for my mother, turquoise jeans for dead cheap in the Urban Outfitters sale (and I should have bought the purple or lemon yellow, too) aaand... a little green t-shirt.
It was fun. Very nice crepes. Horrible wasabi. Good times.

Now, I'm going to go watch some telly with my family. Talk to you later, and wish me a happy birthday on Sunday, haahaa! And Neasa (>>>)! It's hers tomorrow (don't think I forgot!).

Now, be good.
Don't say things that aren't true.
Don't make people feel awkward.
Don't let people make you feel awkward.
Twirl in the rain, as we've loads.
Mind yourself when you cross the road. Even if you run.



*everyone loved.
**was a bit tougher, but he was nice to the two of us!
***great word, use it this week.
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