Monday, 8 October 2007

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Monday, 8 October 2007
Well, hii. It's been a while. And I haven't been lazy, I'll have you know. I've been busy. Really busy. Or at the times when I wasn't busy, I was too content to write, or else too pissed off. Well, the last one I did was the 22nd, so that's not toooo bad. Well, what can I say?

The most significant thing, I would say, has been the film. We did a film workshop with these two guys from the Galway Film Centre - called David* and Paddy** - where the group had to make a proper short film in a week. We were divided into groups to come up with the ideas and in the end the film was a combination of our group's (mostly Saoirse, and a bit of me, to be honest) with another groups (which was lots of mean Girls stuff) to make a very interesting plot. (It was about French girls in a school new bitching about everyone, and so on. There were sluts and rockers and nerds and bold teachers).
And then we had to storyboard it and do the script. I ended up writing out the whole script, and Saoirse directed the entire film. Cut a long story short, it went really well! Everyone in the group did something and had a part, and the costumes were fun, and the scenes all looked cool and we had tonnes of craic! All of that was exclusive to our week of the film course, the people in the week before didn't seem to have any of that. Not that it won't be a good film, just a very different film. Like, there's no speaking in theirs. There's nothing but in ours!
Everyone enjoyed it, I think. We ll had loads of fun dressing up anyways. And doing the sets. I had a small part as a teacher, but tonnes of work. The pictures are all on bebo. You should look at them.

this was after filming one of the days. as you can see, we're terribly stressed. I'm on the phone! I also look catmalojin***, but whatever.

Something you can expect to see in the film. If I show it you, that is. Or anyone else does.

Hmm, any more news? Finished woodwork, blah, blah blah... Went to Newport for Friday night, that was fun... Painting folders in art, got really messy...
OH YEAH! My birthday. It's on Sunday. Whooo, I am so excited. Cinema on friday, etc. Should be fun enough. As long as we don't go see Saw IV. Okay, I know that's not out yet, but I will NEVER be seeing it! And I don't particularly want to see Black Sheep either, but you know, I'm easy. Enough. Sometimes.
Cool. So, anyways.

I'm quite annoyed. At myself, but mostly other people. But don't worry, not you, person reading this (hah). Definitely, not you.

Grrr. Oh, God, that is so other blog. I used to just rant on that all the time and say "grr". Ohhh, good times. The olden days. The lockers by the second year area! Being obsessed with bands. Hanging out with the Third Years.

We went to Dublin! Did I say that? It was great fun, even though it seemed we had absolutely NO TIME, at all. We spent hours in Urban Outfitters and this wonderful shop called Se Si (He She, in Irish, but I've no fadas) and it was absolutely fabulous. Heaven. Two storeys, reggae shop, furry pink jackets, vintage and second-hand, stupidy cheap some of the stuff, really nice staff.
We also went to the regulars, and Circus, where they were too nice to us and showed us videos and told us about Bjork's dancers and really dear, mental, lovely clothes and fashion designers we had never heard of, but whom the boy near us knew really well, 'cos wasn't he soooo cool. They also showed Saoirse the dollies we wanted to go and see that day. THE ACTUAL ONES! Or one, anyways.
I bought a cool Addidas jacket (honestly, I love it, it's all sort of Addidas-youth, colourful, 80s-ey), and I need some great runners to match now. Soon, I'll be all sports-wear! Only joking. I also bought a 10CC CD for my mother, turquoise jeans for dead cheap in the Urban Outfitters sale (and I should have bought the purple or lemon yellow, too) aaand... a little green t-shirt.
It was fun. Very nice crepes. Horrible wasabi. Good times.

Now, I'm going to go watch some telly with my family. Talk to you later, and wish me a happy birthday on Sunday, haahaa! And Neasa (>>>)! It's hers tomorrow (don't think I forgot!).

Now, be good.
Don't say things that aren't true.
Don't make people feel awkward.
Don't let people make you feel awkward.
Twirl in the rain, as we've loads.
Mind yourself when you cross the road. Even if you run.



*everyone loved.
**was a bit tougher, but he was nice to the two of us!
***great word, use it this week.

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swall said...

That picture is classic!
Fun times.


Yay for your birthday.

ps: I have new blogs.. for ages actually, not so new.. COMMENT!


Diana @ So Fash'on said...

Sounds like so much fun!!!
I don't know if you noticed, but I moved from to, and I would be happy if you could change the link on your blog! Thank you so much for taking the time.
Hugs and kisses, Diana

Mairead:) said...

hey grace. read it loved it!!! the shots look cool. i miss a he was so cool way! he he. hoping for more soon. we need a rant btw...:)

Ps.. Happy birthday!!!

Mairead said...


Hazel said...

My birthday is the same day as Neasa.. I don't know who she is though, but she must be cool to have such a great birthday!

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