Tuesday, 23 October 2007

"It's a very dangerous thing to do, exactly what you want" ...Ugh.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007
I feel awful.
As a person, and in terms of sickness.

But let me take you back. This weekend was was incredibly busy and incredibly fun. Friday we all went to our friend's house for lots of madness. The next day me and my other friend went to the pool for some swimming and sauna and sweating to death in the steamroom, then my OTHER friend had a sleepover as it was her birthday. That was loads of fun! Unfortunately, I was not well. Combination of my hayfever thing (well, it's obviously not PROPER hayfever, but whatever it is) acting up really bad, eating way too much and getting no sleep got me em, and the next morning I felt quite sick. But we walked (for days!) to our other friend's house and then I left to go and win the No Name Club regional Table Quiz thingie in Headford. Now we're through to the finals, which we will hopefully win, too.

That all makes me sound busy, doesn't it? Maybe I am. I feel it.
Tomorrow I have lots of things to do for the magazine. write a QUICK short story, do the thing about teenspeak (new challenge) and watch all of Skins and review it.
By Thursday.

Well, if you know anything about me, you'll know I only work well whilst burning the proverbial midnight oil, so who knows? I might get it all done/

SHIT. I also have to finish that birthday card for my neighbour. I can do that tonight. There;'s nothing important tomorrow that requires lots of rest the night before, is there? No. Except driving, Oireachtas practice and lecture from the guy from Mountjoy.

I can't wait for the Oireachtas. It will be cool. I'm such a minor character, but I'm in every scene! Haha. But it means missing lots of class.
Soon, I will begin freaking out.

Okay, moving on, to the other reason I feel awful. I'm a stupid. And I have a big mouth. Which is such a pity. Terribly sorry. I really am.

Hallowe'en approaches. Go to threadbanger for some cool ideas, and if you like making and customising clothes and all of that (like I do).

Friday, TYs, we have the MUSICAL. Omigosh! I wonder what musical we are doing? I'm sure it will be ... Well, I'm sure it will involve singing and dancing. And thats the only thing anyone can be sure about! I wish I could sing. Oh, man. It holds you back so much when you're not a good singer, even if you try. It means that I won't get a part in the musical, even though I've wanted to be in it ever since the first one I ever saw in our school, which must've been Fiddler on the Roof, since I can't remember anything before that, but our teacher is surprised I can even remember that.
But I can! And well enough, too, for something that was so long ago! Just vague details, like the colours of the set, and some of the costume, and I remember liking the songs.
we were talking to Mr. McEachmharchaigh (IS THAT RIGHT?!) about it today, and he did Our Day Out! That was one of my FAVOURITE ones. I was so glad we did bits of it in Stagewise, because it's so damn good. I mean, they brought on live animals, for frig's sake.
But now.
Who knows what the musical will be like? We'll just have to try really hard, and at least we've got loads of good singers, and loads of enthusiastic people, even though unfortunately not all of the enthusiastic ones can sing, and possibly not all of the singers are so enthusiastic.
Except about singing, of course. Which is all that matters, really. And acting. (But is it really as important, to the MAN and such people?! No.)

Okay, shut up, Grace.

I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!

Time for a picture or two.

Here's David Tennant. Doesn't he look good?
He's such a cutie.

And here are the Mighty Boosh, as TEST CARD F!

Now, my dears.
Love, and leave, etc.

And sorry, yeah...


PS : I got SIX new items of very nice clothing (I think) in Oxfam the other day for 30 euro, so I'll have to show the to you soon. If I'm not too busy. The break approaches. The busiest time of all!

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