Thursday, 18 October 2007

"What do you know? You know nothing. Yet I still take you home." GARR.

Thursday, 18 October 2007
My name's Grace and I am angry.
I'm lucky I just got angry there, because it means I was spurred into writing one of these. Brilliant.
So, people. Flip's sake. They're all such IDIOTS. Some of them. They don't think or use their minds at all. They don't care about anything or anyone. But they pretend to. Oh ho ho ho! They pretend to, alright.
Like that IDIOT First Year who left her phone on top of her locker. Someone could steal that!
or people who totally, just ... yeah.

But anyways, got that off my chest. Now I can talk to you about ... HALLOWE'EN!
Oh, Hallowe'en is my favourite time of year, because it's got everything (except gifts). There's lots of dressing up, time off school, lovely colours and sometimes lovely weather (you know those lovely cold, dry mornings?), LOTS of food, parties, fires! And it's something everyone can enjoy.
Except the Spanish.
Apparently they don't celebrate Hallowe'en.
But anyways, there's the disco, and a few parties. Should be nice. The thing IS EVERYONE should be dressing up for the disco. (No Name Club is hosting it, Hallowe'en Night, C2 Night Club. Admission is 10 euro for non-members and 8 euro for members. No drink. No drugs. COME!)But the host and hostesses can't! Simply because most of them don't want to, even though everyone going to it seems to be. So, I'll just stick on some fairy wings or something, and say it's not a costume, and think of something better for the actual dressing up.
We discovered today the easiest way to think of a sexy costume (if that's what you want, which most people do) is just think of something, then add the word 'sexy' in front. Example : Sexy cat, Sexy Bob the Builder, Sexy waitress, Sexy Rockstar, Sexy scientist, Sexy Eskimo, etc, etc...

You get the gist.

What else? Oh, yes! Work experience! Need to organise some, I'm so procrastinate-y.

Also, the magazine. I did I review of Nick Hornby's new book, 'SLAM' (READ IT, READ IT, READ IT!) but I'll need to change a few things on it, and I'm doing a TV thing as well (Skins, probably) and a short story if I can think of a good enough idea which will be short.

help me.



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Hazel said...

Ah, I read your Skins review in the magazine..

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