Monday, 29 October 2007

"You're only nineteen for God's sake, you don't need a boyfriend!" ... Just a quick one.

Monday, 29 October 2007
I know how it feels to be your age and feel the world is caving in.

Ahh, Long Blondes. Where were they when I was like "I need a band which I love"? Okay, so I never said that, but still.

So, my parents left for Italy at two o'clock this morning. I miss them already, hahaha. No, I really do. It's like, I don't miss them when I'm the one who is away, but it's just weird being at home and them not being here. Even though I'm not going to be in the house this week. I know that at sixteen lots of people my age would be left at home alone, and it's not like I'd have a house party or anything (far too boring), but how would I cope? I don't know. If they do it next year, they might actually leave me alone. And then what?

So, this week should be fun. Ce soir, nous avons la boum. Then tomorrow the disco, WHICH IF I FORGOT TO TELL YOU has been put forward to TOMORROW NIGHT, ie, TUESDAY! Do not miss it. It shall be very nice. You will see me in my check dress which is too tight. My friends told me to get it in a size 8 when I got it, which was last year, but it was tight then, and it's tight now. My bottom half is NOT a size 8. I can assure you.
But still, I'm going to wear it. I just won't eat that day. Hahah. Just joking. I'm unable to not eat. Yesterday we stopped in McDonald's on the way to the quiz (we came second, by the way, and that was less one member, so it's pretty good! I was so pissed off at half time, though. I was like "FUCK'S SAKE! WE HAVE IT LOST! WE MIGHT AS WELL GO HOME!").
I had so much food. I could tell everyone was like "You pig. You're still hungry?" when I went back for a second portion of chips. But seriously, McDonald's food may be great, but it doesn't fill you up at all.

Oh God, my room is so messy. But I have until like, half five to clean it. Then I should probably get dressed, or something.

I've been watching the Skins DVD! Argh. So good. Why can't I get my hair to be like Cassie's? I love her. Also, I just keep wondering how on earth they found a boy that beautiful. Like, where did they find him? Maxxie, I mean. I love him.
Well, it's very good. except the second DVD keeps freezing, so I couldn't watch Sid's episode at all. Mairead, if you're reading this, IT WASN'T ME! I swear. It just keeps doing that. I can try again later anyways.

No words need be spoken.

Except this : Why are all the beautiful people only fictional? Or as good as? WHY?!

Maybe I should have a shower.
Maybe I need one after that^. AHAHAHAH.

My God, I'm hilarious.

Right now, I should be getting ready. Like, for the week. but am I? No. I'm writing a blog. And being on MSN.

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Hazel said...

Mmmm Maxie!
You should be a writer! Write a book and I will read it, seriously!

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