Tuesday, 27 November 2007

"Oh, well, what a letdown!" ...hehehehee.

Tuesday, 27 November 2007 7
The week is off to a good start, somehow. Perhaps because today and yesterday were so awful? I did not enjoy them. I have been in a bad mood. Everything anyone says is making me really cross! I'm conscious of snapping at people, but if I snap at you, it's because of your own idiocy! Stop being so idiotic!

Anyways. No Name Club meeting tonight. If you aren't in it, and are eligible to be, why aren't you, man? Hey? Why not? Why aren't you in it? And so forth... it's really unfair. Th number of members has nearly halved. Jesu Christo, we're doing loads of effing stuff for ye as well!
But I won't go on a rant or anything! And it should be fun, providing everyone stops being an idiot.

I'm here to talk to you kids about facehunter, as I was just on it, and as usual, things caught old Grace's fancy. It really is terrific, it makes you want to be really really strikingly trendy, and for people to notice you on the street. It ALSO makes you want to steal all of their clothes, and suddenly become trendy, as some people we know like to do! Duckies. It finally makes you really want to be the guy taking the pictures, what skill! To spot such people! You'd swear the streets he walks are packed with uber-gorgeous interesting people, but that's a geographical improbability, is it not? It wouldn't be fair!
But it would explain a lot, such as "Where are all the lovely cardigan-wearing, colourful eye-shadowed, pointy-shoed boys?" and "Where are all of the GOOD clothes shops?".
ANSWER : In the big cities of course! Where everyone is really individual (going by the idea which facehunter gives you), thus making it really hard to be individual. So hard, that you would go out of your way to do, but by then it would be ridiculously obscure to the point of idiocy, and you would hate everything you wore, did and said, and realise there was a reason that no one else thought of it before. Or else you would wear jeans and t-shirts, and suddenly become a visionary.
A shocking place. Wouldn't you rather stay here?

Love the dress!

This girl is so pretty, which is the main thing. I also love her outfit, particularly the little cardigan. Not because it is a cardigan, but because it's just a lovely cute thing. She's like a pixie!

She is gorgeous. The dress is so plain and cute, BUT LOOK AT HER! Her hair, in particular. And hat. Loves.

This dress is sweet, isn't it? It reminds me of the one I bought in TK Maxx a couple of weeks ago. I'll show it to you.

Look at this woman! Her hair is lovely, but I like how she is working that ever-popular masculine thing, with the white inside and the waistcoat and the bow-tie! Similar to something I tried to do at a party I went to a while ago, but which failed because my dad lost his black dicky-bow!

Okay, so we were in Sligo a while ago, and I saw this dress for 50 euro, and my Dad bought it for me...! I thought this was WAY too dear, and said not to, but apparently it's not that dear, and besides "you need a dress for your cousin's party", which we never even went to! Anyways, I loved it.

I'll show you soon. I tried to take a picture, but it didn't work too well.

Like you, sort of!

Saturday, 24 November 2007

"I just want your extra time and your ... kiss!" ...Blooh blah.

Saturday, 24 November 2007 3
Last night was fun. But yesterday I was pissed off, and I don't know why!

We went to Dublin on Thursday, which was really fun. We went to the zoo, and the four courts, and then shopping! The zoo was great. There were big massive lions and tigers and leopards and they just strutted around and they came right up to us (behind glass obviously) and there were tiny, tiny, tiny baby monkeys which were sooo cute! There was also this baby chimpanzee who was such a show-off! We were watching his mother collect a load of hay and go outside and then he emerged from his bed, and began climbing on all the various ropes, then for no reason, SWUNG HIMSELF VIOLENTLY AT THE GLASS! He smacked right into it and gave Aoife such a fright that she screamed and leaped backwards! He kept on doing this for ages, just swinging around and smacking into "us", then did a pee, whilst swinging! It was hilarious. The penguins were gorgeous. The black swans were really cool. The red pandas were DOTEY!
Another interesting creature to be discovered lurking around Dublin Zoo, we discovered, is the Art Student. Pretentious, quiet and introverted in nature, these animals like to alone while they "work" (this involves sitting in front of the animal enclosures for a long time, simply observing and maybe drawing onto a large sketchpad), but congregate at mealtimes, for coffee and seemingly nothing else. They carry portfolios, or in one case, a schoolbag covered in strange etchings, which we can assume are tribal.

The Four Courts was ... an experience. The place itself is amazing. The building. it's brilliant. And I got a glimpse of the Law Library or whatever, and it was SO COOL. But we got a talk from a (sorry) very boring barrister about the law, which was grand. But hard to listen to. Then we went to a case in the CIRCUIT Court about Tax Revenue! because the murder trial had just adjourned!
It was quite funny though. We caught the END of a case in which some man was making cider and selling it, but claiming it was vinegar so he wouldn't have to pay taxes. We saw no cross-examination, no jury, nothing except two incredibly incompetent barristers explaining to a cross but very patient (under the circumstances) judge who was treating them like Montessori children while they babbled about Liquor Laws which were actually amended in 2003!
Shopping was fun. Bought nothing but one skirt and some grey tights. Got lots of lovely food-to-go in M&S (not just food!), and had a nice time. The bus was fun too.

Pictures, possibly, to follow.

By the way, no one took any decent Halloween photos whatsoever. Emphasis on decent.

Emm, what else can I say? Sorry this blog has gone down the hole. I haven't had proper time anymore, to take pictures and the like. And, yes, nothing really to say.

I'M SO BORING. My God. I am sorry.

We have musical soon. Our dancing involves lifting and rolling and throwing and all of this mad stuff, but (shh, don't tell them), but lots of the boys in the group are quite small. So, it should be interesting.
By the way, we had the auditions for the Can-Can Dancers on ... whatever day. I didn't get it. I am doomed to be left, doomed to be rejected. Can't dance, can't sing, can't act. Whoops. Can I get another pick at the straws? All of mine seem to be short!

Ah, no, only messing. Sort of. I was supposed to be doing painting today, but I didn't feel so good. There's some competition. These second years (bless 'em) are trying to raise 10,000 euro for Bothar. TEN THOUSAND! And I don't want them to be sad, so I'll do their competition, as many times as I can (be arsed...). And they're doing a talent show as well. I will GO to that! I have no performance talent, as we discovered, but Saoirse does! (see links). She and our friend, Hannah, have made skillz, which cover a range of things, so definitely go and see them!

Right. Is that enough? Watched Edward Scissorhands today. Lovely movie. Isn't Winona Ryder's hair so cute in it?

Okay, laters ... on.

Monday, 12 November 2007

"Beautiful girl, love the dress. Where she is now I can only guess" ... I'm not a perfect person.

Monday, 12 November 2007 1
In fact, I am a terrible one.
A really bad person.
I'm nosy. I gossip. I hate lots of people. I feel sorry for myself. I give about about stuff like if I get a not-great grade or something like that, that other people would be perfectly happy with, and make them feel bad, unintentionally. I sometimes comment on people's appearances without thinking, even though it doesn't matter, and I myself am not pretty in any way. I flat out lie about stuff that is of no importance, that doesn't hurt anyone (or not in any real way), but I believe it myself, which in my head makes it okay. And I'd never go back on it. Ever. But then ususally I'd never lie. Ever! I fight with my dad, but he can be so... grr. I'm selfish. I also swear. I can also be cruel. I often need constant reassurance of things if I myself don't believe them, or if I do, but want it to be said anyways. It's weird. And right now I'd probably say "I bet you all hate me", because sometimes I genuinely think you do. But other times, I think I might just be saying it so you tell me you don't. Now, there's something not right with that.
I get jealous.
Now, aren't they all sins? I am a bad person, so.

I forgot to do that thing about the beginning.
It's been x days since my last confession blog.

I'm also untalented, as today proved, but that just makes me, you know, whatever, rather than a bad person. However, not getting a part doesn't necessarily mean one has no talent. It just so happens that I don't, and that in my particular case, that was why.

I've got to eat. Tomorrow, or maybe later, I'll tell you about my dress. It's very nice.


Friday, 2 November 2007

"Why can't a heterosexual guy tell a herterosexual guy that he thinks his booty's fly?" ... Home again.

Friday, 2 November 2007 2
Well, I had one crazy, wonderful week. The accommodation was fabulous (hehehe) and the nightlife and social scene was brilliantly busy and fun. We went to a house party, a disco, another house party and then to our friend's house for the night!
It was great! It was our friend Stef's birthday so she had a house party and we ate Chinese food and danced in the utility room and took photos and stuff for the duration of the night. And we ran around the house looking for a quiet place to talk, because for some reason suddenly me and my friend, Jane, had loads to say!
I sustained a bruise, however, from the door handle in the utility. On my bum-bum, and all!

Saoirse and our friend, Jane, and me.

My friend Niamh and I, at some point.

It was fun. We danced to Electric Aardvark's (our friends' band) first album, which was crazy and brilliant, and which they recorded like, two years ago. Favourite song : Spheres of Action. Sample lyric : "Alcohol has ruined my life. I'm thirty one years old (She looks like seventy)". Also: Avalanche! It was much fun. There was also lots of Talking Heads which was brilliant.
Pictures available on bebo.

The next night was the disco. It was in C2, and really brilliant. If you weren't there, you should've been. Lots of people dressed up, and looked very good. There were priests and angels and devils, mostly. Also fairies. I was a school girl, but I toned it down. I had knee high socks and a check dress and my school shirt. The dress is really short, though, and when I was on duty I had to sit down on a high chair for an hour (but my friends came over to me and we danced for half of that time, so it was okay) guarding one of the fire exits. But what happens to very tiny dresses when you sit down? Embarrassment. But nobody mentioned it, so maybe I was just paranoid. Only, I got a couple of looks from creepy boys. Flip's sake.
Saoirse dressed up as a giant bunny. She made the costume, and it was brilliant.
No pictures up yet. I'm sure there will be. On bebo.

The next night was Hallowe'en! I love Hallowe'en, so I was very satisfied with my night. We dressed up again and I made my costume better. Like, I put blood all over the short and my neck and stuff, and cut up the shirt in bits. I put my hair in pigtails, because I had two bobbles, and I wore high heeled shoes. Saoirse did my make-up all dead, because she's good at make-up and I'm not. It was cool.
We went to a friend's party, and we ate some food, and watched the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the modern version). It was quite grotesque, but not that scary, and I had fun. I wasn't upset. Besides, I covered my face for the sick bits and just watched their reactions. It was amusing. as soon as we arrived, we left! And went to our friend Jane's house for a sleepover. We brought spare costumes, like a dress and wings and stuff, for the people who didn't wear anything. We bought her dog a devil suit! It was cute. We ate MORE food and talked lots about all a manner of things, from religion to Maxxie from Skins.
(Oh my God, I just had some major deja vu).
We had a miniature indoor rave, with a small disco ball, mattresses and more Talking Heads, went around a church, over the bridge in Newport, down some scary steps, "frightened" each other, and all those things. It was so much fun.
In the middle of the night we ate brownies and feelings. Well, we didn't eat the feelings. we shared them! Or whatever.
Thursday day we did our Oireachtas show, and we lost. It was saddening. But the buzz in town this week is really great, with all the Irish speaking people everywhere. We've been speaking it, too, it's fun!
Thursday night, we watched Amelie and had some really lovely cocoa. It was great.
And today we baked cookies!

My parents also had a wrecking and great week. they showed us all the photos today. It sounds brilliant. My brother was doing all kinds of crazy stuff, as well, and I don't know about Luke, but he asked to stay another night, so I'd say he's having a mad week, too.
We got presents! They got me two pairs of skinny cords, which I really like even though I'm not a cords person, but they're really nice. They're button-up.
But I went to put them on, and they came up fine, but when I went to button them, not even the first button would close. I cried, I have to admit. It was so frustrating and depressing. That is the second time I have received a present from abroad that it hasn't fitted and been incredibly upsetting. They wouldn't even close over my huge, awful fat arse. I don't know what to do. My parents were like "Oh, but they were only cheap, and Italian women are totally different, and the sizes are different there, too, we got it wrong, because it doesn't mean 28 inches, it means just the sizes that they have there, and you ARE thin, Grace, don't be silly, you're really thin, okay, but Italian people are different and it was the size..."

Anyways, that was the only hitch of my week. And the show losing. Everything we do fails. George, the Oireachtas, Sean, etc.
I also got a really cool scarf. Like, a trendy-ish one. You'll see me wear it, I'm sure.
And I bought angel wings in True Value for five euro, but they are really nice ones,

Pictures to follow, I presume, of Hallowe'en and that. And Oireachtas stuff, maybe. Sorry I bored you with all the details of my week, but I wasn't bored during it, and if you were involved in any f that, I'm sure you had a nice time, too. Anyways, comment. What did you guys dress up as? If you did. And were you at any of the events mentioned? Get involved, jeez.
Okay, Big Fat Quiz of the Year is on about now. I suggest you watch it.

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