Monday, 12 November 2007

"Beautiful girl, love the dress. Where she is now I can only guess" ... I'm not a perfect person.

Monday, 12 November 2007
In fact, I am a terrible one.
A really bad person.
I'm nosy. I gossip. I hate lots of people. I feel sorry for myself. I give about about stuff like if I get a not-great grade or something like that, that other people would be perfectly happy with, and make them feel bad, unintentionally. I sometimes comment on people's appearances without thinking, even though it doesn't matter, and I myself am not pretty in any way. I flat out lie about stuff that is of no importance, that doesn't hurt anyone (or not in any real way), but I believe it myself, which in my head makes it okay. And I'd never go back on it. Ever. But then ususally I'd never lie. Ever! I fight with my dad, but he can be so... grr. I'm selfish. I also swear. I can also be cruel. I often need constant reassurance of things if I myself don't believe them, or if I do, but want it to be said anyways. It's weird. And right now I'd probably say "I bet you all hate me", because sometimes I genuinely think you do. But other times, I think I might just be saying it so you tell me you don't. Now, there's something not right with that.
I get jealous.
Now, aren't they all sins? I am a bad person, so.

I forgot to do that thing about the beginning.
It's been x days since my last confession blog.

I'm also untalented, as today proved, but that just makes me, you know, whatever, rather than a bad person. However, not getting a part doesn't necessarily mean one has no talent. It just so happens that I don't, and that in my particular case, that was why.

I've got to eat. Tomorrow, or maybe later, I'll tell you about my dress. It's very nice.


1 comments. you can do better.:

WendyB said...

You're not a bad person, just a regular human :-)

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