Saturday, 24 November 2007

"I just want your extra time and your ... kiss!" ...Blooh blah.

Saturday, 24 November 2007
Last night was fun. But yesterday I was pissed off, and I don't know why!

We went to Dublin on Thursday, which was really fun. We went to the zoo, and the four courts, and then shopping! The zoo was great. There were big massive lions and tigers and leopards and they just strutted around and they came right up to us (behind glass obviously) and there were tiny, tiny, tiny baby monkeys which were sooo cute! There was also this baby chimpanzee who was such a show-off! We were watching his mother collect a load of hay and go outside and then he emerged from his bed, and began climbing on all the various ropes, then for no reason, SWUNG HIMSELF VIOLENTLY AT THE GLASS! He smacked right into it and gave Aoife such a fright that she screamed and leaped backwards! He kept on doing this for ages, just swinging around and smacking into "us", then did a pee, whilst swinging! It was hilarious. The penguins were gorgeous. The black swans were really cool. The red pandas were DOTEY!
Another interesting creature to be discovered lurking around Dublin Zoo, we discovered, is the Art Student. Pretentious, quiet and introverted in nature, these animals like to alone while they "work" (this involves sitting in front of the animal enclosures for a long time, simply observing and maybe drawing onto a large sketchpad), but congregate at mealtimes, for coffee and seemingly nothing else. They carry portfolios, or in one case, a schoolbag covered in strange etchings, which we can assume are tribal.

The Four Courts was ... an experience. The place itself is amazing. The building. it's brilliant. And I got a glimpse of the Law Library or whatever, and it was SO COOL. But we got a talk from a (sorry) very boring barrister about the law, which was grand. But hard to listen to. Then we went to a case in the CIRCUIT Court about Tax Revenue! because the murder trial had just adjourned!
It was quite funny though. We caught the END of a case in which some man was making cider and selling it, but claiming it was vinegar so he wouldn't have to pay taxes. We saw no cross-examination, no jury, nothing except two incredibly incompetent barristers explaining to a cross but very patient (under the circumstances) judge who was treating them like Montessori children while they babbled about Liquor Laws which were actually amended in 2003!
Shopping was fun. Bought nothing but one skirt and some grey tights. Got lots of lovely food-to-go in M&S (not just food!), and had a nice time. The bus was fun too.

Pictures, possibly, to follow.

By the way, no one took any decent Halloween photos whatsoever. Emphasis on decent.

Emm, what else can I say? Sorry this blog has gone down the hole. I haven't had proper time anymore, to take pictures and the like. And, yes, nothing really to say.

I'M SO BORING. My God. I am sorry.

We have musical soon. Our dancing involves lifting and rolling and throwing and all of this mad stuff, but (shh, don't tell them), but lots of the boys in the group are quite small. So, it should be interesting.
By the way, we had the auditions for the Can-Can Dancers on ... whatever day. I didn't get it. I am doomed to be left, doomed to be rejected. Can't dance, can't sing, can't act. Whoops. Can I get another pick at the straws? All of mine seem to be short!

Ah, no, only messing. Sort of. I was supposed to be doing painting today, but I didn't feel so good. There's some competition. These second years (bless 'em) are trying to raise 10,000 euro for Bothar. TEN THOUSAND! And I don't want them to be sad, so I'll do their competition, as many times as I can (be arsed...). And they're doing a talent show as well. I will GO to that! I have no performance talent, as we discovered, but Saoirse does! (see links). She and our friend, Hannah, have made skillz, which cover a range of things, so definitely go and see them!

Right. Is that enough? Watched Edward Scissorhands today. Lovely movie. Isn't Winona Ryder's hair so cute in it?

Okay, laters ... on.

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Vicky said...

And Vicky slept constantly throughout the entirity of the day. Missing most of the importnat bits... *rolls eyes at her stupidity*


Grace said...

That too!
But her contribution was one of great importance!

Vicky said...

WEspecially in the four courts when she slept like a spa, mouth hanging open,herad tilted back. It was such a wonderful image for all involved in the day trip! I do hope the pictures don't come back to haunt her....OH. TOO LATE.


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