Tuesday, 27 November 2007

"Oh, well, what a letdown!" ...hehehehee.

Tuesday, 27 November 2007
The week is off to a good start, somehow. Perhaps because today and yesterday were so awful? I did not enjoy them. I have been in a bad mood. Everything anyone says is making me really cross! I'm conscious of snapping at people, but if I snap at you, it's because of your own idiocy! Stop being so idiotic!

Anyways. No Name Club meeting tonight. If you aren't in it, and are eligible to be, why aren't you, man? Hey? Why not? Why aren't you in it? And so forth... it's really unfair. Th number of members has nearly halved. Jesu Christo, we're doing loads of effing stuff for ye as well!
But I won't go on a rant or anything! And it should be fun, providing everyone stops being an idiot.

I'm here to talk to you kids about facehunter, as I was just on it, and as usual, things caught old Grace's fancy. It really is terrific, it makes you want to be really really strikingly trendy, and for people to notice you on the street. It ALSO makes you want to steal all of their clothes, and suddenly become trendy, as some people we know like to do! Duckies. It finally makes you really want to be the guy taking the pictures, what skill! To spot such people! You'd swear the streets he walks are packed with uber-gorgeous interesting people, but that's a geographical improbability, is it not? It wouldn't be fair!
But it would explain a lot, such as "Where are all the lovely cardigan-wearing, colourful eye-shadowed, pointy-shoed boys?" and "Where are all of the GOOD clothes shops?".
ANSWER : In the big cities of course! Where everyone is really individual (going by the idea which facehunter gives you), thus making it really hard to be individual. So hard, that you would go out of your way to do, but by then it would be ridiculously obscure to the point of idiocy, and you would hate everything you wore, did and said, and realise there was a reason that no one else thought of it before. Or else you would wear jeans and t-shirts, and suddenly become a visionary.
A shocking place. Wouldn't you rather stay here?

Love the dress!

This girl is so pretty, which is the main thing. I also love her outfit, particularly the little cardigan. Not because it is a cardigan, but because it's just a lovely cute thing. She's like a pixie!

She is gorgeous. The dress is so plain and cute, BUT LOOK AT HER! Her hair, in particular. And hat. Loves.

This dress is sweet, isn't it? It reminds me of the one I bought in TK Maxx a couple of weeks ago. I'll show it to you.

Look at this woman! Her hair is lovely, but I like how she is working that ever-popular masculine thing, with the white inside and the waistcoat and the bow-tie! Similar to something I tried to do at a party I went to a while ago, but which failed because my dad lost his black dicky-bow!

Okay, so we were in Sligo a while ago, and I saw this dress for 50 euro, and my Dad bought it for me...! I thought this was WAY too dear, and said not to, but apparently it's not that dear, and besides "you need a dress for your cousin's party", which we never even went to! Anyways, I loved it.

I'll show you soon. I tried to take a picture, but it didn't work too well.

Like you, sort of!

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Sniz_ohhsnap said...

You were in sligo and didn't visit me for tea??
For shame, Grace. For shame.

roxanaradu said...

lived in dublin for 6 years i miss it so much, grat blog!

Heather said...

I think in Heaven, someone will present me with a strawberry[printed cardigan first thing.

Grace said...

thanks for the comments, guys! makes me feel so guilty for not posting in over a month! Must do one soon!


Diana @ So Fash'on said...

cute looks!

Grace said...


Hazel said...

I like those clothes!

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