Friday, 2 November 2007

"Why can't a heterosexual guy tell a herterosexual guy that he thinks his booty's fly?" ... Home again.

Friday, 2 November 2007
Well, I had one crazy, wonderful week. The accommodation was fabulous (hehehe) and the nightlife and social scene was brilliantly busy and fun. We went to a house party, a disco, another house party and then to our friend's house for the night!
It was great! It was our friend Stef's birthday so she had a house party and we ate Chinese food and danced in the utility room and took photos and stuff for the duration of the night. And we ran around the house looking for a quiet place to talk, because for some reason suddenly me and my friend, Jane, had loads to say!
I sustained a bruise, however, from the door handle in the utility. On my bum-bum, and all!

Saoirse and our friend, Jane, and me.

My friend Niamh and I, at some point.

It was fun. We danced to Electric Aardvark's (our friends' band) first album, which was crazy and brilliant, and which they recorded like, two years ago. Favourite song : Spheres of Action. Sample lyric : "Alcohol has ruined my life. I'm thirty one years old (She looks like seventy)". Also: Avalanche! It was much fun. There was also lots of Talking Heads which was brilliant.
Pictures available on bebo.

The next night was the disco. It was in C2, and really brilliant. If you weren't there, you should've been. Lots of people dressed up, and looked very good. There were priests and angels and devils, mostly. Also fairies. I was a school girl, but I toned it down. I had knee high socks and a check dress and my school shirt. The dress is really short, though, and when I was on duty I had to sit down on a high chair for an hour (but my friends came over to me and we danced for half of that time, so it was okay) guarding one of the fire exits. But what happens to very tiny dresses when you sit down? Embarrassment. But nobody mentioned it, so maybe I was just paranoid. Only, I got a couple of looks from creepy boys. Flip's sake.
Saoirse dressed up as a giant bunny. She made the costume, and it was brilliant.
No pictures up yet. I'm sure there will be. On bebo.

The next night was Hallowe'en! I love Hallowe'en, so I was very satisfied with my night. We dressed up again and I made my costume better. Like, I put blood all over the short and my neck and stuff, and cut up the shirt in bits. I put my hair in pigtails, because I had two bobbles, and I wore high heeled shoes. Saoirse did my make-up all dead, because she's good at make-up and I'm not. It was cool.
We went to a friend's party, and we ate some food, and watched the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the modern version). It was quite grotesque, but not that scary, and I had fun. I wasn't upset. Besides, I covered my face for the sick bits and just watched their reactions. It was amusing. as soon as we arrived, we left! And went to our friend Jane's house for a sleepover. We brought spare costumes, like a dress and wings and stuff, for the people who didn't wear anything. We bought her dog a devil suit! It was cute. We ate MORE food and talked lots about all a manner of things, from religion to Maxxie from Skins.
(Oh my God, I just had some major deja vu).
We had a miniature indoor rave, with a small disco ball, mattresses and more Talking Heads, went around a church, over the bridge in Newport, down some scary steps, "frightened" each other, and all those things. It was so much fun.
In the middle of the night we ate brownies and feelings. Well, we didn't eat the feelings. we shared them! Or whatever.
Thursday day we did our Oireachtas show, and we lost. It was saddening. But the buzz in town this week is really great, with all the Irish speaking people everywhere. We've been speaking it, too, it's fun!
Thursday night, we watched Amelie and had some really lovely cocoa. It was great.
And today we baked cookies!

My parents also had a wrecking and great week. they showed us all the photos today. It sounds brilliant. My brother was doing all kinds of crazy stuff, as well, and I don't know about Luke, but he asked to stay another night, so I'd say he's having a mad week, too.
We got presents! They got me two pairs of skinny cords, which I really like even though I'm not a cords person, but they're really nice. They're button-up.
But I went to put them on, and they came up fine, but when I went to button them, not even the first button would close. I cried, I have to admit. It was so frustrating and depressing. That is the second time I have received a present from abroad that it hasn't fitted and been incredibly upsetting. They wouldn't even close over my huge, awful fat arse. I don't know what to do. My parents were like "Oh, but they were only cheap, and Italian women are totally different, and the sizes are different there, too, we got it wrong, because it doesn't mean 28 inches, it means just the sizes that they have there, and you ARE thin, Grace, don't be silly, you're really thin, okay, but Italian people are different and it was the size..."

Anyways, that was the only hitch of my week. And the show losing. Everything we do fails. George, the Oireachtas, Sean, etc.
I also got a really cool scarf. Like, a trendy-ish one. You'll see me wear it, I'm sure.
And I bought angel wings in True Value for five euro, but they are really nice ones,

Pictures to follow, I presume, of Hallowe'en and that. And Oireachtas stuff, maybe. Sorry I bored you with all the details of my week, but I wasn't bored during it, and if you were involved in any f that, I'm sure you had a nice time, too. Anyways, comment. What did you guys dress up as? If you did. And were you at any of the events mentioned? Get involved, jeez.
Okay, Big Fat Quiz of the Year is on about now. I suggest you watch it.


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Hazel said...

Haha remember at Stef's and we spent ages coming up with the plan where we would put the CD in front of the stereo and tell Shane to go in and pick a song..

SWALL said...

Ahahaa, it was fun re-reading that. I'm glad you enjoyed that week!
Gosh! we did so much that mid-term. TY was fun.

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