Thursday, 20 November 2008

"An associate producer is the only guy in Hollywood who will associate with a producer.."... Multi-tasking...

Thursday, 20 November 2008 2
...Is a word I could define, but clearly do not understand. I cannot listen to music and talk to someone at the same time. I cannot text and do ANYTHING else. I cannot paint and have a conversation. I need to stop one to do the other one at all. AND I am not able, it seems, to be a fifth year student and do anything else. (Except of course, go out, which I am doing more than ever, but of course I don't do any homework at the weekends).
And I certainly cannot keep up a blog, so for the approximately one person who reads this - and she (Saoirse) hasn't updated hers either! and it's more interesting! - sorry about that.
Already I am stopping writing to listen to Mary on iTalk. I wish I had a radio show. And that she would stop saying she squeezes her spots, it's weird.

Okay, so I don't really know what I can say. I thought of a good thing, which of course, I forgot. I've bought a load of clothes recently. Too many. Tomorrow night I will wear a nice green dress from New Look. And charity shop shoes which I must show. But too be honest, I'm so boring since school started!

I might close the blog. For a while. I mean, put up a virtual "Closed" sign. ooh. Project. As if I have time. Hah.

My computer is figuratively ripping itself apart. From the inside. A different thing breaks every day.

I went to see McFly in concert. Oh my God. That's what happens when secret shames go public. And it was amazing. I don't care what you say. I'm getting constant sarcasm about it, which is even more uncool than having gone, in my opinion. Of course, I would say that.

I am a big liar though. Because if one of the elements of this blog was event in relation to my massive amount of and ever-expanding arsenal of clothes, I haven't really honoured it at all. If I had some money for every time I said I would take pictures of new clothes and didn't... Well, I'd have some money!

Hmm. Oh. I did up my room. Or rather, a carpenter did. It looks great. I can stand in it - wahey! I can see the floor - oh my god!

Speaking of ever-expanding, my iTunes music Library, which I would say was small in comparison to many people's, suddenly got too big for my two iPods (yeah, I've got two small 8G iPods, it's really ridiculous. I won one, okay!) and now I'm in constant despair. Oh, well, at least it's Christmas soon, muahahahha.

School is impossible now. It wouldn't be if we only had one subject.

Anyway, another completely pointless post. HAHAHA.


Tuesday, 21 October 2008

"You try to scream, but terror takes the sound before you make it!" ... AHHHH!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008 3
I am only writing this because I am in Computer (LCVP, don't ask) class and I'm being bold. I could play Magtic Pen, too. Muahahaha. So, I had a great birthday - it was last week. Have very good friends, who spoil me. Haha. They threw, like, a surprise party in our classroom and it was terrifying! And I got presents. Whoo! Saoirse gave me this dress she did up with all mesh. Thanks to all. It's our other friend's birthday tomorrow, and I'll bet she's in for something or other!

Right now we're trying to decide on what we should wear for our 'zombies from Thriller video' costumes for the fancy dress disco, not on Hallowe'en night but on the 29th. Who knows what will happen on Hallowe'en night? This time last year (around) I was staying with Saoirse and we went to loads of parties and were in the Oireachtas! And I did a big massive blog about it.

Credit Union are having loads of poster competitions. I was going to paint a 50s housewife.

Like that. I've got loads, but suddenly I've become really bad at art, as if I have swapped bodies with someone who cannot draw. Every time I think of something and try to sketch it or paint it, it comes out really terribly.

Nicola is behind me. I fear for my life.

Ehmm, so, yeah. I know this is really really boring. But I haven't had any goddamned inspiration or time lately!

Also : It's funny with these old computers. You're allowed to type blogs all you please,. but not read them. Funny, innit?

Alright, I'm off. Magic Pen awaits.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

"...And to make you toe the line..." Grace gets belts, glasses and paranoid...

Saturday, 6 September 2008 4
This will be quick. I was in Castlebar today to get glasses and then to attend something which went belly-up on my end, but resulted in me sitting here, typing this. So, not too bad. Even though I can't help but feel recently I've done nothing except for let people down. especially myself. Ooh. How deep am I today!

And of course I went into Oxfam. It really is my favourite place. I tell you guys because I know you're not like some of those girls I've met who admire your clothes, but only if they think you've paid a fortune for them in River Island or BT2. Recently someone like that was heard to say about me (I wasn't there) : "She's very fashionable, isn't she?" but somehow managed to make it sound as if she had pointed out I was, I don't know, littering.
But then again I'm quite. Maybe it was just general tone of voice and had nothing to do with me. I've completely forgotten my point. Oh yes, I got this really strange zip up knitted cardigan thing, which reminds me of in the 90s when young teenagers in films used to dress strangely, as if that was their idea of how the future would look. But it definitely wasn't very nice. You know what I mean? With loads of zips and man-made fabrics and strange metallics and things like that? And really the kind of stuff you see in Sister Sister, Sabrina or the (excellent) film, Clueless**. I know that wasn't really official "90s fashion", not what people mean when they talk about it, but it's what I think of.

I also got a nice little multi-coloured skirt, probably from H&M - have I told you about how Oxfam Castlebar is full of H&M stuff? - and one of THOSE dresses. Those dresses a|wear was, and maybe still is, full of. I wasn't sure about them, but the fact it was a fiver made me buy it and decide I would think of what to do with it after. You know the ones. That sort of look like a white shirt with a pencil skirt, but it's all one thing?
My brother bought a Spanish guitar for €25, I think that was quite a ... well, I don't know, but I was impressed.

I found a pair of bright orange floral Doc Martens in our house. In my size. AGHHHH! So 90s and wonderful they hurt my brain. I'll be wearing those out, I reckon.
I think they once belonged to my cousin.
And GUESS WHAT? You will never believe it. I actually went down to my bedroom just there, after typing 'AGHHH' to take a picture of them and upload it here, and be a good little blogger for once, but... My camera's battery died. Not my fault, this time! I'm going to go through this blog and make a list of everything that I said that I would take a photo of (if it's interesting enough) and show them all here.

And my granny gave me or my dad or my brothers, I'm not really sure but I took them, a massive bag of men's belts. I know she volunteers at a charity shop sometimes, so they could be from there, or else she was just doing a clean-out, but they were all really great and I now have a massive EXCESS of belts. Woohoo!

What else? Oh, yes, I got glasses. New ones. They won't be ready by Wednesday. Now, they're okay. I wouldn't say I love them, but I cannot find my perfect pair, so I had to make do. I wanted a massive pair of old man glasses as well, but the ladies in the shop talked me out of it, as I knew they would do. I'll just buy of pair of those clear plastic things in H&M. Because I have the right to, being a member of the bespectacled community!

Now. One other thing, new addition to the blogroll is I know the author from drama classes and she writes poetry and fiction and it's just great and you all should read it! But don't come giving out to me, demanding I be of the same standard in my own blogging. It's not going to happen. I'm too lazy and shambolic*.

So... Fifth Year is certainly going ... Well, it's just going. I think lots of things are going to be fun and interesting and all the rest, but now the creeping feeling I only had in Chemistry and Maths has spread to all of my subjects: When are they going to realise I don't belong in this class?
I live in constant fear of my teacher and other classmates finally realising, no, I am not a science-minded person, or I am not good at Maths, or whatever and chasing after me with pitchforks and torches. I don't know why I feel like that in every other subject now as well. I guess in Art, I mean, everyone is so AMAZING at Art. When we get down to the drawing and stuff they will realise I am not half as good! My English essays are scattered and mad and now we actually have to read them out! I don't even want to talk about Irish... I think you get the picture. It's been a week of paranoia.

It's true I have way too many clothes. It's something everyone says. And I have repeated outfits many times. Just maybe not around the same people. It's all a clever ruse.
I think maybe soon I will devote a whole blog to that subject. Maybe the 'finally, the photos' blog.
I can't think of much else to say. Australia's Next Top Model** is on in half an hour. I've been following whatever season of Britain's... Living have been putting on every day, conveniently just when I am home from evening study, all homework done. It's no where near as good as America's... but I am making do. It's like a fix at this stage. The Australian version will fill in for the British one today, and all will go out the window when the new season of the American one starts. I am not snobby, however, I will watch any. Sweden's..., Canada's..., bring them on.

Saw Step Brothers in the cinema. It was very funny. Lots of shouting and swearing, typically Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. I think I embarrassed my boyfriend a bit by roaring my head off laughing. It's not that I'm easily amused (even though I am), it's just I find the funny side of everything absolutely hilarious. Usually.

Now for a very usual exit on this blog, I am off to find some food! I feel like an omlette. Or a savoury*** pancake. Something like that.
Mmm. I think we have those Aldi waffles.
Okay, bye!

*American Firefox, my dear old friend and enemy, with your automatic spell-checker denouncing words which clearly are words, even if says they are slang.
**I know I am really inconsistent with what kind of style to go for when naming titles of things. I's something that bugs me, that I haven't settled. I should have a Master Style sheet or whatever they called those things we were learning about in Computers. I'll have to do some thinking and decide on a standard.
***I am going to get a British spell-checker. Or maybe none at all, I am well capable of proof-reading my own things (I mean that, even if it's not that evident), but reading through everything is boring. Not when you have a machine to tell you if something is wrong. It gets annoying when the machine itself is wrong. TOO MUCH IN THE FOOTNOTES! I am like Larry.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

"He took it all too far, but boy could he play guitar..." .. BOLD GRACE!!!

Thursday, 4 September 2008 2
I should be ashamed. I haven't posted in this in AGES.

And I might've had a couple of things to say. Aside from giving an account of my wonderful summer (which really was wonderful), and maybe something about being back in school (which is going just fine, it's actually kind of fun), the reason I haven't really made time to do such a post - I actually had SOMETHING to talk about! I found this amazing vintage shop!

It get its own paragraph! Okay, so I was in Roundstone, Co. Galway with my family, and saw a sign with the words 'vintage clothes & antiques' hanging from a shop on the way to Mass. Obviously it caught my eye immediately and I demanded we go to it after our Godly duties or whatever. In fact I wanted to go there that moment. Even though I thought it probably wouldn't be very good, you know, just your run-of-the-mill antique shop with a couple of nighties or something. Boy, was I wrong! I got in (once we left the church, where plenty of embarrassing things happened) and saw all these truly lovely clothes, and wanted to run around and look at each item, even though I knew they would all have triple figured (at the very least) price tags, but the very friendly shop man greeted me and my family ("Ohh, he's got the look!" he commented to my brother, who's suddenly gone very mod and Topman, possibly my doing?) before I had a chance to go mad. He was so very American and began to sell us things immediately. THEN I realised there was TONNES of nice stuff. THEN he showed me lots of DESIGNER stuff. And then I noticed how reasonably priced it all was!!! And by that I don't just mean reasonable, because reasonable as you may know is still probably too rich for my blood, but CHEAP ENOUGH FOR ME! Excluding of course the really-REALLY designer stuff, I mean, vintage Chanel bags and stuff, and all of this fancy jewellery and a lot of other things, but there were dresses - vintage although not necessarily designer - from, like, €15. Talk about made my day. I wanted it all. I bought a lovely black 80s (possibly?) dress, which still needs SOMETHING, and obviously which I have not photographed, and a pair of denim Tommy Hilfiger shorts.
Yes, this is still me. The fact that I got excited about something which other people would consider, you know, good and normal and which is so expensive just in regular shops, should have scared me a bit. But there were only €18 and I did love them. The dress was €20. Barrrrgain.
Gosh, I'm being worse than ever, but the name of the shop was the Match-Maker. I've lost the business card which I was going to scan and upload for something aesthetic for you to look at. Look it up, it might have a website. Look up Roundstone. Look up Ballyconneely (where I was staying). Go there on holidays. Lovely places.

I'm reading 'This Book Will Save Your Life' by A.M Holmes, as lent to me by Saoirse, and I am LOVING it although I've barely scratched the surface thanks to having no time to do anything and actually getting to sleep.

I'm listening to ... lots of things. MCFLY AS THEY ARE COMING TO IRELAND AND I AM GOING!!! And I am not ashamed. it will be fun. Such a different experience from Muse in 05 (which it could never rival, it was the best concert ever) and definitely from My Chemical Romance in ... 07, I think, as an audience of happy thirteen-year-olds and their mothers will be very different from screaming emo kids. Who I happily joined, hey, I won't lie. And Muse was full of college guys bashing us about and nearly murdering Shane and just having a great time. Where was I? McFly will be sweet.
I must admit my favourite song at the moment is Paper Planes by M.I.A. I KNOW, I'M WELL BEHIND THE TIMES!!! I'd listened to hear right when she became cool and stuff but I didn't really give her a chance, but the ad for Pineapple Express (going to be great) gave me a new love for the song.
So, don't judge me. I don't claim to be at the pulse the cutting edge of music. I would've thought from my not-knowing-whether-or-not-it's-cool-to-like-the-Ting-Tings debate you would've garnered that. And why am I acting as though you haven't?

Okay, so go and download that. And Dirty Business - Dresden Dolls.
And maybe in the comments leave a song suggestion for me to download. I love being told what to listen to. It's how we discover new things, and don't sound like old grannies saying they like a song, which duhh, everyone cool has already liked for ages.
I happen to think that frame of mind is quite lame, by the way, I don't actually believe that I should keep up with everyone and only like the songs that are cool at the moment, but you get what I mean.

Damn. I didn't leave a picture.

Okay, here are two from the Gaeltacht! Which maybe I haven;t mentioned was the best year EVER! And I don't say that every year. Fancy dress day, I was a rag-doll (my house came third in that competition!) and Ashling was a scary rocker Barbie. I'll go and tell her there are pictures of her on this as well. As well as to read the blog, like.

My dad bought that dress in London. He knows clothes. I mean it, he always buys me nice things.

okay, goodbye now! the next post will be coherent and interesting, I promise! It's late at night!

Saturday, 12 July 2008

"I'll take you down the only road I've ever been down" ... WAAAAH!

Saturday, 12 July 2008 3
Stagewise is over. Upsetting much. It was one of the best weeks of my life. Oh. Also, I have something to say and I haven't been bullied into it at all (...!). [see this old post to see where it all allegedly started.]

Anything I may or may not have implied before doubting this was very foolish and wrong of me. The man, who really I have bullied if anything, did not deserve such libel to be written about him. for more information on this super chap.

Is that enough? Haha. I'm serious, though, Rowan, if you're reading this. Which you better be, because ... well, a big enough deal was made of the whole issue! "DOUBLE-U, DOUBLE-U, DOUBLE-U, DOT!" (

Ahh, I really have such a wonderful week. I had to fall to ground dramatically three times in our final performance, but seeing as we rehearsed or re-did or fine-tuned it a lot during the week I am now apt at "dying". Especially robotically in verrrry slowwww motion. Although I'm sure it wasn't really slow motion. We managed to parody Snakes on a Plane, Home and Away, Neighbors, the Crocodile Hunter, all martial arts films, High School Musical and other musicals ... and oh, probably more things. Being in comedy class was a lot of fun this year. Very different to last year. More friends. Even more wonderful, wonderful people (especially tutors, heh!) who I will miss. And will hopefully keep in touch with. And who should read this, really. HI GUYS!, if you are.

I under-packed. A VERITABLE FIRST! Well, if you count "under-packed" as had to wear a coupe of things twice. Which, for me, is. Because I think for a week you can afford to bring stuff and just wear everything once, But it was alright. I wore the granny nightie which I finally made into a shirt. Finally. See this post to see when I had planned to do such.

I'll take a picture when it's out of the wash.

Now, what else? Oh, yes, Stagewise. Everything was brilliant. The performance by the music class blew me away. Not literally. That would be the fan in the music room. Eyy!
"Can I get blown?!"
"Just whatever flows out of your brain." We were all so rude.
If we go back nest year I hope we're in music. Mime (obviously the greatest class ever!) would be cool but seeing as I've done it already it would be nice for my last year to be something new. And music is wonderful. All the comfy chairs, dripping taps, the piano. Wonderful.

We can dance to Thriller now. They had better play it at C2 and the five of us (from Westport that went) will just wow everyone with our mad skills. And maybe the two girls from drama who were - coincidentally! - there, and one of whom we were sharing a room with, can come too! WOOOH!

Now. I have to go to the Gaeltacht in a week. I feel like I just got back from Stagewise. It will take me that long to recover. I'm still talking kinda Monaghan-ish, I still am so sore from all the dancing at class and at those INSANE discos (way better than last year's, all three of them), still trying to get used to having a toilet that actually flushes and a door that opens! I also woke up early this morning, having gotten into that routine, instead of my usual time of 11 o' clock the weeks before.

Still singing all of the songs that we performed, danced to and sang at the awesome music session! Black Velvet just came on, which reminds me of LAST YEAR! Even longer ago.

I didn't have my camera because I left it on the train before we left Heuston. Like an idiot. I thought it was gone missing and I was there blubbering the middle of the train station. And when I did have it back, I was crying again for different reasons. Parting anyone is hard to do.

I've probably not mentioned anything properly or gone into any great detail in anything, but if you guys comment and remind me about blog-worthy stuff I can include it next time. And some of the pictures and names. With permission.


Only road I've ever been doooownn.

Alright. I'm going to now make a blog on bebo saying everyone has to read this one. then maybe tomorrow I'll do a memorable moments list.

Talk to yis.
LOVE! (L! O! V! ...E!)

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

"Your head is there to move you around" ... For shame, Grace.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008 4
Okay, so I won't give you a big update. Of course. That would be way too much effort, and it's been so many weeks, months, years since I posted last, it would be very stupid. But I promised myself I would get back into the blogging thing. A little bit too late, methinks, because I'm off to Stagewise on Sunday! (see blog this time, last year for info.) Oh my God, I can't believe it's been a year.

I've gotten worse at blogging since then. I've got new clothes but haven't bothered to show them to you. Probably because they're nothing special, y'know, and the only reason I do it is because I don't think people want to read big long posts with no pictures. People like pictures.

My ball dress got two outings so far, which is pretty good going!

Me and Vicky on the way to the ball.
Also note : her amazing gold dress.
(She said I could! See I'm very good. I hope her mum doesn't kill me, re: background.)

Me and Neasa at our cousin's fabulous wedding.
It was very late on at that stage which is my excuse for my appearance.
Also note: Neasa's brilliant dress.

Keep in mind those photos are from moths ago.
Grace: bringing the updates weeks too late.

Anyways, what else? Went to Oxfam and Penneys yesterday to get some essentials (more cardigans, socks) that kind of thing. Got a red cardigan, AT LAST! But, for some reason it was sewn closed halfway up. Probably so the previous owner didn't have to do all the buttons at the time. I ripped out the stitches. It took ages, it was very well sewn! Mum thinks it's because (it's a size 18-20) the buttons were sort of bursting on the previous owner. I got a big fuzzy indigo (BRIGHT indigo. Or blue. or violet. Not sure, really. But bright) jumper. Those were in Oxfam. Clearly somewhere I go a lot. Too much? In Penneys I got some waisted belts - they're handy - and this black and white dress I plan on wearing to my friend's 18th on Friday. I'll take a picture on my way out and you can see it.

The Ting Tings' album is good. Seeing as I am so out of the loop in terms of what is cool and uncool in music, I have no idea if I'm "supposed" to like them or not. Obviously that wouldn't stop me, but it's strange not knowing. To be honest, seeing as they are annoying, poppy and popular, I would guess not cool. But they are very good. Give 'em a chance! What else...? I want Panic! (I'll never stop using the exclamation mark ... maybe) at the Disco's new album. Even though lots of people have said it is shit and only people who don't seem to have great taste say it is good - I want it. NME were very kind to them, considering, and even though I think we all would have just preferred more of the same, and I think it's stupid they went off on such a big stupid musical tangent which seems a lot worse, it could be good, HAVE YOU HEARD IT? DISCUSS!
(Oh my God, how weird ... Rick O' Shea literally just played Nine in the Afternoon there. Right as I'm talking about them. I liked that song when it came out. It is good, even though it's almost unbearable now.)
I just remember when ... yes, I heard them before you. Possibly. I know everyone says that, but really we were listening to them a while before the single came out and suddenly they were everywhere. I remember texting into Rick trying to get him to play them, but no one had heard of them. The album wasn't out. And Downtown Records always gave me weird looks when I asked for it. Anyways, things change. But they remain good. It's hard to believe they could produce a truly shitty album, imo.

Usher - why are you so worried? Chill. It's going to be alright. (Did you notice how worried his face is all the time?)

So, it's the summer. I've been waking up at an average time of quarter to eleven every day. Sometimes it's half ten, sometimes after eleven, but it's usually the same. I think that's funny. No matter how early or late I go to bed, I'm waking up just before eleven each day.
My summer is going well. I've been at a disco, a party, a Scouts fundraiser, and just around and about, with more things to come. Such as another party, Stagewise, the Gaeltacht and so on. Oh, the life I lead.

I read the book Wicked and am now obsessed. I want to see the musical. I also read Orpheus Rising by Colin Bateman, which I recommend also. He's a great writer, and I am in the middle of another of his books, I Predict a Riot which is proving to be even better. There are like a thousand characters, all developed, and loads of storylines which are unknowingly linking up - it's very cool. I'm still trying to get through Fever Pitch which is just ... ridiculously football-y. But I lent to a football fan who really enjoyed it, and now I feel like I should give it another chance. I mean, it's Nick Hornby after all. My hero.

Worked out how to get movies on my iPod. Watched High Fidelity (for the billionth time) and Definitely, Maybe, which is actually pretty good. Like, it's sweet and rom-com-y and has three good lead actresses and Abigail Breslin, who is brilliant and whom I don't find annoying whatsoever.
Also recently watched Grosse Point Blank, which was completely mad, but great. +10 points automatically for wonderful John Cusack-ness.

Saoirse's gone to France! We had a night 'on the town' before she went, which involved Youtube videos and webcam fun in our Cybercafe, queuing for ages in a pub toilet, 'Ladies of the Night', and a drunk man with an eyebrow ring poledancing. It was fun. She'll be back soon enough with a French student in tow, who hopefully we'll all meet and that will be fun.

Let's see. I only recently watched the Chocolate Rain 'phenomenon', and didn't get it, but laughed at the insaneness anyways. Luke says that's all there is to get. The insaneness. If there is more to its massive success and inordinate number of Youtube hits, please tell me. Because I can't work it out. It just ... yeah. Watch it here and let me know. WHY?

I nearly know how to ollie now. Pretty good, eh?

I've been playing Bully a lot. It's one of the few Playstation games I really think is just super. It seems to appeal a lot to girls as well as boys, although I'm not sure that was intentional. It just seems lots of girls like it, too. I cannot stand San Andreas or any of those drive-by-shooting-prostitutes games. Like, some are alright, but San Andreas is actually the worst. In terms of everything, it's a bad game. Bad, as in crap, as well as controversial. The Godfather is okay. That's my game review now, done. Look, I'm widening my talking points!

Is that enough? I'll find my camera, take some pictures and that'll do for the next blog.
Oh, thanks to Saturday night, I got less scared of my webcam and put it up. I leave it off though. This is it, with me, in a mirror. Terrible quality. But fun with three people next to each on msn.

And I'm off. More later in the week, promise. before I go.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

"She wore a raspberry berry, the kind you find at a second-hand store"... Just a quickie. hehe.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008 2
Hello, hello, hello!

FOR FLIP'S SAKE! If I took photos of my new clothes then I would have less talking to do about them. And blogs would be less daunting. But I am never bothered, and how awkward can you get, trying to take a picture of a new dress.

Well, anyways, the news is, THE BALL WAS CLASS!!! I bought a dress in a boutique the morning of it because my ebay dress never came (not bothered, before you ask, got a refund), and it's lovely. I think most of the pictures of me are me and my friend, so I will have to ask her if I want to show you it.

I also bought a cool enough long black dress in Age Action for 7.50. It was brand new, and quite nice, as I said, but it was a bit flowy and ... dull, so I bought this belt for 3.50 in a|wear to ... make it a bit more exciting. There's an outift, now, for 11 euro. Just have to find someone to wear it. We had a table quiz tonight and I wore the belt over this weird a|wear blouse and a spotty Penneys cardigan. Went down well. I'm after getting into my pyjamas, and it didn't seem that amazing to take a picture of. But whatever.

Emm, yeah, so a bit of a disappointment on that front.

I told you about the pearls, and did I tell you about my new denim waistcoat? I think a have a picture of those! Aha!

Okay, it's not a great picture (I don't really look like myself) but you get the gist. You an see my little brother's rugby posters in the background, too. Nice.

So, yeah.

Okay, well, I made a tutu. That seemed blog-worthy-ish, but then again, anything is these days.

I wore it out one night, a few people liked it, but most people said it was really weird. Most of them were very loud first years. "I LIKE YOUR SKIRT! AHAHAHA!" was what one boy repeated over and over again. Oh well. I will wear it in context one day, and it will make sense! And be appreciated!
Or else maybe it is awful. See for yourselves.

Okay, this is the new skirt I told you about recently. I like it, but the photos are, once again, really crap. More reasons to not bother to take them and use my wonderful words to describe them to you ... No? Okay.

There it is! And my new floral granny cardigan from Penneys which I just love.

See, I do get around to things eventually! I'm not the father who continually promises I will be at your soccer games, but never shows! I will provide!

(In time).

Now, speaking of delivering results, I also have that black and white TK Maxx dress I discussed AGES ago. A clever blogger would make a reference to these older posts ... I might do that after I publish.

I wore it to my brother's confirmation on ... Saturday (pictures possibly to come. all depends) with this pair of a|wear sunglasses. I like to call them my Blues Brothers glasses :

I also wore my new gangster shoes, from eBay. Yep, those.

Okay, I am not breaking the shoes in that picture, they were sort of like that before I put the insoles in them. Just a bit-een too big.

It was good enough. The confirmation, that is. Okay, the mass bit was quite boring, but my whole family went back the Golf Club for dinner. It were nice.


On Sunday night at midnight we are leaving on school and heading off to Sunny Spain, as they say, (although, mid-spring, probably ain't so hot). SO EXCITED. Castlebar with my friend on Friday, must buy!!!

Now, more importantly, perhaps, as it was RIGHT on the vague topic of what this post started off as, Susie Bubble made a really good post all about Hannah Murray, the actress who plays Cassie in Skins (one of the best shows on tv, as we all know). I was going to make a huge long post about the character and the actress, but as usual, she articulates it so nicely (the stuff about her clothes, at least), so just head there momentarily ...

Now, back to meee. Muahaha. But yeah, basically, she was just talking about the difference between style and fashion, and I know that I don't really know most of the famous designers and labels and fashion shows and catwalks and all of that (in that kind of way that I don't know the names of LOADS of artists, but I know what kind of art I like and don't know, and what looks nice)... and even though I would like to be more educated in fashion, it just seems like a lot to keep up up with.
Like, even trends and all of that. What's in and out. Sometimes I have a pretty good or even vague idea of what is fashionable at the moment, but to be honest, I don't care. I mean, I just put stuff on, or look at stuff, and if it looks nice/different/good/attractive, then I'll like it or wear it!
I mean, if you are wearing an outfit, and people are complimenting you on it, it doesn't really matter in the end if it's stripey and stripes are out ... you know. Whatever.

That's not to say, though, that I (like anyone would be) am not influenced by the world around me, and by other people and by stuff in magazines. Uh-uh. Complete opposite. I just haven't learned too much about the whole fashion realm, of the various designers and that, so I could talk about it seriously with someone (although I can be quite good at talking about thigns I don't know what much about, if I want to be)... But I'd like to. Like, I keep an eye out and stuff, but I don't really let it affect me. I kinda go "Oh, so that guy's big thing is loads of white eye make-up and florals are really in, and chunky leather boots with mini dresses is big in now", but I wouldn't rush out and buy those things. I might think abot it next time I got dressed ... that kinda of thing.
Like anyone, I maintain.

The thing about labels is a bit vaguer. I would never really spend a HUGE lot of money on one item of clothing - think you know that about me by now! - because ... sometimes it just seems so wrong. If you can look good for twenty euro, why spend 700 on one dress?

No reason. Anyways, go Cassie! She was my favourite character in season 1, and okay, she has gone mental and what have you, and is less likeable in this series, I have full faith that she will make me like her again. (PS : I HAVEN'T SEEN HER EPISODE YET. DO NOT SPOIL IT FOR ME NOW).
Her clothes are really nice, I think. And I can believe she doesn't know/care about Balenciageggo and whoever, but... she still looks lovely.
More to the point - I DON'T LOOK LIKE HER!
These girls at the ball stopped me to tell me I looked like her, and loads of my friends say it, too. It is just the hair, people. Now, I'm not saying it would be a bad thing, I just don't. It is just the blonde, mad hair, and the fact we are both thin, maybe. (Although, she is much thinner than me).

And the fact that I am also a nutter, is that it?
Probably ...

People just have to think about it objectively. Our faces are not similar.

Okay, enough of that rant/ramble. :)

Now, how are you?

Oh, we got Ministry of Sound Anthems. It is AWESOME!!! Where to begin ... you should buy it! If you like music at all. And by music, I mean ... well, dance music. But, the really good shtuff.
I cannot get that "Low" song by Flo Rida or Estelle's "American Boy" out of my head! Who said the charts were bad?

Okay, I will leave with with a download/listen list ...
Raspberry Beret - Prince
Freestyler - Bombastic MC's (BEST SONG EVER!)
Mr. Vain - Culture Beat
If I had a Million Dollars - Barenaked Ladies.

Okay, so go in peace.


Tuesday, 18 March 2008

"Are you playing your love games with me?" ... I know, another one!

Tuesday, 18 March 2008 4
(just pretend I didn't tear your world apart)

Inspiration, my friends, is a beautiful thing.

lolcats are GENIUS! i'll put the website in the links section.

So, how are you all? I went shopping today, a little bit. Pretty much satisfied. Bought two small black a-line skirts (that means no pleats or anything, doesn't it?), which would look nice with mad tights and big cardigans, I reckon. In other words, replace one of my current skirts with one of them. Really unimaginative actually.
I also bought the grey jumper I am wearing, which you obviously can't see. It's just grey, long sleeved, covers my bum! Brilliant!
Speaking of my bum - and this brings us back to what I was saying about size yesterday - I bought a very nice pair of slim, very drainpipe-ish jeans (just jean colour, and I won't say skinny) which I thought would fit. Wohh woh wohhhwwn*! They must have been an 8, because OMG. Could get them half-way up my ass. Oh, well, they were four euro. Any of you about a size 8 and would like some FREE jeans? (Saoirse, looking at you.)
Also got a MASSIVE string of pearls. Really heavy ones. Brilliant.
What else ... oh yeah, this weird vertically red and white striped skirt, which is very like those jeans I already have.

Once again, pictures will follow. All in good time, dears. All in good time.

Seeing as this post isn't really about anything I can put pictures to (okay, the clothes, but i's annoying taking pictures of yourself for no reason, I always feel like such a twat. when i go out, alright?) - I just felt like talking - I'm gonna put up whatever I have in my My Pictures folder that looks nice. Just for something to look at. I know how you people get.

Soooo. Yeah. Hmm. I've been looking at others' blogs. Gah, there are some very good ones out there. That are very applicable, y'know, to a wide audience. Good for them. I enjoy having this half about myself. Usually more. Often wholly about myself. That was the point before.

I remember my second year (first year?! couldn't be!) blog. It's still up, as far as I know. I don't think I ever shut it down. Maybe I have done since I realised that fact.

AHHHH! It's still there. We were such emos, omigod. Do the emos in second year say they aren't emos? They are wrong. Sorry to label for a minute there.
Last post was on Valentine's Day, 2006. Two years ago. First post was ... crikey! August 2005! That was only going for a half a year. It seemed to be like my raison d'être.

Oh, I am just going to read this, if you don't mind. (if you do mind, especially as I am about to talk about it for ages, skip forward until you see a picture of a white cat).

It's scary. And sort of sweet. No. Mostly scary. I don't seem very happy in it. I do like that "skin" though. And emo stuff is lovely! Roses and skulls, little ironic bunnies crying and cartoon girls with massive heads and eyes, small noses and interesting haircuts, holding talking muffins. You know, it's brilliant. Well, the skin isn't like that. Those are just examples of emo stuff which is cute. The calling everyone a chav except you is not cute.
I'm just realising now, there are about three or four comments on every post. Even the small ones. Okay, I might have been angry but I think I was more popular. I'll just go and cry now. Oh, gawd, I'm channelling my inner second-year!

a cat!
(yes, i am trying to confuse you by putting random pictures in the middle of things)

Oh, wait, nevermind, they are all spam comments. Most of them, anyways.

Clearly this is very old. Judging by those surveys I took. Like, I didn't say that I was obsessed with John Cusack? Boy, I have changed. For the better. I would definitely say.

Omigod, how much did I frigging give away on that? I was terrible at being cryptic, and I sort of relied on the idea that no one read my blog back then, but the thing is, I guess I never took into account - just because they don't comment or tell you they have read it, doesn't mean they haven't and never will! I wanna make a time machine and go back and shake this girl by the shoulders! Especially that whole : "This sucks, that sucks. Ugh, everyone except me is a chav, rap sucks, all these people suck, people who say that are retards... etc." I am so ashamed of myself, and I know that everyone was a precocious little bitch at the age of fourteen, but aghhh!

(I'll put in more pictures to distract you all from the notion that I am still reading this incredulously)

the snowy reek! which i climbed on saturday, and it almost killed me!
but it wasn't snowy then, this is from a while ago.

Like, for example, a survey (I did write more than surveys, though, honest) asked the time, and I gave it very precisely. Then I gave the exact same answer for "When was the last time you were depressed?". Like, wtf? Although, I usually made plenty of lists explaining just what I had to be depressed about (absolutely nothing). Fourteen-year-olds don't know the difference between depression and being a whiner. I can't believe you people stayed friends with me.

And they did. One of my best friends - clearly a saint! - read it faithfully! And somehow still wanted to be my friend! Maybe we were all a bit annoying together? I still talked too much about stuff that was going on at that moment. You know, to do with friends and school and stuff. Not really a good idea, methinks.

two pairs of skinny jeans i bought recently enough (read, a few months, and ... a lot of months) and I don't think I showed to you.
you can't say i don't get around to things eventually!

And, I don't know if you will ask, but don't try and find it, and you can't have the URL!
Okay, I have seen enough. Actually, I don't think there is anything left TO see. And I mentioned a few times a previous blog I had. So I could easily have had one in first year. Or at least, when I was even younger and even more stupid than at that time. The whining about "nobody liiikes meeee" is by far the most annoying thing.
But seriously, some nostalgia is, like, fun. Some.
If I were my fourteen-year-old self I would hate me, too. For different reasons. And I'm splitting us up into two different people, probably so I don't have to actually think that that was really just me.
"Noo! It was a young silly girl, who just happened to be me!" - Grace's subconscious/conscious (see last post).

Oh well, over it. Because now I am just 100% wonderful! Ha.

I'm just thinking now, did I do something like this on this blog? Talk for absolutely ages about how different I am now to how I was in second year? 'Cause if so, skip to the next bit. And I am sorry.
I really do repeat myself. Over and over again. In real life, as well. Constantly. 'Cause I can never remember if I've told something to one person or another. Nowadays, if I think I've said it before, I try and just leave it.

look at theo! isn't he great?

Currently listening to : Nature Boy by David Bowie from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack, but that song scares me. I have SO many playlists on iTunes. Definitely addicted to making them. And they are definitely only for my benefit and no one else's. I seem to rely more heavily on playlists than most other people I know, anyways. But, seriously, I have sixty, I'd say.

Just counted. I have one hundred and ten playlists. Royshhh... That is freakish.

And I didn't even realise the music had stopped, I was so engrossed with rambling on and on about two years ago. Which, if you skipped that bit, like I instructed, you won't know about. I've put it back on now.
Omigod, I haven't listened to Regina Spektor in ages. I really do like her. I love her lyrics. I read them before I listened to the album, because ... I don't know actually, there was some thing with iTunes or whatever, but yeah. Lovely.

I can sing a song soooo bluuuuue!

I remember I used to do "Song of the Week". hey, I must'n't have read that whole blog, I was fairly sure I did "Song of the Week" on it. Maybe it was on an older version.
Oh, well, this week I am, still, unable to get over the Juno soundtrack. And ever day or two, a different one is my favourite from it. (Need more Moldy Peaches, by the way. Consult myspace! Also just Kimya Dawson). I would say today it is So Nice, So Smart, and it was yesterday, too. But I am also listening to Tree Hugger a lot too. Basically, the whole thing is FABULOUS and Kimya Dawson is WONDERFUL and she should keep at it!

Oh, more Songs of the Week!
Teenage Dirtbag - Girls Aloud
Sun Goes Down - David Jordan (ahhh, this song is always on - brilliant!)
Human Nature - Michael Jackson
NINE IN THE AFTERNOON - Panic! at the Disco.

I didn't like it at first, then I ended up playing it to absolute death in a matter of days. It's great, now. And Brendon Urie is still unbelievably gorgeous. Wow. When's the album out? Of course, due to my lack of job, how will I pay for it? Well, just have to SMILE! I guess. That's how I paid for the shirt on my back, so to speak. That and wonderful parents.

i can't remember where i found this. but it sums up my life, basically!

Okay, gotta go to dinner.

Sorry about that guys!
The next one will make more sense.


*gameshow "Wrong Answer" noise. But you knew that.

PS : Thank you, to all of my friends who still are just that.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

"I like boys with stronge convictions, and convicts with perfect diction" ... Hurry up, Grace, and get back into it, already!

Sunday, 16 March 2008 6
Hello, hello. I've been terribly crap with this recently, but you know what? I have absolutely no incentive. I don't even know if anyone even reads this due to lack of comment, internet or otherwise. Feedback is always greatly appreciated you know, not so we can all feel special or so you can tell us how wonderful we are or anything like that. It would just be nice to know I wasn't just talking to a metaphorical wall.

That came off a lot harsher than it was supposed to, I'm sorry.

Anyways, I'm trying to touch-type this as practice for typing class, and to just get the hang of it. It's hard for something to come naturally when all you type is stuff like "paula shared the glass flask; all the cats flashed the mast" over and over again.

That tiny paragraph took about five minutes, I'm not surprised I haven't kept this up much.

i cannot remember if i put pictures before i talk about the thing or after. i should be shot, shouldn't it? well, here are brendan gleeson and colin farrell, enjoy.

So, went to see In Bruges. It was fun, particularly as a friend and I brought our takeaways into the cinema, were terrified we would get thrown out, and made quite a mess, with taco mince cheese chips and bits of chicken snackbox all over ourselves. Anyways, it was yummy. And the film was very, very good. I loved it. Don't listen to the haters, unless you are someone who really hated it. But I didn't. Thought it was great. It had EVERYTHING! And I cried, I think the hormones in the chicken must have made me a little emotional, or else it was really sad, which it was. Bits were sad and poignant, but other bits were actully jsut depressing, but I loved it. There was also loads of humour, wonderful Irish jokes, y'know? Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson were brilliant. Especially Farrell, 'cause I always expect very little of him.
And, I spotted her first, Fleur Delacour (aka : Clémence Poésy)! Looking gorgeous, of course. She was really good.

that's her in harry potter.
well, obviously she doesn't dress up as a fresh schoolgirl
in a room full of young witches and wizards in in bruges.
well, you never know.

Best minor character : (obviously) the midget actor, Jimmy. Loved him. You really have to see and make up your mind. Tell me what you thought of it, I'd love to hear if you hated it.

What else? Oh, yes, Old Gracie is going to ball! Wooooh! It's on the 29th of this month - yes, this very month! - and I've been ebaying for dresses. Grace's first time on ebay, oh, it was very exciting! I was very interested in the vintage dresses, there's a good seller called Pink Elephant, and they have very cool vintage stuff. I have my eye on a couple of things, my main one is not vintage, it's new, but I really like it. I will show it to you if and when I win it, okay? Because, well, you know, I might not.

i've won this one, already, not for the ball, i just thought it had potential. dead cheap as well.

Please do not give me ebay advice. I'm getting enough of that from anyone who hears it is my first time using it. It's surprising how I sometimes internally react at being told what to do by people. Like, just really random stuff. Bugs me.

Emm, I hope the size is alright. You know, I have come to expect my clothes not to be in my own size. I mean, in second-hand shops you don't exactly choose, and I just think, if it looks okay, then it fits. I mean, too small is a bigger issue than too big, but I have things that are smaller than my general size (10). Well, more like, I have some size 8 things which fit fine. 'Cos you'd have to go out of your way to find something smaller in most Irish places. But it all depends on the clothes themselves. Like, I dunno if I could wear most 8 jeans, just can't get them up past the old bum. But I have skirts in 8, and tops, of course.
Size shmize, whatever works.

There's a good article in ... some newspaper magazine. You know, like the Irish Times Magazine about the lovely Agyness Deyn. She really is wonderful, isn't she? But it was saying how the fame wasn't just thrust upon her and now suddenly she's this beautiful style icon and wonderful It-Girl model. She worked at it. So tough luck to people who think they're going to get spotted in their school uniform, pouting outside the bookshop, by some world-famous fashion designer or photographer who thinks they are the most stunning creature they've ever seen.

Damn. Heh.

here she is with her "great friend", henry holland.
i love his pants. and want her legs. duhhh.

Okay, okay, something current.

OH! Before I go on, there are people like me in the world. We are not alone. These are two of my newest favourite grammar blogs:

literally, a web log.
the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks

Kindred spirits, and if you are somewhat grammatically* inclined, amuse yourself for a while and relieve boredom. Marvel at the stupidity of some.

Now, this one doesn't make me chortle so much as weep for the human race. I mean, I notice apostrophes used incorrectly when I see them, and I'm sure you know we all see them a lot. A handful of people still haven't grasped the concept. However, when you see so many all in one place, kinda makes the stomach turn :

apostrophe abuse

So, yes, enjoy.

Okay, now, something more about clothes perhaps? Suzie Bubble revealed her inordinate amount of skirts (278) on a recent blog. I was astounded. Whyyy can't I ever find skirts of such calibre? Or even you know ... wearable ones. I'll have to keep my eyes out. Oh, yes, and have money.

I think I could have a whole blog dedicated to my lack of money, and fill up pages and pages of posts with exactly WHY I do not want to get a job. But I could never articulate it in a few sentences. I just don't like the look of any jobs going. I really don't enjoy being bored. I don't enjoy being told what to do. I would hate to work in a small, crap place with like, one mean manager. I would hate to work in a massive hotel with three hundred other girls. I would not like to be changing beds, washing dishes or sitting behind a till. I wouldn't mind doing something office-y but nobody wants a teenager to sit there and type up stuff for them, especially as she hasn't mastered official touch typing with the Home Keys, et cetera. I would love to work somewhere... you know ... easy. It's partly laziness, and partly me clinging to my "freedom". However, work makes money. Money means buying stuff for yourself, which means freedom. All the skirts and CDs I could ever want! Ahh, a glorious existence!
BUT, I know I would end up using it all to pay for the stuff like the Gaeltacht and Barcelona, so my parents wouldn't have to so much. Although, if I'd love to do that, how come I haven't gotten a job yet? I guess in my mind, I would still like to see the rewards for my hard work, in the form of wonderful material possessions which I can look at or wear. Rather than just happiness, and independence and all that. You see, why work for something you already have? NOW I'M NOT JUSTIFYING THAT!!! I'm just saying, I think that may be my subconscious reasoning behind not getting off my ass and getting a job. Which currently is creeping into my .. eh ... conscious. It always does that!
Finally I decided on the perfect solution (from talking with my fellow unemployed peers, who aren't actually unemployed because even they have a source of income) : I will babysit more. Aha! So, do any of you have any children? (NOT BABIES!**) I will mind them! Just give me some money!

In the meantime, I'll have to find ways around the less-than-affluent monetary status. Such as THREADBANGERS!!!

And other things like it:
how to make regular jeans skinny (i will need to try this, and definitely will)
revamping 80s balldresses (this would be great with any of those ebay vintage dresses, and i only saw this after my ebay dash.)
make a wee shoulder bag (would like to do this, once i find the right medium!)
guitar bag!
camera bag!
t-shirt to skirt (omg, i have to do this!)

Okay, so check out that stuff. I have my eye on the t-shirt to skirt one. I may do it. If I can get off my bum-bum, look for a t-shirt (raid Luke's wardrobe, obviously!), blah, blah.

I will put the links to some of those websites in the side there, for later.

As I cannot think of anything else to say, and have been on this for ages, I will leave you!
So, ENJOY THE EASTER HOLIDAYS! St. Patrick's day is tomorrow, and I wish I didn't have to be in the parade, but what can ya do. I'll have to find some green things and wear them. I will take plenty of photos, too. And hopefully, I won't abandon ye until the next time I get bored.

Love and what-have-you,

*hey, I know you probably can't use that in that context, but as you all know, I am the poster girl for the saying "nobody's perfect (unfortunately)" and shut up! I'm allowed to say stuff like that!
**seriously, even though I was joking about minding your personal children, readers, I am completely solemn about my no-babies rule. No nappies, even, so that may include toddlers. That is my only rule, really.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

"Me and Mrs Jones ... We've got a thing going on!" ... Okay, this is it.

Sunday, 2 March 2008 1

Alright, I KNOW, I know. I haven't done a blog in years and years and years and years. And I've actually been really busy, so I should've been blogging the whole time cos I had a lot of stuff to talk about, but hey hey, the catch-22 ensues when I didn't actually want to do one BECAUSE there would be so much to say. It was intimidating, all that catching up I would have to do.

So, I have decided to just skip all of that and take it from here. I'll let you know, I've been just great. The mid-term break, all of that. Work experience was brilliant. Lent is going ... okay. Well ... it's a nightmare. And I keep forgetting it's lent as well, but I remember if I ever feel faintly miserable! usually it's right when that new Channel 4 ad comes on. The one for some chocolate show going on tonight. I might watch it, just to torture myself.
But, I am positive the rewards will be great. I can smell the chocolate now ... mmm. I've been raving that more than the crisps, or even the sweets. Butlers truffles I would LOVE. But it's been tough, especially when everyone's around at someone's house - as you do - and they're all eating all of their precious sweets and crisps and whatnot ...
And I'm in the corner with a packet of Nice Creams.

So, I think we might watch Magicians in a minute. When I finish this very important blog, of course!

Lost is on tomorrow night. Not that you care. I cried at last weeks episode. I dunno why, really, it took a lot out of me. Lost seems to have that effect on me.

Okay, so I got a new skirt yesterday. I'll have to wear it out, but I was just thinking of how I could do so. I haven't taken a picture of it yet, that's work, isn't it! But I was looking at facehunter, and it's quite like the one this lovely pretty Parisian (possibly) is wearing :

So I could just copy her exactly (hehe) or ... y'know. Wear something else. But get this! It's from Penneys! Okay, and to be fair, it cost 15 euro which is sort of steep for there, but total robbery from say .. Topshop. Of course, if it was from Topshop it would be nicer ... but whatever! I've got a few bits of new clothing in the past while. For cheaps, of course.

I think I'll just have to take pictures of outfits I wear if I go out. Don't like just putting them on for this.

Okay, so... JUNO! Hands up if you saw it! Oh my God, it was a beautiful film. Michael Cera and I are getting married. Okay, he doesn't know it yet, but whatever. Ellen Page is AMAZING. Why didn't she get an Oscar? Oh yeah, because Tilda Swinton is A FREAK! I went there. Well, that doesn't make any sense. Well, do I care?!
I loved everyone in it as well. Juno's best friend was hilarious.
For Mother's (Mothers? Mothers'?)* Day we bought her the soundtrack, cos she loved it too, and was talking about getting it. And a potted plant. I've been listening to it all morning, it's amazing. The Moldy Peaches/Kimya Dawson RULES! 'Tire Swing' is the one I'm listening to on repeat right this second. ("I took the Polaroid down in my room, I’m pretty sure you have a new girlfriend" etc, etc.) After that, who knows. Any of them, they are all brilliant. we came out of the cinema singing the songs. And for the week after that everyone was just going "I can't see what anyone can see in anyone else, but you! Do do do do do do ..." over and over again!

Look how cool Ellen Page is! And she looked so pretty at the Oscars. I want to be her friend/her.

Well, I'm scanning quickly through threadbanger now. Ohh, this looks cool, how to make a corset. I will watch that later, but it will have to be later, as Mum and Luke are getting sick of waiting for me and having to watch Celebrities Dancing on Ice or whatever instead of the film.

I'll wrap up, so. Hopefully next week will be good. OMG! JUST REMEMBERED! We are having a hat making workshop in school! With a proper hat designer! That will be well good. I'll take some pictures, yeah, and hopefully my hat won't be a total disaster. We're also doing some basket weaving, but I don't think you can have a high-fashion basket...!

Ooh, I feel all lovely inside.

Unfortunately, that's it for now. Don't forget, I will be back, and will have another post very soon. It will be a reason to go on the computer, which for some reason I really haven't wanted to do in ages. I just do not want to stay on it for longer than 10 minutes. But I'll go on bebo and myspace to quickly let people know this is up. As if they will read it.

OH! OUR FILM GOT THROUGH! YES! I wasn't even there, but I am SO PROUD! Limerick, here we come! (

see y'all later.



*never sure about that one. I've seen it written every single way. I suppose we'll have to get technical. I would be inclined to say it is the day of all of the mothers, therefore Mothers' Day. Unless it doesn't belong to them, and it's just FOR them, such as Sports day. Mothers Day. I prefer it with the apostrophe after the 's'. One before the 's' makes the least sense, surely? Mother's Day. Whose mother? Just one person's?

We could skip all of the confusion and just say Mothering Sunday!

Monday, 18 February 2008

"we are the mutant race!"... computer class.

Monday, 18 February 2008 1
Hiii! I am in computer calss. Aren't I so terribly bold? Only, I was like "Awh, man, what can I do?" and I realised I haven't done a blog in AGES! Okay, I do have a couple of half-hearted drafts started, cos I sit down to do one and then there is WAYYY too much to say and it takes to long and it's shite so I stop.

But this is just to say hi, and that I am still here. I went to see Romeo and Juliet in the Abbey Theatre and it was well-good, mate. Look up the bebo site for details! However, I am not sure of the correct address and I am not allowed to go on bebo on the schopol computers; it is, of course, blocked.

So, what can I say? Bored?

Newest thing apparently. AND SO ADDICTIVE! Just spent a couple'a minutes playing it there.

Ros na Rún was class. me and Saoirse went on work experience there. Lovely.

Well, I'm gonna go and win that quiz. Okay, real blog, coming soon.
I promise?


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