Tuesday, 18 March 2008

"Are you playing your love games with me?" ... I know, another one!

Tuesday, 18 March 2008
(just pretend I didn't tear your world apart)

Inspiration, my friends, is a beautiful thing.

lolcats are GENIUS! i'll put the website in the links section.

So, how are you all? I went shopping today, a little bit. Pretty much satisfied. Bought two small black a-line skirts (that means no pleats or anything, doesn't it?), which would look nice with mad tights and big cardigans, I reckon. In other words, replace one of my current skirts with one of them. Really unimaginative actually.
I also bought the grey jumper I am wearing, which you obviously can't see. It's just grey, long sleeved, covers my bum! Brilliant!
Speaking of my bum - and this brings us back to what I was saying about size yesterday - I bought a very nice pair of slim, very drainpipe-ish jeans (just jean colour, and I won't say skinny) which I thought would fit. Wohh woh wohhhwwn*! They must have been an 8, because OMG. Could get them half-way up my ass. Oh, well, they were four euro. Any of you about a size 8 and would like some FREE jeans? (Saoirse, looking at you.)
Also got a MASSIVE string of pearls. Really heavy ones. Brilliant.
What else ... oh yeah, this weird vertically red and white striped skirt, which is very like those jeans I already have.

Once again, pictures will follow. All in good time, dears. All in good time.

Seeing as this post isn't really about anything I can put pictures to (okay, the clothes, but i's annoying taking pictures of yourself for no reason, I always feel like such a twat. when i go out, alright?) - I just felt like talking - I'm gonna put up whatever I have in my My Pictures folder that looks nice. Just for something to look at. I know how you people get.

Soooo. Yeah. Hmm. I've been looking at others' blogs. Gah, there are some very good ones out there. That are very applicable, y'know, to a wide audience. Good for them. I enjoy having this half about myself. Usually more. Often wholly about myself. That was the point before.

I remember my second year (first year?! couldn't be!) blog. It's still up, as far as I know. I don't think I ever shut it down. Maybe I have done since I realised that fact.

AHHHH! It's still there. We were such emos, omigod. Do the emos in second year say they aren't emos? They are wrong. Sorry to label for a minute there.
Last post was on Valentine's Day, 2006. Two years ago. First post was ... crikey! August 2005! That was only going for a half a year. It seemed to be like my raison d'ĂȘtre.

Oh, I am just going to read this, if you don't mind. (if you do mind, especially as I am about to talk about it for ages, skip forward until you see a picture of a white cat).

It's scary. And sort of sweet. No. Mostly scary. I don't seem very happy in it. I do like that "skin" though. And emo stuff is lovely! Roses and skulls, little ironic bunnies crying and cartoon girls with massive heads and eyes, small noses and interesting haircuts, holding talking muffins. You know, it's brilliant. Well, the skin isn't like that. Those are just examples of emo stuff which is cute. The calling everyone a chav except you is not cute.
I'm just realising now, there are about three or four comments on every post. Even the small ones. Okay, I might have been angry but I think I was more popular. I'll just go and cry now. Oh, gawd, I'm channelling my inner second-year!

a cat!
(yes, i am trying to confuse you by putting random pictures in the middle of things)

Oh, wait, nevermind, they are all spam comments. Most of them, anyways.

Clearly this is very old. Judging by those surveys I took. Like, I didn't say that I was obsessed with John Cusack? Boy, I have changed. For the better. I would definitely say.

Omigod, how much did I frigging give away on that? I was terrible at being cryptic, and I sort of relied on the idea that no one read my blog back then, but the thing is, I guess I never took into account - just because they don't comment or tell you they have read it, doesn't mean they haven't and never will! I wanna make a time machine and go back and shake this girl by the shoulders! Especially that whole : "This sucks, that sucks. Ugh, everyone except me is a chav, rap sucks, all these people suck, people who say that are retards... etc." I am so ashamed of myself, and I know that everyone was a precocious little bitch at the age of fourteen, but aghhh!

(I'll put in more pictures to distract you all from the notion that I am still reading this incredulously)

the snowy reek! which i climbed on saturday, and it almost killed me!
but it wasn't snowy then, this is from a while ago.

Like, for example, a survey (I did write more than surveys, though, honest) asked the time, and I gave it very precisely. Then I gave the exact same answer for "When was the last time you were depressed?". Like, wtf? Although, I usually made plenty of lists explaining just what I had to be depressed about (absolutely nothing). Fourteen-year-olds don't know the difference between depression and being a whiner. I can't believe you people stayed friends with me.

And they did. One of my best friends - clearly a saint! - read it faithfully! And somehow still wanted to be my friend! Maybe we were all a bit annoying together? I still talked too much about stuff that was going on at that moment. You know, to do with friends and school and stuff. Not really a good idea, methinks.

two pairs of skinny jeans i bought recently enough (read, a few months, and ... a lot of months) and I don't think I showed to you.
you can't say i don't get around to things eventually!

And, I don't know if you will ask, but don't try and find it, and you can't have the URL!
Okay, I have seen enough. Actually, I don't think there is anything left TO see. And I mentioned a few times a previous blog I had. So I could easily have had one in first year. Or at least, when I was even younger and even more stupid than at that time. The whining about "nobody liiikes meeee" is by far the most annoying thing.
But seriously, some nostalgia is, like, fun. Some.
If I were my fourteen-year-old self I would hate me, too. For different reasons. And I'm splitting us up into two different people, probably so I don't have to actually think that that was really just me.
"Noo! It was a young silly girl, who just happened to be me!" - Grace's subconscious/conscious (see last post).

Oh well, over it. Because now I am just 100% wonderful! Ha.

I'm just thinking now, did I do something like this on this blog? Talk for absolutely ages about how different I am now to how I was in second year? 'Cause if so, skip to the next bit. And I am sorry.
I really do repeat myself. Over and over again. In real life, as well. Constantly. 'Cause I can never remember if I've told something to one person or another. Nowadays, if I think I've said it before, I try and just leave it.

look at theo! isn't he great?

Currently listening to : Nature Boy by David Bowie from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack, but that song scares me. I have SO many playlists on iTunes. Definitely addicted to making them. And they are definitely only for my benefit and no one else's. I seem to rely more heavily on playlists than most other people I know, anyways. But, seriously, I have sixty, I'd say.

Just counted. I have one hundred and ten playlists. Royshhh... That is freakish.

And I didn't even realise the music had stopped, I was so engrossed with rambling on and on about two years ago. Which, if you skipped that bit, like I instructed, you won't know about. I've put it back on now.
Omigod, I haven't listened to Regina Spektor in ages. I really do like her. I love her lyrics. I read them before I listened to the album, because ... I don't know actually, there was some thing with iTunes or whatever, but yeah. Lovely.

I can sing a song soooo bluuuuue!

I remember I used to do "Song of the Week". hey, I must'n't have read that whole blog, I was fairly sure I did "Song of the Week" on it. Maybe it was on an older version.
Oh, well, this week I am, still, unable to get over the Juno soundtrack. And ever day or two, a different one is my favourite from it. (Need more Moldy Peaches, by the way. Consult myspace! Also just Kimya Dawson). I would say today it is So Nice, So Smart, and it was yesterday, too. But I am also listening to Tree Hugger a lot too. Basically, the whole thing is FABULOUS and Kimya Dawson is WONDERFUL and she should keep at it!

Oh, more Songs of the Week!
Teenage Dirtbag - Girls Aloud
Sun Goes Down - David Jordan (ahhh, this song is always on - brilliant!)
Human Nature - Michael Jackson
NINE IN THE AFTERNOON - Panic! at the Disco.

I didn't like it at first, then I ended up playing it to absolute death in a matter of days. It's great, now. And Brendon Urie is still unbelievably gorgeous. Wow. When's the album out? Of course, due to my lack of job, how will I pay for it? Well, just have to SMILE! I guess. That's how I paid for the shirt on my back, so to speak. That and wonderful parents.

i can't remember where i found this. but it sums up my life, basically!

Okay, gotta go to dinner.

Sorry about that guys!
The next one will make more sense.


*gameshow "Wrong Answer" noise. But you knew that.

PS : Thank you, to all of my friends who still are just that.

4 comments. you can do better.:

swall said...

I always think of things I want to say while reading your blogs, but by the end I'm so flustered I can't remember!
Ehhmmm... Oh, jeans! I dunno, my thighs have gotten much bigger. If the fit, I'd love 'em, I'm sure!
What else do I have to say?
Oh yes, I'll burn Moldy Peaches for you too.
Aaanndd.. oh yes, I WANT TO READ THE OLD BLOG!
I wish I had an old blog.
Or a diary or summat.
Pity I can't get into keeping a diary or keeping up my blog.
It's so much fun reading old stuff!
I guess I have my myspace stuff.
I just remembered I had a Vampirefreaks account.
Must check it ouuuuttt.

Well, enjoyable read as always!


Grace said...

It wasn't too bad on my thighs. Just the ass. And you have a small ass!

Aoife's tiny as well, so whatever. They are nice jeans. Nice and plain, and skinny, so I don't really want them to go to waste.
Whatever. If you want some jeans, hey!

groupie said...

love ur blog n i love the jeans u bought i have some just like them but i can never find anything to wear with them

Hazel said...

Grace, you do not have a big ass!!
I have a big ass, you are like a stick!

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