Sunday, 16 March 2008

"I like boys with stronge convictions, and convicts with perfect diction" ... Hurry up, Grace, and get back into it, already!

Sunday, 16 March 2008
Hello, hello. I've been terribly crap with this recently, but you know what? I have absolutely no incentive. I don't even know if anyone even reads this due to lack of comment, internet or otherwise. Feedback is always greatly appreciated you know, not so we can all feel special or so you can tell us how wonderful we are or anything like that. It would just be nice to know I wasn't just talking to a metaphorical wall.

That came off a lot harsher than it was supposed to, I'm sorry.

Anyways, I'm trying to touch-type this as practice for typing class, and to just get the hang of it. It's hard for something to come naturally when all you type is stuff like "paula shared the glass flask; all the cats flashed the mast" over and over again.

That tiny paragraph took about five minutes, I'm not surprised I haven't kept this up much.

i cannot remember if i put pictures before i talk about the thing or after. i should be shot, shouldn't it? well, here are brendan gleeson and colin farrell, enjoy.

So, went to see In Bruges. It was fun, particularly as a friend and I brought our takeaways into the cinema, were terrified we would get thrown out, and made quite a mess, with taco mince cheese chips and bits of chicken snackbox all over ourselves. Anyways, it was yummy. And the film was very, very good. I loved it. Don't listen to the haters, unless you are someone who really hated it. But I didn't. Thought it was great. It had EVERYTHING! And I cried, I think the hormones in the chicken must have made me a little emotional, or else it was really sad, which it was. Bits were sad and poignant, but other bits were actully jsut depressing, but I loved it. There was also loads of humour, wonderful Irish jokes, y'know? Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson were brilliant. Especially Farrell, 'cause I always expect very little of him.
And, I spotted her first, Fleur Delacour (aka : Clémence Poésy)! Looking gorgeous, of course. She was really good.

that's her in harry potter.
well, obviously she doesn't dress up as a fresh schoolgirl
in a room full of young witches and wizards in in bruges.
well, you never know.

Best minor character : (obviously) the midget actor, Jimmy. Loved him. You really have to see and make up your mind. Tell me what you thought of it, I'd love to hear if you hated it.

What else? Oh, yes, Old Gracie is going to ball! Wooooh! It's on the 29th of this month - yes, this very month! - and I've been ebaying for dresses. Grace's first time on ebay, oh, it was very exciting! I was very interested in the vintage dresses, there's a good seller called Pink Elephant, and they have very cool vintage stuff. I have my eye on a couple of things, my main one is not vintage, it's new, but I really like it. I will show it to you if and when I win it, okay? Because, well, you know, I might not.

i've won this one, already, not for the ball, i just thought it had potential. dead cheap as well.

Please do not give me ebay advice. I'm getting enough of that from anyone who hears it is my first time using it. It's surprising how I sometimes internally react at being told what to do by people. Like, just really random stuff. Bugs me.

Emm, I hope the size is alright. You know, I have come to expect my clothes not to be in my own size. I mean, in second-hand shops you don't exactly choose, and I just think, if it looks okay, then it fits. I mean, too small is a bigger issue than too big, but I have things that are smaller than my general size (10). Well, more like, I have some size 8 things which fit fine. 'Cos you'd have to go out of your way to find something smaller in most Irish places. But it all depends on the clothes themselves. Like, I dunno if I could wear most 8 jeans, just can't get them up past the old bum. But I have skirts in 8, and tops, of course.
Size shmize, whatever works.

There's a good article in ... some newspaper magazine. You know, like the Irish Times Magazine about the lovely Agyness Deyn. She really is wonderful, isn't she? But it was saying how the fame wasn't just thrust upon her and now suddenly she's this beautiful style icon and wonderful It-Girl model. She worked at it. So tough luck to people who think they're going to get spotted in their school uniform, pouting outside the bookshop, by some world-famous fashion designer or photographer who thinks they are the most stunning creature they've ever seen.

Damn. Heh.

here she is with her "great friend", henry holland.
i love his pants. and want her legs. duhhh.

Okay, okay, something current.

OH! Before I go on, there are people like me in the world. We are not alone. These are two of my newest favourite grammar blogs:

literally, a web log.
the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks

Kindred spirits, and if you are somewhat grammatically* inclined, amuse yourself for a while and relieve boredom. Marvel at the stupidity of some.

Now, this one doesn't make me chortle so much as weep for the human race. I mean, I notice apostrophes used incorrectly when I see them, and I'm sure you know we all see them a lot. A handful of people still haven't grasped the concept. However, when you see so many all in one place, kinda makes the stomach turn :

apostrophe abuse

So, yes, enjoy.

Okay, now, something more about clothes perhaps? Suzie Bubble revealed her inordinate amount of skirts (278) on a recent blog. I was astounded. Whyyy can't I ever find skirts of such calibre? Or even you know ... wearable ones. I'll have to keep my eyes out. Oh, yes, and have money.

I think I could have a whole blog dedicated to my lack of money, and fill up pages and pages of posts with exactly WHY I do not want to get a job. But I could never articulate it in a few sentences. I just don't like the look of any jobs going. I really don't enjoy being bored. I don't enjoy being told what to do. I would hate to work in a small, crap place with like, one mean manager. I would hate to work in a massive hotel with three hundred other girls. I would not like to be changing beds, washing dishes or sitting behind a till. I wouldn't mind doing something office-y but nobody wants a teenager to sit there and type up stuff for them, especially as she hasn't mastered official touch typing with the Home Keys, et cetera. I would love to work somewhere... you know ... easy. It's partly laziness, and partly me clinging to my "freedom". However, work makes money. Money means buying stuff for yourself, which means freedom. All the skirts and CDs I could ever want! Ahh, a glorious existence!
BUT, I know I would end up using it all to pay for the stuff like the Gaeltacht and Barcelona, so my parents wouldn't have to so much. Although, if I'd love to do that, how come I haven't gotten a job yet? I guess in my mind, I would still like to see the rewards for my hard work, in the form of wonderful material possessions which I can look at or wear. Rather than just happiness, and independence and all that. You see, why work for something you already have? NOW I'M NOT JUSTIFYING THAT!!! I'm just saying, I think that may be my subconscious reasoning behind not getting off my ass and getting a job. Which currently is creeping into my .. eh ... conscious. It always does that!
Finally I decided on the perfect solution (from talking with my fellow unemployed peers, who aren't actually unemployed because even they have a source of income) : I will babysit more. Aha! So, do any of you have any children? (NOT BABIES!**) I will mind them! Just give me some money!

In the meantime, I'll have to find ways around the less-than-affluent monetary status. Such as THREADBANGERS!!!

And other things like it:
how to make regular jeans skinny (i will need to try this, and definitely will)
revamping 80s balldresses (this would be great with any of those ebay vintage dresses, and i only saw this after my ebay dash.)
make a wee shoulder bag (would like to do this, once i find the right medium!)
guitar bag!
camera bag!
t-shirt to skirt (omg, i have to do this!)

Okay, so check out that stuff. I have my eye on the t-shirt to skirt one. I may do it. If I can get off my bum-bum, look for a t-shirt (raid Luke's wardrobe, obviously!), blah, blah.

I will put the links to some of those websites in the side there, for later.

As I cannot think of anything else to say, and have been on this for ages, I will leave you!
So, ENJOY THE EASTER HOLIDAYS! St. Patrick's day is tomorrow, and I wish I didn't have to be in the parade, but what can ya do. I'll have to find some green things and wear them. I will take plenty of photos, too. And hopefully, I won't abandon ye until the next time I get bored.

Love and what-have-you,

*hey, I know you probably can't use that in that context, but as you all know, I am the poster girl for the saying "nobody's perfect (unfortunately)" and shut up! I'm allowed to say stuff like that!
**seriously, even though I was joking about minding your personal children, readers, I am completely solemn about my no-babies rule. No nappies, even, so that may include toddlers. That is my only rule, really.

6 comments. you can do better.:

Bill said...

Hello Grace,

I was searching for 'diaphaneite' when your blog appeared. -just a practically middle-aged guy from Seattle , no reason to get excited.

Today was a series of mood swings; unusual shopping with really cheap items expensive and elegant items for almost nothing to be found for sale.

Appreciate your grammar and sense of style. Should I purchase grass-green tennis shoes?

Nice pictures! I was hoping you'd write more music articles.

regards from,


Grace said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Grace said...

(they don't let you edit your comment if you spell something incorrectly? that is silly.)

Grass-green? They sound lovely!

I should do a bit more music-talking actually. Heads-up well and truly appreciated.


Bill said...

Hello Grace,

Luckily I checked the comments instead of losing track of your blog; it is a good blog , put mine to shame !

I did purchase the shoes and they look like this. Better than anticipated.



Grace said...

Thanks again, and they are very cool. Nice one!

Hazel said...

Hmm.. Get a job yet? It's something very specific you're looking for I see!

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