Sunday, 2 March 2008

"Me and Mrs Jones ... We've got a thing going on!" ... Okay, this is it.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Alright, I KNOW, I know. I haven't done a blog in years and years and years and years. And I've actually been really busy, so I should've been blogging the whole time cos I had a lot of stuff to talk about, but hey hey, the catch-22 ensues when I didn't actually want to do one BECAUSE there would be so much to say. It was intimidating, all that catching up I would have to do.

So, I have decided to just skip all of that and take it from here. I'll let you know, I've been just great. The mid-term break, all of that. Work experience was brilliant. Lent is going ... okay. Well ... it's a nightmare. And I keep forgetting it's lent as well, but I remember if I ever feel faintly miserable! usually it's right when that new Channel 4 ad comes on. The one for some chocolate show going on tonight. I might watch it, just to torture myself.
But, I am positive the rewards will be great. I can smell the chocolate now ... mmm. I've been raving that more than the crisps, or even the sweets. Butlers truffles I would LOVE. But it's been tough, especially when everyone's around at someone's house - as you do - and they're all eating all of their precious sweets and crisps and whatnot ...
And I'm in the corner with a packet of Nice Creams.

So, I think we might watch Magicians in a minute. When I finish this very important blog, of course!

Lost is on tomorrow night. Not that you care. I cried at last weeks episode. I dunno why, really, it took a lot out of me. Lost seems to have that effect on me.

Okay, so I got a new skirt yesterday. I'll have to wear it out, but I was just thinking of how I could do so. I haven't taken a picture of it yet, that's work, isn't it! But I was looking at facehunter, and it's quite like the one this lovely pretty Parisian (possibly) is wearing :

So I could just copy her exactly (hehe) or ... y'know. Wear something else. But get this! It's from Penneys! Okay, and to be fair, it cost 15 euro which is sort of steep for there, but total robbery from say .. Topshop. Of course, if it was from Topshop it would be nicer ... but whatever! I've got a few bits of new clothing in the past while. For cheaps, of course.

I think I'll just have to take pictures of outfits I wear if I go out. Don't like just putting them on for this.

Okay, so... JUNO! Hands up if you saw it! Oh my God, it was a beautiful film. Michael Cera and I are getting married. Okay, he doesn't know it yet, but whatever. Ellen Page is AMAZING. Why didn't she get an Oscar? Oh yeah, because Tilda Swinton is A FREAK! I went there. Well, that doesn't make any sense. Well, do I care?!
I loved everyone in it as well. Juno's best friend was hilarious.
For Mother's (Mothers? Mothers'?)* Day we bought her the soundtrack, cos she loved it too, and was talking about getting it. And a potted plant. I've been listening to it all morning, it's amazing. The Moldy Peaches/Kimya Dawson RULES! 'Tire Swing' is the one I'm listening to on repeat right this second. ("I took the Polaroid down in my room, I’m pretty sure you have a new girlfriend" etc, etc.) After that, who knows. Any of them, they are all brilliant. we came out of the cinema singing the songs. And for the week after that everyone was just going "I can't see what anyone can see in anyone else, but you! Do do do do do do ..." over and over again!

Look how cool Ellen Page is! And she looked so pretty at the Oscars. I want to be her friend/her.

Well, I'm scanning quickly through threadbanger now. Ohh, this looks cool, how to make a corset. I will watch that later, but it will have to be later, as Mum and Luke are getting sick of waiting for me and having to watch Celebrities Dancing on Ice or whatever instead of the film.

I'll wrap up, so. Hopefully next week will be good. OMG! JUST REMEMBERED! We are having a hat making workshop in school! With a proper hat designer! That will be well good. I'll take some pictures, yeah, and hopefully my hat won't be a total disaster. We're also doing some basket weaving, but I don't think you can have a high-fashion basket...!

Ooh, I feel all lovely inside.

Unfortunately, that's it for now. Don't forget, I will be back, and will have another post very soon. It will be a reason to go on the computer, which for some reason I really haven't wanted to do in ages. I just do not want to stay on it for longer than 10 minutes. But I'll go on bebo and myspace to quickly let people know this is up. As if they will read it.

OH! OUR FILM GOT THROUGH! YES! I wasn't even there, but I am SO PROUD! Limerick, here we come! (

see y'all later.



*never sure about that one. I've seen it written every single way. I suppose we'll have to get technical. I would be inclined to say it is the day of all of the mothers, therefore Mothers' Day. Unless it doesn't belong to them, and it's just FOR them, such as Sports day. Mothers Day. I prefer it with the apostrophe after the 's'. One before the 's' makes the least sense, surely? Mother's Day. Whose mother? Just one person's?

We could skip all of the confusion and just say Mothering Sunday!

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Yeah, that hat making workshop is so cool!

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