Tuesday, 8 April 2008

"She wore a raspberry berry, the kind you find at a second-hand store"... Just a quickie. hehe.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008
Hello, hello, hello!

FOR FLIP'S SAKE! If I took photos of my new clothes then I would have less talking to do about them. And blogs would be less daunting. But I am never bothered, and how awkward can you get, trying to take a picture of a new dress.

Well, anyways, the news is, THE BALL WAS CLASS!!! I bought a dress in a boutique the morning of it because my ebay dress never came (not bothered, before you ask, got a refund), and it's lovely. I think most of the pictures of me are me and my friend, so I will have to ask her if I want to show you it.

I also bought a cool enough long black dress in Age Action for 7.50. It was brand new, and quite nice, as I said, but it was a bit flowy and ... dull, so I bought this belt for 3.50 in a|wear to ... make it a bit more exciting. There's an outift, now, for 11 euro. Just have to find someone to wear it. We had a table quiz tonight and I wore the belt over this weird a|wear blouse and a spotty Penneys cardigan. Went down well. I'm after getting into my pyjamas, and it didn't seem that amazing to take a picture of. But whatever.

Emm, yeah, so a bit of a disappointment on that front.

I told you about the pearls, and did I tell you about my new denim waistcoat? I think a have a picture of those! Aha!

Okay, it's not a great picture (I don't really look like myself) but you get the gist. You an see my little brother's rugby posters in the background, too. Nice.

So, yeah.

Okay, well, I made a tutu. That seemed blog-worthy-ish, but then again, anything is these days.

I wore it out one night, a few people liked it, but most people said it was really weird. Most of them were very loud first years. "I LIKE YOUR SKIRT! AHAHAHA!" was what one boy repeated over and over again. Oh well. I will wear it in context one day, and it will make sense! And be appreciated!
Or else maybe it is awful. See for yourselves.

Okay, this is the new skirt I told you about recently. I like it, but the photos are, once again, really crap. More reasons to not bother to take them and use my wonderful words to describe them to you ... No? Okay.

There it is! And my new floral granny cardigan from Penneys which I just love.

See, I do get around to things eventually! I'm not the father who continually promises I will be at your soccer games, but never shows! I will provide!

(In time).

Now, speaking of delivering results, I also have that black and white TK Maxx dress I discussed AGES ago. A clever blogger would make a reference to these older posts ... I might do that after I publish.

I wore it to my brother's confirmation on ... Saturday (pictures possibly to come. all depends) with this pair of a|wear sunglasses. I like to call them my Blues Brothers glasses :

I also wore my new gangster shoes, from eBay. Yep, those.

Okay, I am not breaking the shoes in that picture, they were sort of like that before I put the insoles in them. Just a bit-een too big.

It was good enough. The confirmation, that is. Okay, the mass bit was quite boring, but my whole family went back the Golf Club for dinner. It were nice.


On Sunday night at midnight we are leaving on school and heading off to Sunny Spain, as they say, (although, mid-spring, probably ain't so hot). SO EXCITED. Castlebar with my friend on Friday, must buy!!!

Now, more importantly, perhaps, as it was RIGHT on the vague topic of what this post started off as, Susie Bubble made a really good post all about Hannah Murray, the actress who plays Cassie in Skins (one of the best shows on tv, as we all know). I was going to make a huge long post about the character and the actress, but as usual, she articulates it so nicely (the stuff about her clothes, at least), so just head there momentarily ...

Now, back to meee. Muahaha. But yeah, basically, she was just talking about the difference between style and fashion, and I know that I don't really know most of the famous designers and labels and fashion shows and catwalks and all of that (in that kind of way that I don't know the names of LOADS of artists, but I know what kind of art I like and don't know, and what looks nice)... and even though I would like to be more educated in fashion, it just seems like a lot to keep up up with.
Like, even trends and all of that. What's in and out. Sometimes I have a pretty good or even vague idea of what is fashionable at the moment, but to be honest, I don't care. I mean, I just put stuff on, or look at stuff, and if it looks nice/different/good/attractive, then I'll like it or wear it!
I mean, if you are wearing an outfit, and people are complimenting you on it, it doesn't really matter in the end if it's stripey and stripes are out ... you know. Whatever.

That's not to say, though, that I (like anyone would be) am not influenced by the world around me, and by other people and by stuff in magazines. Uh-uh. Complete opposite. I just haven't learned too much about the whole fashion realm, of the various designers and that, so I could talk about it seriously with someone (although I can be quite good at talking about thigns I don't know what much about, if I want to be)... But I'd like to. Like, I keep an eye out and stuff, but I don't really let it affect me. I kinda go "Oh, so that guy's big thing is loads of white eye make-up and florals are really in, and chunky leather boots with mini dresses is big in now", but I wouldn't rush out and buy those things. I might think abot it next time I got dressed ... that kinda of thing.
Like anyone, I maintain.

The thing about labels is a bit vaguer. I would never really spend a HUGE lot of money on one item of clothing - think you know that about me by now! - because ... sometimes it just seems so wrong. If you can look good for twenty euro, why spend 700 on one dress?

No reason. Anyways, go Cassie! She was my favourite character in season 1, and okay, she has gone mental and what have you, and is less likeable in this series, I have full faith that she will make me like her again. (PS : I HAVEN'T SEEN HER EPISODE YET. DO NOT SPOIL IT FOR ME NOW).
Her clothes are really nice, I think. And I can believe she doesn't know/care about Balenciageggo and whoever, but... she still looks lovely.
More to the point - I DON'T LOOK LIKE HER!
These girls at the ball stopped me to tell me I looked like her, and loads of my friends say it, too. It is just the hair, people. Now, I'm not saying it would be a bad thing, I just don't. It is just the blonde, mad hair, and the fact we are both thin, maybe. (Although, she is much thinner than me).

And the fact that I am also a nutter, is that it?
Probably ...

People just have to think about it objectively. Our faces are not similar.

Okay, enough of that rant/ramble. :)

Now, how are you?

Oh, we got Ministry of Sound Anthems. It is AWESOME!!! Where to begin ... you should buy it! If you like music at all. And by music, I mean ... well, dance music. But, the really good shtuff.
I cannot get that "Low" song by Flo Rida or Estelle's "American Boy" out of my head! Who said the charts were bad?

Okay, I will leave with with a download/listen list ...
Raspberry Beret - Prince
Freestyler - Bombastic MC's (BEST SONG EVER!)
Mr. Vain - Culture Beat
If I had a Million Dollars - Barenaked Ladies.

Okay, so go in peace.


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Grace said...

sorry about all of the red lines under stuff. Google spellchecker decided to actually mark the post, and I really couldn't be bothered to edit it out.

I sound so lazy on this!

Vicky said...

Bonjour! Would those pics be the ones referring to you and I? If so then you may definitly show them as you look fab in all of them! :-)


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