Saturday, 12 July 2008

"I'll take you down the only road I've ever been down" ... WAAAAH!

Saturday, 12 July 2008
Stagewise is over. Upsetting much. It was one of the best weeks of my life. Oh. Also, I have something to say and I haven't been bullied into it at all (...!). [see this old post to see where it all allegedly started.]

Anything I may or may not have implied before doubting this was very foolish and wrong of me. The man, who really I have bullied if anything, did not deserve such libel to be written about him. for more information on this super chap.

Is that enough? Haha. I'm serious, though, Rowan, if you're reading this. Which you better be, because ... well, a big enough deal was made of the whole issue! "DOUBLE-U, DOUBLE-U, DOUBLE-U, DOT!" (

Ahh, I really have such a wonderful week. I had to fall to ground dramatically three times in our final performance, but seeing as we rehearsed or re-did or fine-tuned it a lot during the week I am now apt at "dying". Especially robotically in verrrry slowwww motion. Although I'm sure it wasn't really slow motion. We managed to parody Snakes on a Plane, Home and Away, Neighbors, the Crocodile Hunter, all martial arts films, High School Musical and other musicals ... and oh, probably more things. Being in comedy class was a lot of fun this year. Very different to last year. More friends. Even more wonderful, wonderful people (especially tutors, heh!) who I will miss. And will hopefully keep in touch with. And who should read this, really. HI GUYS!, if you are.

I under-packed. A VERITABLE FIRST! Well, if you count "under-packed" as had to wear a coupe of things twice. Which, for me, is. Because I think for a week you can afford to bring stuff and just wear everything once, But it was alright. I wore the granny nightie which I finally made into a shirt. Finally. See this post to see when I had planned to do such.

I'll take a picture when it's out of the wash.

Now, what else? Oh, yes, Stagewise. Everything was brilliant. The performance by the music class blew me away. Not literally. That would be the fan in the music room. Eyy!
"Can I get blown?!"
"Just whatever flows out of your brain." We were all so rude.
If we go back nest year I hope we're in music. Mime (obviously the greatest class ever!) would be cool but seeing as I've done it already it would be nice for my last year to be something new. And music is wonderful. All the comfy chairs, dripping taps, the piano. Wonderful.

We can dance to Thriller now. They had better play it at C2 and the five of us (from Westport that went) will just wow everyone with our mad skills. And maybe the two girls from drama who were - coincidentally! - there, and one of whom we were sharing a room with, can come too! WOOOH!

Now. I have to go to the Gaeltacht in a week. I feel like I just got back from Stagewise. It will take me that long to recover. I'm still talking kinda Monaghan-ish, I still am so sore from all the dancing at class and at those INSANE discos (way better than last year's, all three of them), still trying to get used to having a toilet that actually flushes and a door that opens! I also woke up early this morning, having gotten into that routine, instead of my usual time of 11 o' clock the weeks before.

Still singing all of the songs that we performed, danced to and sang at the awesome music session! Black Velvet just came on, which reminds me of LAST YEAR! Even longer ago.

I didn't have my camera because I left it on the train before we left Heuston. Like an idiot. I thought it was gone missing and I was there blubbering the middle of the train station. And when I did have it back, I was crying again for different reasons. Parting anyone is hard to do.

I've probably not mentioned anything properly or gone into any great detail in anything, but if you guys comment and remind me about blog-worthy stuff I can include it next time. And some of the pictures and names. With permission.


Only road I've ever been doooownn.

Alright. I'm going to now make a blog on bebo saying everyone has to read this one. then maybe tomorrow I'll do a memorable moments list.

Talk to yis.
LOVE! (L! O! V! ...E!)

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Hazel said...

Last one..
I must say it occupied my night!
Thank you!

swall said...

I feel so..
I want to have been at stagewise! But also, I didn't want it enough to go, and I know why I didn't, but it sounds awessommmmmmme.
I followed the link to the post from September.
You were all intimidated by Sally!
Ans so was I!
She was this big actress, oh my god.
I remember.

Grace said...

Ahh, yeah, good times!

There's always next year, saoirse-darling. It's is 'awwwwessooommmme'! ;)

I can't believe you actually wanted to read all my posts. But yeah. And I didn't even force you" or mention it to you. let that be said.


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