Saturday, 6 September 2008

"...And to make you toe the line..." Grace gets belts, glasses and paranoid...

Saturday, 6 September 2008 4
This will be quick. I was in Castlebar today to get glasses and then to attend something which went belly-up on my end, but resulted in me sitting here, typing this. So, not too bad. Even though I can't help but feel recently I've done nothing except for let people down. especially myself. Ooh. How deep am I today!

And of course I went into Oxfam. It really is my favourite place. I tell you guys because I know you're not like some of those girls I've met who admire your clothes, but only if they think you've paid a fortune for them in River Island or BT2. Recently someone like that was heard to say about me (I wasn't there) : "She's very fashionable, isn't she?" but somehow managed to make it sound as if she had pointed out I was, I don't know, littering.
But then again I'm quite. Maybe it was just general tone of voice and had nothing to do with me. I've completely forgotten my point. Oh yes, I got this really strange zip up knitted cardigan thing, which reminds me of in the 90s when young teenagers in films used to dress strangely, as if that was their idea of how the future would look. But it definitely wasn't very nice. You know what I mean? With loads of zips and man-made fabrics and strange metallics and things like that? And really the kind of stuff you see in Sister Sister, Sabrina or the (excellent) film, Clueless**. I know that wasn't really official "90s fashion", not what people mean when they talk about it, but it's what I think of.

I also got a nice little multi-coloured skirt, probably from H&M - have I told you about how Oxfam Castlebar is full of H&M stuff? - and one of THOSE dresses. Those dresses a|wear was, and maybe still is, full of. I wasn't sure about them, but the fact it was a fiver made me buy it and decide I would think of what to do with it after. You know the ones. That sort of look like a white shirt with a pencil skirt, but it's all one thing?
My brother bought a Spanish guitar for €25, I think that was quite a ... well, I don't know, but I was impressed.

I found a pair of bright orange floral Doc Martens in our house. In my size. AGHHHH! So 90s and wonderful they hurt my brain. I'll be wearing those out, I reckon.
I think they once belonged to my cousin.
And GUESS WHAT? You will never believe it. I actually went down to my bedroom just there, after typing 'AGHHH' to take a picture of them and upload it here, and be a good little blogger for once, but... My camera's battery died. Not my fault, this time! I'm going to go through this blog and make a list of everything that I said that I would take a photo of (if it's interesting enough) and show them all here.

And my granny gave me or my dad or my brothers, I'm not really sure but I took them, a massive bag of men's belts. I know she volunteers at a charity shop sometimes, so they could be from there, or else she was just doing a clean-out, but they were all really great and I now have a massive EXCESS of belts. Woohoo!

What else? Oh, yes, I got glasses. New ones. They won't be ready by Wednesday. Now, they're okay. I wouldn't say I love them, but I cannot find my perfect pair, so I had to make do. I wanted a massive pair of old man glasses as well, but the ladies in the shop talked me out of it, as I knew they would do. I'll just buy of pair of those clear plastic things in H&M. Because I have the right to, being a member of the bespectacled community!

Now. One other thing, new addition to the blogroll is I know the author from drama classes and she writes poetry and fiction and it's just great and you all should read it! But don't come giving out to me, demanding I be of the same standard in my own blogging. It's not going to happen. I'm too lazy and shambolic*.

So... Fifth Year is certainly going ... Well, it's just going. I think lots of things are going to be fun and interesting and all the rest, but now the creeping feeling I only had in Chemistry and Maths has spread to all of my subjects: When are they going to realise I don't belong in this class?
I live in constant fear of my teacher and other classmates finally realising, no, I am not a science-minded person, or I am not good at Maths, or whatever and chasing after me with pitchforks and torches. I don't know why I feel like that in every other subject now as well. I guess in Art, I mean, everyone is so AMAZING at Art. When we get down to the drawing and stuff they will realise I am not half as good! My English essays are scattered and mad and now we actually have to read them out! I don't even want to talk about Irish... I think you get the picture. It's been a week of paranoia.

It's true I have way too many clothes. It's something everyone says. And I have repeated outfits many times. Just maybe not around the same people. It's all a clever ruse.
I think maybe soon I will devote a whole blog to that subject. Maybe the 'finally, the photos' blog.
I can't think of much else to say. Australia's Next Top Model** is on in half an hour. I've been following whatever season of Britain's... Living have been putting on every day, conveniently just when I am home from evening study, all homework done. It's no where near as good as America's... but I am making do. It's like a fix at this stage. The Australian version will fill in for the British one today, and all will go out the window when the new season of the American one starts. I am not snobby, however, I will watch any. Sweden's..., Canada's..., bring them on.

Saw Step Brothers in the cinema. It was very funny. Lots of shouting and swearing, typically Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. I think I embarrassed my boyfriend a bit by roaring my head off laughing. It's not that I'm easily amused (even though I am), it's just I find the funny side of everything absolutely hilarious. Usually.

Now for a very usual exit on this blog, I am off to find some food! I feel like an omlette. Or a savoury*** pancake. Something like that.
Mmm. I think we have those Aldi waffles.
Okay, bye!

*American Firefox, my dear old friend and enemy, with your automatic spell-checker denouncing words which clearly are words, even if says they are slang.
**I know I am really inconsistent with what kind of style to go for when naming titles of things. I's something that bugs me, that I haven't settled. I should have a Master Style sheet or whatever they called those things we were learning about in Computers. I'll have to do some thinking and decide on a standard.
***I am going to get a British spell-checker. Or maybe none at all, I am well capable of proof-reading my own things (I mean that, even if it's not that evident), but reading through everything is boring. Not when you have a machine to tell you if something is wrong. It gets annoying when the machine itself is wrong. TOO MUCH IN THE FOOTNOTES! I am like Larry.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

"He took it all too far, but boy could he play guitar..." .. BOLD GRACE!!!

Thursday, 4 September 2008 2
I should be ashamed. I haven't posted in this in AGES.

And I might've had a couple of things to say. Aside from giving an account of my wonderful summer (which really was wonderful), and maybe something about being back in school (which is going just fine, it's actually kind of fun), the reason I haven't really made time to do such a post - I actually had SOMETHING to talk about! I found this amazing vintage shop!

It get its own paragraph! Okay, so I was in Roundstone, Co. Galway with my family, and saw a sign with the words 'vintage clothes & antiques' hanging from a shop on the way to Mass. Obviously it caught my eye immediately and I demanded we go to it after our Godly duties or whatever. In fact I wanted to go there that moment. Even though I thought it probably wouldn't be very good, you know, just your run-of-the-mill antique shop with a couple of nighties or something. Boy, was I wrong! I got in (once we left the church, where plenty of embarrassing things happened) and saw all these truly lovely clothes, and wanted to run around and look at each item, even though I knew they would all have triple figured (at the very least) price tags, but the very friendly shop man greeted me and my family ("Ohh, he's got the look!" he commented to my brother, who's suddenly gone very mod and Topman, possibly my doing?) before I had a chance to go mad. He was so very American and began to sell us things immediately. THEN I realised there was TONNES of nice stuff. THEN he showed me lots of DESIGNER stuff. And then I noticed how reasonably priced it all was!!! And by that I don't just mean reasonable, because reasonable as you may know is still probably too rich for my blood, but CHEAP ENOUGH FOR ME! Excluding of course the really-REALLY designer stuff, I mean, vintage Chanel bags and stuff, and all of this fancy jewellery and a lot of other things, but there were dresses - vintage although not necessarily designer - from, like, €15. Talk about made my day. I wanted it all. I bought a lovely black 80s (possibly?) dress, which still needs SOMETHING, and obviously which I have not photographed, and a pair of denim Tommy Hilfiger shorts.
Yes, this is still me. The fact that I got excited about something which other people would consider, you know, good and normal and which is so expensive just in regular shops, should have scared me a bit. But there were only €18 and I did love them. The dress was €20. Barrrrgain.
Gosh, I'm being worse than ever, but the name of the shop was the Match-Maker. I've lost the business card which I was going to scan and upload for something aesthetic for you to look at. Look it up, it might have a website. Look up Roundstone. Look up Ballyconneely (where I was staying). Go there on holidays. Lovely places.

I'm reading 'This Book Will Save Your Life' by A.M Holmes, as lent to me by Saoirse, and I am LOVING it although I've barely scratched the surface thanks to having no time to do anything and actually getting to sleep.

I'm listening to ... lots of things. MCFLY AS THEY ARE COMING TO IRELAND AND I AM GOING!!! And I am not ashamed. it will be fun. Such a different experience from Muse in 05 (which it could never rival, it was the best concert ever) and definitely from My Chemical Romance in ... 07, I think, as an audience of happy thirteen-year-olds and their mothers will be very different from screaming emo kids. Who I happily joined, hey, I won't lie. And Muse was full of college guys bashing us about and nearly murdering Shane and just having a great time. Where was I? McFly will be sweet.
I must admit my favourite song at the moment is Paper Planes by M.I.A. I KNOW, I'M WELL BEHIND THE TIMES!!! I'd listened to hear right when she became cool and stuff but I didn't really give her a chance, but the ad for Pineapple Express (going to be great) gave me a new love for the song.
So, don't judge me. I don't claim to be at the pulse the cutting edge of music. I would've thought from my not-knowing-whether-or-not-it's-cool-to-like-the-Ting-Tings debate you would've garnered that. And why am I acting as though you haven't?

Okay, so go and download that. And Dirty Business - Dresden Dolls.
And maybe in the comments leave a song suggestion for me to download. I love being told what to listen to. It's how we discover new things, and don't sound like old grannies saying they like a song, which duhh, everyone cool has already liked for ages.
I happen to think that frame of mind is quite lame, by the way, I don't actually believe that I should keep up with everyone and only like the songs that are cool at the moment, but you get what I mean.

Damn. I didn't leave a picture.

Okay, here are two from the Gaeltacht! Which maybe I haven;t mentioned was the best year EVER! And I don't say that every year. Fancy dress day, I was a rag-doll (my house came third in that competition!) and Ashling was a scary rocker Barbie. I'll go and tell her there are pictures of her on this as well. As well as to read the blog, like.

My dad bought that dress in London. He knows clothes. I mean it, he always buys me nice things.

okay, goodbye now! the next post will be coherent and interesting, I promise! It's late at night!
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