Thursday, 4 September 2008

"He took it all too far, but boy could he play guitar..." .. BOLD GRACE!!!

Thursday, 4 September 2008
I should be ashamed. I haven't posted in this in AGES.

And I might've had a couple of things to say. Aside from giving an account of my wonderful summer (which really was wonderful), and maybe something about being back in school (which is going just fine, it's actually kind of fun), the reason I haven't really made time to do such a post - I actually had SOMETHING to talk about! I found this amazing vintage shop!

It get its own paragraph! Okay, so I was in Roundstone, Co. Galway with my family, and saw a sign with the words 'vintage clothes & antiques' hanging from a shop on the way to Mass. Obviously it caught my eye immediately and I demanded we go to it after our Godly duties or whatever. In fact I wanted to go there that moment. Even though I thought it probably wouldn't be very good, you know, just your run-of-the-mill antique shop with a couple of nighties or something. Boy, was I wrong! I got in (once we left the church, where plenty of embarrassing things happened) and saw all these truly lovely clothes, and wanted to run around and look at each item, even though I knew they would all have triple figured (at the very least) price tags, but the very friendly shop man greeted me and my family ("Ohh, he's got the look!" he commented to my brother, who's suddenly gone very mod and Topman, possibly my doing?) before I had a chance to go mad. He was so very American and began to sell us things immediately. THEN I realised there was TONNES of nice stuff. THEN he showed me lots of DESIGNER stuff. And then I noticed how reasonably priced it all was!!! And by that I don't just mean reasonable, because reasonable as you may know is still probably too rich for my blood, but CHEAP ENOUGH FOR ME! Excluding of course the really-REALLY designer stuff, I mean, vintage Chanel bags and stuff, and all of this fancy jewellery and a lot of other things, but there were dresses - vintage although not necessarily designer - from, like, €15. Talk about made my day. I wanted it all. I bought a lovely black 80s (possibly?) dress, which still needs SOMETHING, and obviously which I have not photographed, and a pair of denim Tommy Hilfiger shorts.
Yes, this is still me. The fact that I got excited about something which other people would consider, you know, good and normal and which is so expensive just in regular shops, should have scared me a bit. But there were only €18 and I did love them. The dress was €20. Barrrrgain.
Gosh, I'm being worse than ever, but the name of the shop was the Match-Maker. I've lost the business card which I was going to scan and upload for something aesthetic for you to look at. Look it up, it might have a website. Look up Roundstone. Look up Ballyconneely (where I was staying). Go there on holidays. Lovely places.

I'm reading 'This Book Will Save Your Life' by A.M Holmes, as lent to me by Saoirse, and I am LOVING it although I've barely scratched the surface thanks to having no time to do anything and actually getting to sleep.

I'm listening to ... lots of things. MCFLY AS THEY ARE COMING TO IRELAND AND I AM GOING!!! And I am not ashamed. it will be fun. Such a different experience from Muse in 05 (which it could never rival, it was the best concert ever) and definitely from My Chemical Romance in ... 07, I think, as an audience of happy thirteen-year-olds and their mothers will be very different from screaming emo kids. Who I happily joined, hey, I won't lie. And Muse was full of college guys bashing us about and nearly murdering Shane and just having a great time. Where was I? McFly will be sweet.
I must admit my favourite song at the moment is Paper Planes by M.I.A. I KNOW, I'M WELL BEHIND THE TIMES!!! I'd listened to hear right when she became cool and stuff but I didn't really give her a chance, but the ad for Pineapple Express (going to be great) gave me a new love for the song.
So, don't judge me. I don't claim to be at the pulse the cutting edge of music. I would've thought from my not-knowing-whether-or-not-it's-cool-to-like-the-Ting-Tings debate you would've garnered that. And why am I acting as though you haven't?

Okay, so go and download that. And Dirty Business - Dresden Dolls.
And maybe in the comments leave a song suggestion for me to download. I love being told what to listen to. It's how we discover new things, and don't sound like old grannies saying they like a song, which duhh, everyone cool has already liked for ages.
I happen to think that frame of mind is quite lame, by the way, I don't actually believe that I should keep up with everyone and only like the songs that are cool at the moment, but you get what I mean.

Damn. I didn't leave a picture.

Okay, here are two from the Gaeltacht! Which maybe I haven;t mentioned was the best year EVER! And I don't say that every year. Fancy dress day, I was a rag-doll (my house came third in that competition!) and Ashling was a scary rocker Barbie. I'll go and tell her there are pictures of her on this as well. As well as to read the blog, like.

My dad bought that dress in London. He knows clothes. I mean it, he always buys me nice things.

okay, goodbye now! the next post will be coherent and interesting, I promise! It's late at night!

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Fiendish said...

Who is such a fabulous person?


Let's go to Galway and shop vintage and discuss Nick Hornby and be fabulous together.

Quite seriously, this was an awesome blog entry. I am adding you to my blog roll.

I was thinking of doing a fashion post with pictures on my blog, but you've kind of torn apart the idea what with all your fashion cred. I'm a bit mainstream really.

Grace said...

Awww, I'm not worthy! And yes, that sounds rather smashing; Nick Hornby is my hero.

And you are certainly not mainstream, you're incredibly fabulous! I envy all of your clothes.


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