Tuesday, 21 October 2008

"You try to scream, but terror takes the sound before you make it!" ... AHHHH!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008 3
I am only writing this because I am in Computer (LCVP, don't ask) class and I'm being bold. I could play Magtic Pen, too. Muahahaha. So, I had a great birthday - it was last week. Have very good friends, who spoil me. Haha. They threw, like, a surprise party in our classroom and it was terrifying! And I got presents. Whoo! Saoirse gave me this dress she did up with all mesh. Thanks to all. It's our other friend's birthday tomorrow, and I'll bet she's in for something or other!

Right now we're trying to decide on what we should wear for our 'zombies from Thriller video' costumes for the fancy dress disco, not on Hallowe'en night but on the 29th. Who knows what will happen on Hallowe'en night? This time last year (around) I was staying with Saoirse and we went to loads of parties and were in the Oireachtas! And I did a big massive blog about it.

Credit Union are having loads of poster competitions. I was going to paint a 50s housewife.

Like that. I've got loads, but suddenly I've become really bad at art, as if I have swapped bodies with someone who cannot draw. Every time I think of something and try to sketch it or paint it, it comes out really terribly.

Nicola is behind me. I fear for my life.

Ehmm, so, yeah. I know this is really really boring. But I haven't had any goddamned inspiration or time lately!

Also : It's funny with these old computers. You're allowed to type blogs all you please,. but not read them. Funny, innit?

Alright, I'm off. Magic Pen awaits.
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