Thursday, 20 November 2008

"An associate producer is the only guy in Hollywood who will associate with a producer.."... Multi-tasking...

Thursday, 20 November 2008 2
...Is a word I could define, but clearly do not understand. I cannot listen to music and talk to someone at the same time. I cannot text and do ANYTHING else. I cannot paint and have a conversation. I need to stop one to do the other one at all. AND I am not able, it seems, to be a fifth year student and do anything else. (Except of course, go out, which I am doing more than ever, but of course I don't do any homework at the weekends).
And I certainly cannot keep up a blog, so for the approximately one person who reads this - and she (Saoirse) hasn't updated hers either! and it's more interesting! - sorry about that.
Already I am stopping writing to listen to Mary on iTalk. I wish I had a radio show. And that she would stop saying she squeezes her spots, it's weird.

Okay, so I don't really know what I can say. I thought of a good thing, which of course, I forgot. I've bought a load of clothes recently. Too many. Tomorrow night I will wear a nice green dress from New Look. And charity shop shoes which I must show. But too be honest, I'm so boring since school started!

I might close the blog. For a while. I mean, put up a virtual "Closed" sign. ooh. Project. As if I have time. Hah.

My computer is figuratively ripping itself apart. From the inside. A different thing breaks every day.

I went to see McFly in concert. Oh my God. That's what happens when secret shames go public. And it was amazing. I don't care what you say. I'm getting constant sarcasm about it, which is even more uncool than having gone, in my opinion. Of course, I would say that.

I am a big liar though. Because if one of the elements of this blog was event in relation to my massive amount of and ever-expanding arsenal of clothes, I haven't really honoured it at all. If I had some money for every time I said I would take pictures of new clothes and didn't... Well, I'd have some money!

Hmm. Oh. I did up my room. Or rather, a carpenter did. It looks great. I can stand in it - wahey! I can see the floor - oh my god!

Speaking of ever-expanding, my iTunes music Library, which I would say was small in comparison to many people's, suddenly got too big for my two iPods (yeah, I've got two small 8G iPods, it's really ridiculous. I won one, okay!) and now I'm in constant despair. Oh, well, at least it's Christmas soon, muahahahha.

School is impossible now. It wouldn't be if we only had one subject.

Anyway, another completely pointless post. HAHAHA.

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